My brother eagle will guide me to the mountains of dreams and from there he will fly me to my distant dreams of hope.



When Martha and Colton bolt into the horse barn with fear in their eyes, they stop in their tracks to the excitement of Celeste’s curvy backside holding up a skinned hide of the Coral snake and her Bowie knife in her other hand.  Roberto is glowing with praise while showing off his gold teeth to Celeste. “Celeste did you get bit?”  Colton’s demanding loud bellow of worry is enough to make Celeste jump and drop her hide in surprise.  She is unsure how to handle the nervous couple and nods no with her head with no words spoken.  Feeling ashamed she lowers her eyes on the floor staring at the beautiful color vermin hide.  Her mouth opens ready to make a comment when Gary rushes through the door almost knocking into his tall father’s frame.  “What happen, Celeste are you alright?” Colton smooths his gray hair away from his face with a smile, “Looks like she killed a litter of coral snakes for us with her slingshot and knife.”  Celeste gleams bright she wasn’t in trouble, and picks up a dead snake with pride in her eyes. “Isn’t it a beauty, I’ve never seen a colored i’-na-dv like this before.”  Gary gives his parents an unbelievable gawk and back at Celeste. He recoups and ventures forward silently to Celeste.  She loses her grin and gives Roberto who is still smiling a fearful glance. Gary takes note her pile of dead serpents, “You’re not in trouble cowgirl but damn you for almost putting herself in harms way.  Those are deadly Coral snakes you killed.”  Celeste blinks her orbs in confusion when Gary smashes his lips against her and hugs her with all his might.  She drops her hide and wraps her arms around him to decrease his worried love to calm down she was safe and sound.  Their lips part for air Gary whispers out to his lover, “I should have known better to leave you alone, so for the rest of the day you’ll stay by my side until we part tomorrow.” She is delighted and kisses him again lightly so not to make a spectacle out of each other’s devotion.  Mr. Daniels makes merry and explodes with wow being able to witness the deadly encounter.  He tells the story to Gary with great animation making Celeste bust up with laughter.  Martha feels weak at the knees and can’t handle looking at the dead carcass’s of the snakes, she takes hold of her husband’s hand, “Honey let’s go back to the house.”  Colton caught up in the moment realized his wife hated viewing dead creatures.  He excuses them both and leaves Gary, Roberto, and Celeste to finish stripping the snakes hide for Celeste to keep.

Celeste had the best night of her life spending time with Gary’s lovely family before she left Texas.  She did refuse Gary to couple with her inside his parent’s home, Gary agreed and out of respect they went down in the barn to enjoy their last night together as lovers. And in the next morning she readied herself for the return flight with Gary to pick up her truck at the airplane hanger in Amarillo.  She is sad to leave the family life Gary’s parents showered upon her visit, but feels the wondering excitement for what’s next in her life.  Martha and Colton hug the cowgirl with admiration, “Come back sweetie you’re always welcome in our home.”  Celeste holds Mrs. Daniels hand and spoke to her in Cherokee, ” do-`da-ga-g`hv-i mother of a beautiful son who I will never forget.  I don’t say goodbye; but in Cherokee we mean, “we will see each other again,” I hope,” she added softly.  Martha slipped her a yellow cut rose from her garden, “Take a little Texas where ever you’re travels take you and know we wish you love.”  Colton breaks up the tender moment and hugs Celeste.  “Thank you for everything you’ve done on my ranch. We are honored to have met you.  Be safe on your path in life.” Celeste bows with grace at the Texas couple and softly speaks out, “My brother eagle will guide me to the mountains of dreams and from there he will fly me to my distant dreams of hope.”  Gary takes hold of her hand and escorts her into the waiting limo, she’s feels her walls of loneliness seep in, Gary gently squeezes her palm to insure her he feels the same.  Right before the limo was going to pull away from the Daniels estate Martha blows a kiss to her son and yells out before the window rolled up, “Oh I almost forgot to tell you son, get a hold of you’re agent before you fly out to Europe on your music tour.  He called this morning when you were in the shower.”  Gary turns red, Martha covers her mouth in oops, Celeste gives Gary a strange inquisitive glance.


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7 thoughts on “My brother eagle will guide me to the mountains of dreams and from there he will fly me to my distant dreams of hope.

  1. Ah oh Gary honesty is the best policy. What a great loving time for Celeste. Since she never really had a family it was a sweet in acception in different cultures. Haha on the snake encounter. 🙂

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