I never stood a chance with your earthy gods my shining star!

The whole trip flying in the air returning back to Amarillo Texas with Gary, Celeste is very quiet and couldn’t stop her specs from staring at the music man.  Gary gives her a glance here and there knowing she is struggling with many sad emotions to leave him behind. He reaches across his seat to grab a hold of her hand, “We will be landing in a few moments my beauty.”  Celeste becomes teary eyed and nods yes silently.  “What a incredible time I’ve had with you. Who would ever think bumping into you one night would change my world. You made my life seem effortlessly in sync with you’re mysterious presence. Words can’t fathom the depth of my love for my Celestial goddess.  Perhaps one day we will find a place and time in our worlds to be together. For you are the sun I am the moon, you are the words, I am the tune and one day you will play me.”  He gives her a wink and turns his attention to land his aircraft deep in sorrow to say goodbye to a young Indian girl who captured his heart.  Celeste’s turns her head away to let a tear in dolor drip upon her lap.  She feels the plane descending the glorious skies to the air strip waiting for their aircraft to land. Gary steps out of his plane to lend a helping hand to Celeste as the men helped with her luggage, and whisked it away to where her truck was stored.

Gary had kept his secret about being a world known musician to Celeste.  She amazed him for not digging in deeper about his career and took his simple reply to cover up his mother’s words of oops.  Even though she knew him to play music, she never instigated and stayed happy just knowing him as a person. They stare into each other’s sphere for a few tender moments.  Gary moves her long hair behind each ear to embed her different sad eyes in his memory, “I know I never stood a chance with your earthy gods my shining star.”  Celeste couldn’t bear hearing his words and saying goodbye to a brilliant loving human being.  She leaps into his arms and hugs him tight to remember his embrace of unconditional love. “No words Gary Sun are needed please, for my heart seems to want to shatter into pieces.”  Automatically her fingers reaches up to take hold a mass of his brown hair to stare into his sad eyes.  She gently kneads his scalp and kisses him sweetly. Gary demands a deeper kiss for all eternally from the cowgirl, and creams inside his jeans when she reciprocates with every breath of her magical soul.  They separate when Celeste’s red truck beeps it’s horn.  Celeste throws her Indian backpack across her shoulder, “Truly amazing how miracles bless us huh, Gary Sun.”  He nods yes with a smile, and watches his true love walk away.  Gary lingers for a few moments to embed her sexy curvy hips swing to the sound of her click of boots on the pavement.  Before she gets close to her truck, she spins around to give Gary one last glance.  “Thank you for knowing I am born to be wild.”  She waves to her unforgettable lover and climbs into her truck.  He let’s his tear fall knowing he is going to miss everything about the girl he fell in love with for the first time in his life.


7 thoughts on “I never stood a chance with your earthy gods my shining star!

    1. Indeed Malctg….I love poetry and art along with reading…teehee 😉 Thank you too for stopping by and reading!~ Kiss Kiss and the best for you too in the new year of 2015~

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