I humbly thank you



In the year of nineteen seventy-five, the nineteen year old pulls into a parking lot off the coast of Santa Barbara.  Celeste turns off her engine, and sits for a few moments staring at the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Her grin is beaming with satisfaction to complete her long road of travels, “Well I made it.” She said as she opens her glove compartment box to pull out the sea shell.   Instantly out tumbles a little pretty green box with a yellow ribbon wrapped around it.  “What the heck,” she comments in puzzlement and catches the box before it hits the floor.  She scrunches up her brow trying to remember if she put the box in there herself. Quiet minutes ticked by while the cowgirl scans the small box and decides to open the present.  A little note hid the treasure when opening, and when she pulls out the paper slowly her mouth hits the floor in surprise.  She reads the tiny letter, “In memory for my Goddess with Two colored Eyes.” She caress the outer rim of the box with a smile on her lips.  Inside the tiny box lays a pair of post earrings weighing over a half a carat a piece. The cowgirl is overwhelmed by the sight of the deep, rich color emerald bursting forth it’s mystery inside the princess facet cut gem, and sheds a tear when her eyes captures the brilliant color of Imperial Topaz.  It’s seventy six facets of golden orange sparkles out to be recognized and honored her different eye colors.  “Gary Sun, you fabie man for blessing me with earth’s stones in a sneaky way.  I will treasure you’re gift always, I humbly thank you.”  Reluctantly, she places her gift back into the glove box from her Texas lover, and pulls out her Scottish grandmother’s sea shell.  She lovingly strokes the object and blesses the seashell that started her course of travels with money in her pocket.

For several hours the half breed sits on the beach staring into nothingness caressing her shell.  She knows her time is near to climb the cliffs to send back her promised task back to the ocean it came from.  Her soul feels lifeless listening to the music of crashing waves and the scent of saltwater.  “I can’t think sister ocean about serious stuff since your hypnotic energy allows me to think of nothing.”  She giggles too herself an ads, “I will make sure to spend plenty of time too soak in you’re beauty; however, I will wait for the last human to leave before venturing upwards that there cliff to watch the sunset.”  She is sitting on the soft sand in her Indian light weight buckskin clothing with fringe, and moccasins cross legged watching the people leave the beach after spending a marvelous day with love ones.  Her red and yellow beaded headband makes the Californian’s take a double glance at the golden hair Indian girl sitting alone in her comfortable position as they walk pass the Indian girl. Two honorable eagle feathers are dancing in partnership with her long hair as the warm coastal wind blows upon her peaceful soul.   Celeste sits silently observing surfer’s on the Pacific Ocean until the last of humans vacated the sandy beach.  Just observing the young men maneuver their banana shape boards on the ocean made her think to give the sport a try; Nevertheless, she did have reservations since watching the water swallow mankind off they’re boards might be something to second guess the power of water.  And at one point Celeste caught herself screaming out for their safety when the surfers disappeared in the waters.

After a while, the gentle warm winds of the evening blew it’s breeze upon the Indian’s soul as she eagle eyes the many palm trees.  She feels a sudden urge that time has come to complete her Scottish grandmother’s promised deed.  She stands and brushes the sand away with her hand from her clothing, and bends down to pick up her trusty slingshot.  It takes her a few moment to reach the rock wall an inserts her fingers into rock crevice to climb the massive cliff.  She says a silent prayer to bless her sure footed actions while reaching the top before the setting sun.  She takes a deep breath and without fear she begins to climb the tall rock wall upwards with skill.


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