Ya know if ya can’t do the wild thing then at least play with me so I can get off.



Soaking inside her slipper tub allows Celeste to escape into another world.  She closes her eyes and takes several long deep breathes, and before she knew it she drifts off into a trance.  Reliving the same dream over and over of her mother’s sudden disappearance and her horse Ghost’s death, the cowgirl scrunches up her brows to magnify the strange shadow of a large man standing beside a wolf or dog.  “It is time,” the apparition spoke out to her.  Celeste opens her eyes and shakes her muffle thoughts out.  She submerges under water to clear her mind. It’s been over twenty years since her head is barreled over with spiritual occurrences. Ever since she met and married her husband privately she closed the door to her spiritual guides and tried to live a normal life.  But of late, her mind is being flooded to come back to her spiritual world. She comes up for air, “Damn it, stop your invasions and screwing with my noodle y’all.”  She stares at her abstract oil painting of sea creatures on the bathroom wall.  The last time she heard her spiritual guides, she was standing on a cliff by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. In her Indian buckskin attire, at the age of nineteen, she had climbed the steep cliff to say goodbye to her past.  She quietly relives the memory of her taking out her slingshot, and placing a beautiful shell in the tubular band.

“Celeste are you awake?”  She blinks out of her crazy thoughts and answers yes.  “Well it’s been over two hours you’ve been soaking.”  Celeste pulls on the stopper inside the tub to drain the water and picks her hot wet body up.  After all these years the cowgirl refuses to look at herself in the mirror and throws her robe on, and wraps her long wet hair into a towel.  She ventures out of the steamy bathroom to go get herself a glass of red wine.  Her husband is waiting for her in the kitchen with delight in his eyes.  He has a glass of wine waiting for her, “Here babe I took the pleasure of pouring you a glass.”  Celeste gives him a soft grin and reaches for her glass.  “Thank ya kindly,” she speaks out in a husky tone and takes a drink. The G.I. Joe carefully wraps his arms around her waist and snuggles himself into her neck to smell her intoxicating sandalwood scent. “I need you baby, let’s go make love.”  She doesn’t speak but closes her eyes to fade away in lust with his sexual advances that would eventually lead no where.  She places her glass on the counter and spins around slowly to glance up into her tall’s man’s brown eyes. “Where would you like to go? The bedroom or here on the kitchen counter?”  The six foot two muscle man adores his wife carefree style and views with hungry eyes upon his wife’s curvy frame as she lets her robe and towel fall to the ground.  He takes hold of her hand and closes the gap between them to stare into each others eyes.  Celeste lifts her hand up to touch his strong chin bone.  She moves her thumb softly against his jaw line thinking if she should give it a go.  “Take me baby here and now,” her husband whispers.  She dives in and begins to devour his lips.  She feels his strong hand cup her breast, he moans out his desire and plays with her erect nipple.  Celeste leans against the marble counter top and lets her hand wonder to his private area.

His manhood stands ready hard as a rock, she unzips his pants to slide her hand in his pants to fondle his baby maker.  “Humm,” she groans out to feel his body part respond.  Her husband picks her up and places her bottom gently on top of the counter.  His eyes are aglow with need and want when Celeste stops her kissing to gaze upon her man she loved more than life at one time. The hunky man’s finger plays with her hairless tunnel of love. She closes her eyes to relish in the sensual mood, and feels his mouth suck on her breast. It takes her husband a few suckles when he stops his play to speak, “I can’t do it.”  Talk about a cold shower, Celeste gawks at her man.  She doesn’t know what to do except slide off the counter and put her robe back on.  “Sorry my love I guess I have tons of stuff on my mind.”  Celeste picks up her glass of wine and downs the content in sexual frustration.  “Ya know if ya can’t do the wild thing then at least play with me so I can get off.”  He zips up his pants and leaves the room with his wife alone to drink a bottle of red wine.

4 thoughts on “Ya know if ya can’t do the wild thing then at least play with me so I can get off.

  1. Fiгst off I want to say wonderful blog! I haad a quick question which I’dlike to ask if you don’t mind.

    I was curuous to fnd out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts
    Ƅefore writing. I’ve had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out
    tҺere. I do enjoƴ writing but it just seems liike the first 10 to 15 mіnutes tend to be lost just trying to figurе
    out how to begin. Any ideas or hіnts? Cheers!

    1. Hola friend, ya know I love to listen to chill out music. It opens my mind to story tell my thoughts out even if my words are rough and raw without corrections. I find myself engross with my character so it comes easy to bring her to life in the blogging world and on paper!~ Believe in your character and think beyond the box to sample what can be different than what other writer’s bring to the table. Hope this helped? Kiss Kiss and please stop by anytime, perhaps bouncing your thoughts upon another with trust can help your thoughts become reality for writing!~

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