You’ve got no experience woman.



Celeste tosses and turns her body in bed with sleepless energy.  Over and over again she slips into a light rest while her mind works overtime showing her pictures of the past.  In the end she finally got out of bed to ponder on her strange dreams, and the unknown voice that invaded her earthy soul.  The cowgirl makes a pot of coffee and gives a peak outside the window to the winter wonderland of New Mexico. She stares outside in a trance and views the big flakes falling.  A tall dark man presents himself to her, she scrunches up her brow to try and see the man’s face.

Not able to have a clear vision of the man that pops into her mind, she pours herself a cup of coffee. “I hear you my spiritual teacher.  It has been a long time since I allowed a conversation between us; but why this vision of a man?  Can’t you give me a clearer picture of him?”  The house is quiet, as she listens to the kitchen clock tick. Staring at the snow fall lightly out the window kicks Celeste into her childhood days with her Grandfather. A memory she never forgotten, and the first time she heard the spiritual voice.

She and her grandfather are suited up to go hunting in the woods, in the early snowy morning.  She is only a little girl at the time when she took her bow and arrow that her and grandfather made, and went into the woods to hunt.  The snow is falling heavy, and with her excitement she lost sight of her grandfather.  It is the first time for her to try out her hunting weapon as she becomes the huntress of the forest.  She scans her area while hearing each snowflake touch the ground. A rabbit catches her attention, she steadies herself and takes a deep breath. The little girl pulls back her string on the bow and releases her arrow at her target.  “Bam” a loud sound of gun shot is heard at the same time she kills the rabbit.  She gawks at her kill with sadness, and then picks up the dead rabbit to cradle into her arms.  A deep sorrow overwhelms her of killing a earth creature as she takes time to give thanks too Mother Earth.  Her mother’s face comes into view as she pets the limp animal with love.  She withers to the snowy ground on her knees to ball out her eyes.  The wind picks up and lightly blows snowflakes across her face when she hears a whisper of a voice speak to her in the snowy morning woods.

“Child of the light, do not be sad it is a gift we give to thee.”

“What you doing up my love?”  Celeste jumps in shock as her husband scares her out of her deep reminiscing memory, “I guess I couldn’t sleep,” she comments back in a husky tone. “Come back to bed, perhaps we could make love and put you back to sleep?”  “No, that’s okay my mind isn’t on making love at this moment. Besides, I’ve gots lots to do outside in the barn before I leave to see my doctor to discuss my trip into Haiti, and receive some shots.” Her husband pours himself a cup of java and places his container on the counter to stare at his sexy bed head wife. “You’ve got no experience woman. What does Geraldy expect you to do anyways go over there and open a can of whip ass? I wish you would think this through before you decide to venture into a dangerous, and hostile area with diseases.  How do you think your going to react with tons of people Celeste.  Bad enough you hate being around a large crowd and live a solitude life on our ranch.”  She takes a sip of her coffee unable to acknowledge her husband’s shitty advice, she leaves quietly to begin her day deep in spiritual thought.


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