Epilogue to Poco Celeste



J’hara, Prince of the Woods made a comment to his all mighty sister of earth creations, “Two down sister and now this man will be her third.”  Brother and sister team sit in spirit form watching the half breed being romanced by a surfer on a beach in California.  J’hara would never tell his sister he had searched high and low to connect the perfect third man in the spirit talker’s life to become her husband.  He watches with hope for freedom to walk the earth once again as a tangible wolf racing beside the powerful Celeste while viewing the lover’s first kiss. At the age of twenty-nine, Celeste didn’t need potions or spells to have a man fall in love with her.  She had kept to her self all the time to focus on getting an education, and staying out of trouble. Many young men at college approached Celeste to date, but she wouldn’t give them the time or day to encourage a relationship. She endured the loneliness in pleasure without needing friends to venture into the night life scene for fun, and stayed true to her word never to let California change her naive spirit as long as she lived by the healing ocean with a book in her hand.

Since she loved the peaceful aura of water, she was tickled pink to have found a small guest house to rent off the beaten path near the ocean cliff side. Staying outside the hustle bustle beach life in shadow kept her from going into a culture shock. If she wasn’t in school, she secretly engulfed her every waking moment to feed homeless people of the night. Every other night she fed their hungry bellies in an abundance of cooked fish she hunted for the day, an in spy movements the earth girl stayed a mystery to the homeless Vietnam Veterans. Celeste never wore her Indian attire after the day she arrived California; however, she did change her earth fashion to wear dark flowing material to look as if she came from India to hide her Native American appearance when visiting the forgotten men of war.

Her heart weeps for the soldiers knowing political government is the cause of war vets losing their heads, and becoming non-function bodies to society; so she decided to become a quiet vigilante for the wounded soldiers since their horrific memories to kill left them unable to take care of themselves.  For many years she no longer was plagued by the spiritual secret voices inside her head. Her solitude life in beauty and peace is a dream come true for the spitfire until a surfer boy took a chance to bee line in secrecy to her private shore to surf the midnight big waves.   The stormy black evening brought large waves crashing down upon the night shoreline as Celeste leans against a rock drinking a bottle of red wine.  She giggles out to the dark skies with drunken delight to have her college degree as a Veterinarian.  She is thinking about leaving California to live in New Mexico to return back to her old ways of hunting and living one with the earth, when a surfer runs for the waves with his long board catching her interest.

“Me thinks brother that you’ve had a hand in my sweet daughter’s outcome in love?”  J’hara winced in hurt to hear his sister might know of his magical plans for Celeste.  Her all seeing orbs glow emerald green boring deep in his invisible spirit searching for truth. “She will one day soon step into her ordain path brother, and when she does watch the firework show.  For she will be more powerful as a Spirit Talker than I can express with her truth and justice attitude. I do say she has the right sacrasanct heart for my task.”  The holy spirit softens her gems upon her earth daughter, “I wish I could tell her how very proud I am; instead I can only shower her with positive energy for her rewards to stay one with my creations.  Tis amazing after the hardship she has endured as a child, she has stayed uncontaminated from foul energy.  Her tender trusting soul is simple, humble, and bears unconditional love without restrictions.  She has shown me many other strong traits I thought lost in mankind brother.”  Mother Earth silence her self for a few moments, and wisps her last words to her corrupted brother that became power hungry and failed.  “Hum…the education she has learnt in animals will grow and become a powerful asset for her future and earth.  She is a huntress not a warrior brother, so it will be your duty to protect her in the future.  I fear my corrupted children of this earth need her more now than ever; nevertheless, I will handle mankind’s intrusion for the time being to protect the folktales of my creation in this universe.   I will give her this time to bring life in our world, and meet her true soul mate before she takes her rightful place beside us.” J’hara wolf’s out, “So we wait another twenty some odd years?” His sister nods yes as he ads, “Should I stamp her ass with another heart?”  Mother Earth gives her brother and nasty glance, “Don’t you dare brother for this man will hurt her and doesn’t deserve the honor,” she spoke with authority and silently disappears leaving J’hara alone to watch the lovers kiss.




4 thoughts on “Epilogue to Poco Celeste

  1. Wow. Out of this world an am dumbfounded I didn’t see this coming. Now I understand more with this posting. Its perfect and fitting for the cowgirl to become someone special. Celeste is her own folk tale.

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