You’ve got no experience woman.



Celeste tosses and turns her body in bed with sleepless energy.  Over and over again she slips into a light rest while her mind works overtime showing her pictures of the past.  In the end she finally got out of bed to ponder on her strange dreams, and the unknown voice that invaded her earthy soul.  The cowgirl makes a pot of coffee and gives a peak outside the window to the winter wonderland of New Mexico. She stares outside in a trance and views the big flakes falling.  A tall dark man presents himself to her, she scrunches up her brow to try and see the man’s face.

Not able to have a clear vision of the man that pops into her mind, she pours herself a cup of coffee. “I hear you my spiritual teacher.  It has been a long time since I allowed a conversation between us; but why this vision of a man?  Can’t you give me a clearer picture of him?”  The house is quiet, as she listens to the kitchen clock tick. Staring at the snow fall lightly out the window kicks Celeste into her childhood days with her Grandfather. A memory she never forgotten, and the first time she heard the spiritual voice.

She and her grandfather are suited up to go hunting in the woods, in the early snowy morning.  She is only a little girl at the time when she took her bow and arrow that her and grandfather made, and went into the woods to hunt.  The snow is falling heavy, and with her excitement she lost sight of her grandfather.  It is the first time for her to try out her hunting weapon as she becomes the huntress of the forest.  She scans her area while hearing each snowflake touch the ground. A rabbit catches her attention, she steadies herself and takes a deep breath. The little girl pulls back her string on the bow and releases her arrow at her target.  “Bam” a loud sound of gun shot is heard at the same time she kills the rabbit.  She gawks at her kill with sadness, and then picks up the dead rabbit to cradle into her arms.  A deep sorrow overwhelms her of killing a earth creature as she takes time to give thanks too Mother Earth.  Her mother’s face comes into view as she pets the limp animal with love.  She withers to the snowy ground on her knees to ball out her eyes.  The wind picks up and lightly blows snowflakes across her face when she hears a whisper of a voice speak to her in the snowy morning woods.

“Child of the light, do not be sad it is a gift we give to thee.”

“What you doing up my love?”  Celeste jumps in shock as her husband scares her out of her deep reminiscing memory, “I guess I couldn’t sleep,” she comments back in a husky tone. “Come back to bed, perhaps we could make love and put you back to sleep?”  “No, that’s okay my mind isn’t on making love at this moment. Besides, I’ve gots lots to do outside in the barn before I leave to see my doctor to discuss my trip into Haiti, and receive some shots.” Her husband pours himself a cup of java and places his container on the counter to stare at his sexy bed head wife. “You’ve got no experience woman. What does Geraldy expect you to do anyways go over there and open a can of whip ass? I wish you would think this through before you decide to venture into a dangerous, and hostile area with diseases.  How do you think your going to react with tons of people Celeste.  Bad enough you hate being around a large crowd and live a solitude life on our ranch.”  She takes a sip of her coffee unable to acknowledge her husband’s shitty advice, she leaves quietly to begin her day deep in spiritual thought.

Ya know if ya can’t do the wild thing then at least play with me so I can get off.



Soaking inside her slipper tub allows Celeste to escape into another world.  She closes her eyes and takes several long deep breathes, and before she knew it she drifts off into a trance.  Reliving the same dream over and over of her mother’s sudden disappearance and her horse Ghost’s death, the cowgirl scrunches up her brows to magnify the strange shadow of a large man standing beside a wolf or dog.  “It is time,” the apparition spoke out to her.  Celeste opens her eyes and shakes her muffle thoughts out.  She submerges under water to clear her mind. It’s been over twenty years since her head is barreled over with spiritual occurrences. Ever since she met and married her husband privately she closed the door to her spiritual guides and tried to live a normal life.  But of late, her mind is being flooded to come back to her spiritual world. She comes up for air, “Damn it, stop your invasions and screwing with my noodle y’all.”  She stares at her abstract oil painting of sea creatures on the bathroom wall.  The last time she heard her spiritual guides, she was standing on a cliff by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. In her Indian buckskin attire, at the age of nineteen, she had climbed the steep cliff to say goodbye to her past.  She quietly relives the memory of her taking out her slingshot, and placing a beautiful shell in the tubular band.

“Celeste are you awake?”  She blinks out of her crazy thoughts and answers yes.  “Well it’s been over two hours you’ve been soaking.”  Celeste pulls on the stopper inside the tub to drain the water and picks her hot wet body up.  After all these years the cowgirl refuses to look at herself in the mirror and throws her robe on, and wraps her long wet hair into a towel.  She ventures out of the steamy bathroom to go get herself a glass of red wine.  Her husband is waiting for her in the kitchen with delight in his eyes.  He has a glass of wine waiting for her, “Here babe I took the pleasure of pouring you a glass.”  Celeste gives him a soft grin and reaches for her glass.  “Thank ya kindly,” she speaks out in a husky tone and takes a drink. The G.I. Joe carefully wraps his arms around her waist and snuggles himself into her neck to smell her intoxicating sandalwood scent. “I need you baby, let’s go make love.”  She doesn’t speak but closes her eyes to fade away in lust with his sexual advances that would eventually lead no where.  She places her glass on the counter and spins around slowly to glance up into her tall’s man’s brown eyes. “Where would you like to go? The bedroom or here on the kitchen counter?”  The six foot two muscle man adores his wife carefree style and views with hungry eyes upon his wife’s curvy frame as she lets her robe and towel fall to the ground.  He takes hold of her hand and closes the gap between them to stare into each others eyes.  Celeste lifts her hand up to touch his strong chin bone.  She moves her thumb softly against his jaw line thinking if she should give it a go.  “Take me baby here and now,” her husband whispers.  She dives in and begins to devour his lips.  She feels his strong hand cup her breast, he moans out his desire and plays with her erect nipple.  Celeste leans against the marble counter top and lets her hand wonder to his private area.

His manhood stands ready hard as a rock, she unzips his pants to slide her hand in his pants to fondle his baby maker.  “Humm,” she groans out to feel his body part respond.  Her husband picks her up and places her bottom gently on top of the counter.  His eyes are aglow with need and want when Celeste stops her kissing to gaze upon her man she loved more than life at one time. The hunky man’s finger plays with her hairless tunnel of love. She closes her eyes to relish in the sensual mood, and feels his mouth suck on her breast. It takes her husband a few suckles when he stops his play to speak, “I can’t do it.”  Talk about a cold shower, Celeste gawks at her man.  She doesn’t know what to do except slide off the counter and put her robe back on.  “Sorry my love I guess I have tons of stuff on my mind.”  Celeste picks up her glass of wine and downs the content in sexual frustration.  “Ya know if ya can’t do the wild thing then at least play with me so I can get off.”  He zips up his pants and leaves the room with his wife alone to drink a bottle of red wine.

“Ouch, ya gonna pull me hair out chick-man if ya don’t stop doing that.”

Hair-Eating Horse In Hollywood 1937


“Quad I do declare we belong together like peanut butter and jelly.”  The sixteen hands, black and white Tobiano Stallion bobs his head up and down, Celeste grins happily and walks her companion into his private stall.  “Thank ya kindly for the ride boy ya cleared my head from all the strange things I’ve been dealing with. See ya in the morning for ya have a mare to breed.” Celeste takes her time in the barn to adore her stallion’s child.  She giggles at the black and white filly who has become her favorite, “Hello sexy beast.”  The filly flips her lip up in greeting while her breeder spends some time petting her.  Imprinting is one of Celeste’s past time hobby to ensure her stock is bomb proof when they are sold. She pats the bottom of each hoof and tickles the gentle equine under her belly. The little filly nibbles on her long golden hair and gives a tug.  “Ouch, ya gonna pull me hair out chick-man if ya don’t stop doing that.”  The filly shakes her head as Celeste grins with delight.  She hugs her beauty and leaves the stall to venture into her home to make dinner for the evening.

The colorful sunset captures her attention as it always does, she stops to pay homage and chants out blessings for the evening. “Celeste are you home?”  The half breed blinks back to reality and walks towards her home.  She enters her casita and takes off her cowboy hat to wash up before starting dinner.  “Hello baby, how did your day go?”  She spins around to her husband and smiles, “It went okay I guess.”  He approaches his wife and tenderly gives her a kiss on the forehead.  Alcohol invades her nostrils as she wrinkles up her nose in dislike, but allows the sweet moment between them.  “I have something to talk with you about at dinner, so if ya give me a moment to tidy up I’ll fill ya in.”  She side steps the big G.I Joe man and goes into the bathroom.

They are sitting at their large dinning table eating steak and potatoes when Celeste informed her husband, “I received a call today from Geraldy.  He told me Haiti had an earthquake.”  Her husband speaks out, “Yes I saw it on the news today those poor people.” She observes him with eagle eyes, “Geraldy left today for Haiti to check on his family and medical facility.”  He gives her a glance, “He asked me if I would be interested in helping him out, so I plan to go to Haiti with him to give humanitarian aid.” The room is silent, so much so that a pin could be heard when dropped. “You have no experience Celeste dealing with this kind of magnitude. What on earth does Geraldy think you can do except scalp the shit out of the Haitians?”  Celeste sat quietly staring at her rude husband.

“Where’s our daughter at?” She questions her husband. “She’s staying over a friends house tonight.”  Celeste lowered her eyes on her plate of food knowing her youngest daughter hated being around her father.  “She said you never answer the phone so she called me at work.”  Celeste nods her head and takes a bite of food. “Your not going to Haiti Celeste so get it out of your mind. Besides you might end up with Malaria, Aids, or even jailed.”  She pushes her plate of food away, and gives her husband a determined gawk.  He can see the wheels spinning in her different color orbs and knew he lost the battle before it ever began.  “Ya know, I don’t ask for much but I will be damned if ya tell me I ain’t going.” He stares at her for a few moments and continues on-wards eating his meal.  “I’m done, excuse me I think I’ll take a bath now.”  She gets up and takes her plate to the kitchen, “Celeste seriously think about this you could die!” The cowgirl walks out of the dinning room paying no mind to her man’s comment, and returns to pass him by to soak away her wild thoughts in solitude inside her slipper tub.


Watch out Haiti!

cowgirl 8

The seventy two inch sexual prowess half breed stares at the Rio Grande Bosque for a while deep in 
thought of spiritual life lessons she has learned. She grips hard upon her slingshot while viewing 
her brother golden eagle in the sky for a little while soaring above in search of food. She decides 
to take a dip in the horse trough even in the chilly months of January, and turns on her boot heels 
to walk up to the adobe casita she lived in to get your toiletries. She opens the screen front door 
and hears the sound of the telephone instantly. She really didn't want to answer it, but did anyway. "Hola!" she said..."Celeste is that you?" hollers the voice on the line with a heavy French accent. 
"Yes, this is me--what's shaken my man?" she said in a southern Mexican drawl. The caller was Geraldy from an engineering firm she use to work for several years ago. The gentle Haitian man is the only 
true friend she allowed in her lifetime of solitude. "I've been calling you all morning, Celeste." he continues to speak fast and excitedly. "Oh my GOD, Celeste my country has been hit by a huge 7.0 
earthquake this morning, haven’t you heard?" "I am sorry, Geraldy; you know I barely watch TV these 
days like y'all do." Geraldy begins to explain everything to her. He tells her he is leaving tomorrow to go into Haiti and assess the damage to his Medical facility, and would return in three days.
Later in the conversation he braves to ask, "Celeste, would you be interested in helping me out when I go back to Haiti? Haitian's Custom is holding more of my supplies, like clothing, medical supplies.These supplies could help my people at the medical clinic, but Haitian Customs won't give them to me 
until I pay them money. I need an American I can trust. You know the logistic part of getting things to and fro." Geraldy said. "I hope I don't scare you not to go, but it's been very dangerous with the thugs killing and stealing. I know you lived in Los Angeles, and remembered you saying you've been 
in earthquakes before. You are the only fearless cowgirl that I know, that doesn't scare too easy, 
and might be able to get the job done. I will understand if your husband will not allow you to go." 
Geraldy cautiously notes. Celeste firmly states, "I don't need to ask permission from anyone to go my friend, and since my children are all grown up, you can count me in."  After Geraldy asked Celeste to help him out in Haiti, she hangs up the phone to 
start prepping for the Humanitarian mission. Heading out to her horse barn she gathers all kinds of medical material to help in a crude fashion. She corrals her horse sewing kit, medicines, and Bowie knife. She cracks a grin on her luscious lips remembering Geraldy's thrill that they would be traveling on John 
Travolta’s aircraft with the Scientology group. Even though she doesn't know who her friend spoke about, she heads for the store to pick up more supplies 
with nervous energy and excitement to be going on a trip.

When Celeste returns home from the store, she packs the supplies into her luggage. Not forgetting to dissemble her wrist rocket slingshot, she puts the 
dangerous speedy device into her luggage where it would be easy to use when she arrived into Haiti. Looking at her grandfather's Bowie knife that she 
inherited, she strokes the sharp blade and places a kiss of respect upon the Stag horn's blade. "I miss ya grandfather very much, I hope I don't cause too 
much trouble in Haiti." She lays the blade next to her new slingshot and zips her suitcase up. Feeling anxious, she decides to pass the time away riding her stallion till her husband came home to tell him she was taking a trip.

Let’s return to Slingshot!~



At the age of forty eight years old, in the year of the twentieth first century, the half breed is tall, long and lean.  Her sun kiss bronze-colored skin is well developed into a strong muscular frame from years of working on her horse breeding farm. Long thick golden unruly curls swished and swayed against her curvy waist as she brings out a sling shot her husband bought her for Christmas. She is not drop-dead gorgeous, but pretty and very different to view. When she spoke in her unusual multiple dialect, people would become hypnotized by the husky sexy sound of her voice.  The Scottish/Cherokee woman very rarely ventured off her ranch to mingle with the public.  She is completely happy to enjoy her life out with earth alone, and her many differences while nurturing her family since her past mistakes with people made her hide away.  

Independent and intelligent, her energetic body and soul were always in constant motion. If a challenge arose, she tackled it full steam, but did not tolerate failure.  Clever in order to accomplish her goal, she moves heaven and earth to see its completion. Earthy in good nature, spiritual, fearless and always giving to others, she was naive and trusting in peoples motives, but when crossed she was a lioness in protection mode. At times known to be a fiery woman, who could become impulsive, but yet forceful and dynamic, the spiritual woman brought on her wrath upon a wooden target. Today the half breed needed to take out her cowgirl frustration before she snapped and lost her cool. Celeste let another stone hit the target in great force.  With a loud sound the marble embedded itself into the bull’s- eye of her mark.  Turning her head away from her task, she is distracted by a magpie bird that was tormenting her wild cat who lived on her farm. The bird squawks and warns the cat to come no closer while perching in a indigenous tree of New Mexico.  The earthy woman spots the black and white bird become brave and dive bombs the feline. She dips into her front pocket to grab a marble out of her Daisy Duke shorts, and places it in her new wrist rocket sling shot.

Pulling back, aimed she let fly a marble at the Magpie when he returned to sit in a big pinon tree. At that moment when she released her ammunition, she didn’t feel good, not meaning to hit the bird. She watched as the bird fell to the dry ground, with a thump on the dry dusty ground. Disappointed about killing a creature of Mother Earth, she picks up the bird and digs a hole to bury it. She said a private message to Mother Earth to forgive her for being stupid and shoves her slingshot in the pack pocket of her shorts. She turns her head to view the Bosque where the Rio Grande River flows, wishing she could return to the woods she so loved and grew up in. “Gosh, how everything has changed,” she thought. “Maybe a good soak in the horse’s trough to get this dirt and dust off me might make me think clearly.”  The earth woman grins widely, “Boy, that would give the neighbors something to look at, especially in the month of January.”  Her eagle orbs scan the desert land and chuckles to herself it wouldn’t be the first time she was busted by her distance neighbors.


picture by:

Spirit Talker/Wounded Soldier


After several years had passed with her adventures into Haiti.  Celeste, older in age, became bored with her daily routine.  Her last daughter finally moved out of her home to start her own life, while her husbands drinking problem didn’t change.  He controlled it for a while, but picked the habit back up.  Celeste became withdrawn inside herself, knowing that he would never change. She thought if she let him be who he needed to be, and stop her nagging, he would change, and learn that he didn’t need alcohol as a muse.  Sadly, it didn’t work out that way.  It affected their relationship in sex again, but Celeste was still in her thinking mode with Valis.  She didn’t need the closeness with her husband like she use too.  Valis filled the lost feeling that she lacked in love-making.   All she had to do is remember the time she had with the captain of the SWAT Team, and it ebbed away the lonely feelings.  She did not take advantage of the communication porthole between the soul-mates.  There were times, she so wanted to hear his voice again, but refrained and stayed true to her man. Her way of thinking was “Let lying dogs lay,” so she never instigated the situation further. That didn’t mean that Valis didn’t tried, but she would never reply.

In the late month of August, in New Mexico, the need to hunt weighed heavily upon her soul. Her dreams of a hunt, became her waking thought every day. Today was the day she would begin her journey into the forest, backpacking with her painted horse, “Tru Quadrant,” alone.  Her hopes were to stay about two weeks in the forest, hunting elk or wild sheep.  Her husband wanted to go with her, but she refused him, saying she needed time to herself.

Dressed up in her childhood tan deerskin outfit, she had made when she was a teenager.  She was amazed it still fit her aged body, after all those years ago, but more snugger.  The last time she remembered wearing it was when she began her life in Los Angeles.  She felt the soft skin with awe, as she looked at herself in the full length mirror.  “Such a long time ago, wonder what my husband will say when he see’s it?” Celeste softly spoke to herself.  Celeste was very private about her childhood life.  Never telling anyone what she had endured, she hid her life away in a travel trunk, under lock and key.  She quickly braided her long curly hair into a braid, topping it off with an Indian headband.   Then slipped into her moccasins, finishing it off by placing her knife into the sleeve of the soft boots. Like routine, she put her cowgirl hat on, and walked out of her bedroom into the kitchen, for some morning java.

When she entered the kitchen, her husband gawked at her outfit.  Being caught off guard, he quickly recovered from her intense gaze.  “Where in the hell, did you get that outfit, Celeste?” He said with astonishment.  “I’ve had it since I was a teenager, I thought to pull it out for my backpacking trip, you like?” Celeste dared him to say anything else, but he did not.  He closed the gap between them, both standing face to face. When he gently touched her cheek with amusement, he spoke to her in a turned on fashion.  “Come Pocahontas, let me do you before you leave?”

“You had your time darlin’ to do me, if I don’t leave now, I won’t find a camping site in daylight.  Sorry to burst your bubble dude, but I am on a time schedule. Let’s pick this up when I get back, okay?”  Her husband gently kissed her, she reciprocated. When they broke apart he offered her a cup of coffee.  She gladly accepted, “Do you need anything else, my love?” Her husband offered.  “No thank you, everything is packed, I don’t want to carry too much.  If I need food, I will have Wolf help me.”

“I wish Celeste, you would take your cell phone,” he offered with care.   “How many times do I need to say, where I am going, there is no service for cells.  So if I get into a pickle, wolf will be there.” Celeste needed to leave, wanting to be in the open skies to see the sunrise. She kissed her husband, and downed the last drops of her coffee, before she headed out on her adventure.

The minute she walked out of her casita, her horses snickered a greeting.  She feed them all, and pulled out her trusty black and white-painted stallion.  She geared him up for the long haul, while he ate his breakfast. When finished she grabbed her bow and arrows, placing them with care behind her back, she hoisted herself up upon the great tall stallion, and took off like the wind.

Celeste loved to ride in the arroyo’s.  The sandy grooves from the great water run off’s, told a story of many raging waters that had passed by with great force.  Forming a huge channel heading to the Rio Grande River.  The gorge’s housed many pack of wild dogs or coyotes. Making it a very dangerous area in the dusk and dawn hours.  She took short cuts through many pueblos, throughout the gullies, staying hidden from the public.  Respecting the sac-rite sites of the American Indians land, she proceed in stealth down the arroyo’s heading towards the red mountains.

Quadrant and her raced to the mountain top before time ran out.  She wanted to be on top of this one mountain, to catch the morning rays of dawn, peeking over the Sangre de Cristos.  Before she entered the deep forest, heading into the forgotten valleys of the Colorado Sangre de Cristo’s.

Just in time, and out of breath, Quad was grateful to Celeste when she stopped, unbridled him, and let him roam eating the last of the buffalo grass. With her slender steel coffee thermos, she poured her a hot cup of coffee, and nestled in to watch the beautiful sunrise upon the ground.  She very rarely missed a sunrise, it was her only time to mediate for the new day.  It didn’t take no time at all, for the sun to peek over the mountains. Celeste took off her hat, and let the morning rays fill her soul, with vitamin D.

Words did not come to Celeste’s lips, she was bathed in the rays beauty and warmth. When Quad snorted an alert, Celeste followed the horses movement to where the sound could be coming.  Her trained eyes caught the beauty of Wolf in full stride, running to catch up with Celeste.  She smiled, knowing Wolf knew her ware about’s at all time.  She turned her head back to view the watermelon morning skies of New Mexico.

History of why the Sangre de Cristo’s are called their name:

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Spanish for “Blood of Christ“) are the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains. They are located in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico in the United States. The mountains run from Poncha Pass in South-Central Colorado, trending southeast and south, ending at Glorieta Pass, southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The mountains contain a number of fourteen thousand foot peaks in the Colorado portion, as well as all the peaks in New Mexico which are over thirteen thousand feet.

The name, Spanish for “blood of Christ“, is said to come from the red color of the range at some sunrises and sunsets, especially when the mountains are covered with snow, alpenglow. However the particular origin of the name is unclear, and the name in fact only dates back to the early 19th century. Before that time the terms “La Sierra Nevada”, “La Sierra Madre”, “La Sierra”, and “The Snowies” (used by English speakers) were used.  Sometimes the archaic Spanish spelling “Christo” is used.