Watch out Haiti!

cowgirl 8

The seventy two inch sexual prowess half breed stares at the Rio Grande Bosque for a while deep in 
thought of spiritual life lessons she has learned. She grips hard upon her slingshot while viewing 
her brother golden eagle in the sky for a little while soaring above in search of food. She decides 
to take a dip in the horse trough even in the chilly months of January, and turns on her boot heels 
to walk up to the adobe casita she lived in to get your toiletries. She opens the screen front door 
and hears the sound of the telephone instantly. She really didn't want to answer it, but did anyway. "Hola!" she said..."Celeste is that you?" hollers the voice on the line with a heavy French accent. 
"Yes, this is me--what's shaken my man?" she said in a southern Mexican drawl. The caller was Geraldy from an engineering firm she use to work for several years ago. The gentle Haitian man is the only 
true friend she allowed in her lifetime of solitude. "I've been calling you all morning, Celeste." he continues to speak fast and excitedly. "Oh my GOD, Celeste my country has been hit by a huge 7.0 
earthquake this morning, haven’t you heard?" "I am sorry, Geraldy; you know I barely watch TV these 
days like y'all do." Geraldy begins to explain everything to her. He tells her he is leaving tomorrow to go into Haiti and assess the damage to his Medical facility, and would return in three days.
Later in the conversation he braves to ask, "Celeste, would you be interested in helping me out when I go back to Haiti? Haitian's Custom is holding more of my supplies, like clothing, medical supplies.These supplies could help my people at the medical clinic, but Haitian Customs won't give them to me 
until I pay them money. I need an American I can trust. You know the logistic part of getting things to and fro." Geraldy said. "I hope I don't scare you not to go, but it's been very dangerous with the thugs killing and stealing. I know you lived in Los Angeles, and remembered you saying you've been 
in earthquakes before. You are the only fearless cowgirl that I know, that doesn't scare too easy, 
and might be able to get the job done. I will understand if your husband will not allow you to go." 
Geraldy cautiously notes. Celeste firmly states, "I don't need to ask permission from anyone to go my friend, and since my children are all grown up, you can count me in."  After Geraldy asked Celeste to help him out in Haiti, she hangs up the phone to 
start prepping for the Humanitarian mission. Heading out to her horse barn she gathers all kinds of medical material to help in a crude fashion. She corrals her horse sewing kit, medicines, and Bowie knife. She cracks a grin on her luscious lips remembering Geraldy's thrill that they would be traveling on John 
Travolta’s aircraft with the Scientology group. Even though she doesn't know who her friend spoke about, she heads for the store to pick up more supplies 
with nervous energy and excitement to be going on a trip.

When Celeste returns home from the store, she packs the supplies into her luggage. Not forgetting to dissemble her wrist rocket slingshot, she puts the 
dangerous speedy device into her luggage where it would be easy to use when she arrived into Haiti. Looking at her grandfather's Bowie knife that she 
inherited, she strokes the sharp blade and places a kiss of respect upon the Stag horn's blade. "I miss ya grandfather very much, I hope I don't cause too 
much trouble in Haiti." She lays the blade next to her new slingshot and zips her suitcase up. Feeling anxious, she decides to pass the time away riding her stallion till her husband came home to tell him she was taking a trip.

4 thoughts on “Watch out Haiti!

    1. Oh yes indeed, where ever Celeste goes there is bound to be MORE! As for the soaking have no fear she will have another moment. Teehee… Thanks Curt for reading!~ I do believe you like my spitfire?

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