Let’s return to Slingshot!~



At the age of forty eight years old, in the year of the twentieth first century, the half breed is tall, long and lean.  Her sun kiss bronze-colored skin is well developed into a strong muscular frame from years of working on her horse breeding farm. Long thick golden unruly curls swished and swayed against her curvy waist as she brings out a sling shot her husband bought her for Christmas. She is not drop-dead gorgeous, but pretty and very different to view. When she spoke in her unusual multiple dialect, people would become hypnotized by the husky sexy sound of her voice.  The Scottish/Cherokee woman very rarely ventured off her ranch to mingle with the public.  She is completely happy to enjoy her life out with earth alone, and her many differences while nurturing her family since her past mistakes with people made her hide away.  

Independent and intelligent, her energetic body and soul were always in constant motion. If a challenge arose, she tackled it full steam, but did not tolerate failure.  Clever in order to accomplish her goal, she moves heaven and earth to see its completion. Earthy in good nature, spiritual, fearless and always giving to others, she was naive and trusting in peoples motives, but when crossed she was a lioness in protection mode. At times known to be a fiery woman, who could become impulsive, but yet forceful and dynamic, the spiritual woman brought on her wrath upon a wooden target. Today the half breed needed to take out her cowgirl frustration before she snapped and lost her cool. Celeste let another stone hit the target in great force.  With a loud sound the marble embedded itself into the bull’s- eye of her mark.  Turning her head away from her task, she is distracted by a magpie bird that was tormenting her wild cat who lived on her farm. The bird squawks and warns the cat to come no closer while perching in a indigenous tree of New Mexico.  The earthy woman spots the black and white bird become brave and dive bombs the feline. She dips into her front pocket to grab a marble out of her Daisy Duke shorts, and places it in her new wrist rocket sling shot.

Pulling back, aimed she let fly a marble at the Magpie when he returned to sit in a big pinon tree. At that moment when she released her ammunition, she didn’t feel good, not meaning to hit the bird. She watched as the bird fell to the dry ground, with a thump on the dry dusty ground. Disappointed about killing a creature of Mother Earth, she picks up the bird and digs a hole to bury it. She said a private message to Mother Earth to forgive her for being stupid and shoves her slingshot in the pack pocket of her shorts. She turns her head to view the Bosque where the Rio Grande River flows, wishing she could return to the woods she so loved and grew up in. “Gosh, how everything has changed,” she thought. “Maybe a good soak in the horse’s trough to get this dirt and dust off me might make me think clearly.”  The earth woman grins widely, “Boy, that would give the neighbors something to look at, especially in the month of January.”  Her eagle orbs scan the desert land and chuckles to herself it wouldn’t be the first time she was busted by her distance neighbors.


picture by: reatagallery.com

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