Red and Yellow kill a fellow!



Celeste is the last to walk into the massive dinning area where Gary’s family gathered to talk about their activities over breakfast.  She is wearing a light color blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and moccasin boots.  She had braided her long hair to keep the pesky strands from entering her vision.  Colton and Martha smile at each other when Celeste walks into the room beaming with ravishment.  She greets her friends with a glorious smile and places her slingshot on the floor next to her seat. Everyone’s eyes open wide in confusion as all three of them dip their heads under the long table to spy on the ancient weapon.  Celeste doesn’t pay attention to the odd moment until she sits down and is served by a butler a spot of tea. She loses her smile and scans each person’s surprised face with worry.  Gary snaps into action and cracks up with laughter, “Pray tell my Indian maiden what’s you’re plans for the morning.”  Celeste grins and tells her host, “I thought to take a ride out on the pretty little gray mare again and maybe play with y’all foals, and just do some target practicing with me slingshot till ya get home.”  The music man glorifies in her morning beauty without having sleep, “Well at least I know you won’t be getting into trouble.”  Celeste blushes and quickly finishes her breakfast with glee.

Several hours had pass Celeste by riding her mare as she stops to relax by a little pond and sun bathes nude under the hot sun in the woodlands of Texas. She ponders on the informative conversation her and Gary had till the early morning light.  “Thank you grandmother for giving me the wisdom to listen what Gary so graciously offers.  No longer will I seek different understandings in the many emotions we feel as human’s when having relationships with the opposite sex.  I will say I’m keeping my legs tightly shut until I know it’s safe without receiving another piece of you’re art work; however, I thank ya kindly for adding a heart for Gary just because he will always be my unforgettable lover.”  She pulls on a long piece of wild grass and chews on the light favor of moisture. “So blessed am I to have two men in my life that have treated me kindly. I’ve learned a lot from each man that has captured parts of my soul in different ways. They have educated me how to use my special talents, and being with Gary has opened up my closet door of darkness not to fear how others accept me with ignorance, but embrace the power for good will to the ones I love and trust.” After she finishes speaking out her other concerning thoughts to the earth, she rode the mare back home to play with her little friends for the rest of the afternoon till Gary return.  The colorful foals are gorgeous and playful with the earth girl, Martha and Colton watches the Indian from their outside balcony.  “I don’t want her to leave Colton, I know she is going back to her lonely life once she leaves here. Do you think she would stay if we ask her?” Colton stands behind his wife and wraps his loving arms around her.  They stand in silence watching the mysterious young lady their son adores play in the green pasture.  “She has no clue what our son does for a living, why do you suppose Gary is keeping her in the dark?” Martha asked her husband.  “Our son spoke she belongs to a higher power in her Indian world, he also said he would move heaven and earth to be by her side; however, he feels she would not accept his music life. I believe our son thinks the wildness of city life could harm her in ways you and I don’t understand. Nevertheless, she needs to find her Indian spiritual path in life before settling down anyways.”  Martha touches her husband’s arm and snuggles deeper into his protective folds as they watch the Indian girl run with the yearlings in peace and harmony.

All of a sudden the quiet pastures of horses erupt into chaos.  Mr. and Mrs. Daniels separate with speed, Colton immediately goes to his telescope to view what is causing his horses to flee in fear.  He watches the half breed pull out her slingshot.  With great accuracy and speed the cowgirl shoots continuously at the danger. Colton yells out for Celeste to retreat only the girl could not hear his words and proceeds forward with her wild assault.  Colton spots the colorful snakes of red, black, and yellow, and knows the deadly Coral snakes have killed several of his prize stock with their venom.  The big Texan man couldn’t help Celeste from his outdoor patio, he lays in awe to witness the clear view of the Indian girl do a cartwheel without hands in the air. She drops her trusty slingshot and pulls out her Bowie knife.  While upside down the Indian girl swishes her knife in hand out and cuts the snake’s head off that sprang into the air to strike at the human.  Colton watches the serpent drop to the ground lifeless.  Martha screams out her name in fear, Colton is shocked to view the incredible scene of the earth girl.  As quickly as the dangerous scene happened it ended with Celeste picking up six dead snakes and gives out a victory yodel. Colton is stun to watch the girl shove her slingshot in her back pocket while she heads toward the barn. “Jesus Christ, Martha did you get a load of what we just saw?”  Martha turned bleach white for the safety of the cowgirl and runs into Colton’s arms.  “Come on my love lets get down to the barn.  Here Gary thought the girl couldn’t get into trouble without Diablo being around, he was sadly mistaken.” Mr. Daniels urgently barked out.  The couple didn’t hesitate, and quickly leaves their safe patio to head down to the stables hoping the Indian girl hadn’t been bit by the venomous snake.



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