California Here I come.


Never in her lifetime did Celeste ponder about changing her course of freedom until she left Gary’s presence; even though, she knew it had to be done to fulfill her earthy task, the precious memory will forever live on inside her heart.  The huntress wallows in her memories of having a smashing great time with Gary’s family inside her red Dodge truck as she drives through the state of New Mexico to connect on Route 66.  The enchanting sunset of watermelon skies captures her heart, so much so, she pulls her truck over on the side of the road to watch the mystical intoxicating sunset. As many autos pass her by she is sitting on the hood of her truck holding her yellow rose of Texas totally mesmerized by the haunting landscape as the colors change the earth’s surface with it’s brilliance.  “I like this state and feel like I belong here.  I will return one day too hunt upon you’re lands New Mexico.”  For the first time since she left Ohio, the half breed pulls out her calendar.  It is the first day of summer as she laughs out loud to herself.  “My gosh I spent close to a few weeks with Gary, not a few days. Boy did time pass me by under the beauty of Gary’s company.  Thank you earth for all your positive blessings!” She slips back into her truck and drives all night long until she had to stop in Arizona to sleep to be refresh for the big day of travel to endure California’s highway.  She stays in Scottsdale and doesn’t ventures out of her room.  She misses Gary’s warmth and finds her lonely status no longer comforting without him by her side, so she packs up her meager belongings and heads out before the crack of dawn.

Several hours into her long drive, she turns on the music box in her truck to fill the void of quietness.  The radio announcer speaks up after a song he played, “Now catch on to this music cats, another far out tune has been brought to my attention from a man who is taking the music world by storm. Right now he is on tour in Europe, so give me a call at the radio station to let me know how much you like this creative’s man new song.”  Celeste is about to change the channels when she hears the announcer say Gary’s name.  Her eyes open wide in awe, and turns up the music box to hear. “Oh my God, that devil…How could I be so gullible!”  She engages herself behind the wheel of her auto with pride soaring to the clear blue skies for Gary while she bumps her hips to the bass, and when the song was over she hoops and hollers out loud.  After hearing her lovers tune, she consumes her mind with joy remembering how the humble man lit her fire of desires until she crossed over the boarder line into California territory.  She burst into happiness and screams out her mirth, “Yahoo…California Here I come!” She sails pass the San Bernardino landscape to the 101 Ventura highway.  The wild and crazy multi-lanes of travel boggle her senses to pay attention or she might end up in trouble.  She is wearing her Indian gear in honor of her heritage as she flew down the busy highway to get to Santa Barbara, California before night fall.  The earth girl senses the by passers check out her attire from their speedy cars as they pass the visitor by.  She is dumbfounded to see the change in people with their spiked hair, beach wear and crazy colorful garb.  She remembers Gary’s wise words not to let California life style change her, and is bumped out of her fears to be accepted in the state when she hears a horn next to her blare out. She quickly gives the beat up car with boards shaped like a banana on it’s roof top a snappy glance.   She roars out in laughter as the group of playful surfers yells out, “Hey Sacagawea babe welcome to LaLa land.” She shakes her head in hilarity and continues onward with jubilation in her heart almost arriving to her final destination.




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