“Bull crap buck, the supplies are not leaving my sight unless ya want me to geld ya!”



Geraldy giggles at Celeste and her wild carefree ways. The cowgirl was soaked to the bone from the down pour of Haiti’s rain. She took off her wet hat and moves her hair free from her face when the storm stopped.  She doesn’t hesitate and leaves Geraldy’s side to take inventory of all the medical supplies and luggage. A handsome US Military Army man walks up to Celeste and ask her if she needed help.  “No sir, I thank ya kindly it seems I got everything that was ours ready for customs, I hope.” She comments in her Southern Mexican drawl after counting their precious cargo. She turns to view the stranger, and takes off her hat to give him a smile.  The U.S. Army man scans the earthy beauty from head to toe.

He was mystified how lovely the cowgirl was in her wet clothing and curvy body. He couldn’t utter a single word but gawk at Celeste speechless as her sandalwood scent drifts towards him.  Her wet shirt molds itself against her torso allowing the man to see clearly her mistake of not wearing a bra. The man is stupefied viewing her sexy body, he lifts his eyes up to her face to view her different color eyes. “Miss, I need to take all of your supplies.”  Celeste turns her attention to the new stranger as she places her hat back on her head, “Bull crap buck, the supplies are not leaving my sight unless ya want me to geld ya!” Shocking the men with her statement, she puts both her hands on her hips acting defiant.  Wrong move or good move on Celeste’s part, she paralyzes the men as they stare at her perky breast.  “Dude, my eyes are here on my face not on my chest. Stop starring at my tits!”  Her bold statement takes the Air Force military men by surprise.

Geraldy walks up to Celeste and hands over her jacket to put on. He gives a piece of paper to one of the men awakening him up to not look at his shameless cowgirl friend.  The military man gives his attention to Geraldy blushing red, and reaches for the document.  Celeste takes note she flabbergasted the men and puts on her jacket for the time being even if it’s humid and hot. The man looks over the document then hands it back to Geraldy, “Okay, you’re clear.” He then turns his attention back to Celeste and smiles.  “Be careful out there cowgirl, and if you need anything from the Army we have headquarters stationed in Port-au-Prince.”  Geraldy immediately thanks the gentlemen, and reaches for Celeste’s hand for her to follow him through the airport. The men stare at Celeste’s curvy backside as her boots click hard on the surface.  “Holy smokes what a firecracker that man has on his hands.”  The military men smile at each other and return to they’re work in hopes to see the cowgirl once again.



The spitfire arrives in Haiti

John's Plane


“Come on Celeste I don’t want to be late.  We have to meet our group on time!” Geraldy barks out kicking Celeste into a faster mode. She had fallen asleep on the couch after her relaxing bath, and woke up when Geraldy knocked on the door. “I’m grooving fast enough so don’t get you’re underwear in a bundle.  I have to brush my teeth and hair,” Celeste replies with a nasty bite in her tone. It takes the cowgirl next to nothing to complete her grooming task and barrels into the kitchen.  “Okay, let’s do it dude!”

Her husband scans her from head to toe, “Celeste, your going to be cold if you wear those shorts. I hope to gosh you did not put your Bowie knife in you’re cowgirl boot. Where’s your slingshot hiding; because, I know you won’t leave home without you’re choice of protection?” The cowgirl puts her hands on her hips, “No, my knife isn’t in my boot, and yes I packed them both in my suitcase so don’t worry.  I am not that stupid to carry them on a plane.  Their not my choice of protection love my tools are being used for emergency situations.  As for me wearing shorts the weather is hotter there than here, besides I’m wearing a jacket and didn’t want to over pack unnecessary heavy clothing.”

He shakes his head in disbelief at his wife.  He pours both of them a travel mug full of coffee for the road, “Be safe Celeste, and don’t do anything crazy!” Celeste gazes into her husbands worried eyes deeply.  Fear is written in his rich brown eye color.  Without words the couple share a silent moment at each other before Geraldy interrupts.  “Don’t worry I’ll take care of her. I am sure she won’t get into any trouble.” Celeste’s Spanish husband brings his attention upon Geraldy, “I think you have no idea what you are getting yourself into Geraldy, and I fear neither will Haiti once she arrives.” Geraldy responds puffing up his chest, “She will always be with me or someone else.” Celeste heard enough, “Let’s go!” She takes off her cowgirl hat to embrace her big burly husband with a warm hug and kiss. Geraldy walks out of the house with cowgirl Celeste in tow.

The flight out of Albuquerque went down without a hitch.  Geraldy’s group of Deacon, nurses, herbalist and cowgirl arrive in Florida to wait for their last flight.  Their connection on John Travolta’s Scientology plane will take them into Haiti. Celeste needed a stiff drink of whiskey, she tells Geraldy her plans and ventures straight for the airport bar.  She sucks down two whiskey shots on the rocks with ease while watching the departing planes listening to her MP3 music player. She’s about to order one more drink when Geraldy approaches and puts the brakes on her drinking.

They arrive late in the evening in Haiti. Celeste thanks the fabulous humble crew for a great flight.  She disembarks the plane to stand beside Geraldy and his medical group. The cowgirl takes deep breathes of Haiti’s air and senses a rain storm about to brew. No sooner did she think of rain it suddenly pours down in buckets. The people run for cover along side the airport building, but not Celeste. She decides to help the airport people unload AHAMES medical equipment. Insuring Geraldy didn’t leave anything behind, she kicks into a logistic gear handing Geraldy her light jacket to hold. The pouring rain streams off her cowboy brim.  Her golden long hair and clothes become soak and wet as she moves AHAMES supplies out of the rain with speed.  The cowgirl returns beside Geraldy’s side to get out of the rain to wait for customs to check their medical goods, and a school bus to pick them up.  She takes a quick glance at her wet white cotton long sleeve shirt, Daisy duke shorts, and boots as the rain pours off her brim of hat.  She stomps her foot in anger when she realizes she had forgotten to put a bra on before leaving New Mexico.

“Who is it spirit? Why are you showing me this blur vision of a man?”


Celeste had three more hours to sleep before she would be leaving for Haiti.  Unable to sleep she decides to get up and soak in her slipper bath tub with a glass of wine.  As she fills the tub with water, she takes a peak at herself in the mirror.  Age lines were starting to surface on her forty-eight year old body and face. She still looks young, but her drama in her life was starting to take it’s toll on the earth girl. She saw the black rings that the doctor noticed while looking at herself in the mirror, she turns and disrobes to sink into the big bathtub.

As she closes her eyes to feel the luxury of the bath, a vision of a man comes into view inside her brain.  “Who is it spirit? Why are you showing me this blurry vision of a man?”  Snapping her out of her thoughts, her younger daughter came into the bathroom. “Mom, who you talking too?” “Oh, I was only talking to myself.”  Celeste comments hoping her answer was acceptable.  “What you doing up so early taking a bath, mom?  You scared about going to Haiti?” her daughter asked. “I have about 2 hours before I leave, and decided to soak in my tub, and no I am not scared.”

“I’m going to miss you mom, and I wish I could go, because I don’t want to stay here without you. You know dad and I don’t get along, and I hate it when he drinks!”  Celeste looks deeply into her daughters dreamy brown eyes.  She looks so much like her father, but acts like me, while the oldest daughter looks like me and acts like her father. Celeste shakes her head out of her thoughts, “I am sure he will behave just make sure you do your chores and keep your nose clean! Before ya know it I will be home and things can get back to normal.”

“You’re going to leave him aren’t you mom?”  Celeste didn’t know what to say except, “Don’t ya worry about anything, I am not sure what to do at this time.”  “I know you’re sad mom I can see it, you got dark rings around your eyes. You deserve better mom, you really have bent over backwards for us and dad. Maybe you should start thinking about yourself?”

“Ya know daughter let’s talk about something else right now.  I don’t want ya worrying about me and dad.  I will figure it out!”  For over an hour they speak privately to each other when Celeste told her daughter to go back to bed.  “Off to bed darlin’ you have school tomorrow, and will be tired if you don’t get some sleep.”

Celeste stood up from her bathing and hugs her daughter lovingly.  “Take care of everything here baby, and before ya know it I will be home.”  Celeste squeezes her daughter tightly, “Geez mom you’re too strong, I feel like you could crush my bones if you hug me any tighter.”  “Sorry daughter, I just want to remember how ya feel before I leave.  This is the first time that I have ever left my family for anything.”  Celeste sadly states.  “Well you deserve it, because you work so hard, just don’t get into trouble mom!”  Her daughter said in a warning.

“Love you daughter.”  Celeste whispers out.  “Love you too mom, be safe and Vaya con dias.”  “Thanks daughter, kiss kiss” Celeste replies.

Thank you honorable…awa’hili.


When evening time came, Celeste steps outside to stare at the enchanting sunset of New Mexico.  She stops to stare at the gorgeous watermelon colored skies, “Amazing how I never tire of seeing the sunsets in New Mexico.”  The earthy spiritual woman heads to her mediation spot under an aged old Apricot tree, and kneels down on the cold earth to chant her peaceful melody to her Cherokee forefathers and heavens.  Chanting her song of hope, she closes her eyes to feel her spirit soar with each beautiful word spoken in a melody that only the spirit world would recognize. Even though she closed the spiritual portal from unknown voices long ago, and the strange bizarre magical trance when making love to someone; she made it a point to give reference and blessing each day to Mother Earth. When completed and cold to the bone she got up to glance into the dim skyline.  She spots a brown eagle soaring above her.  Watching the huge wing span of the marvelous bird float in harmony with the light winter breeze, “You truly are a magnificent bird Mr. Eagle, I am bless that you have chosen this night to grace me with your presence. Can I believe I have the strength of my fathers with me when I venture to Haiti?”  The half breed views the bird circle her tall frame from the air.  The mystic bird screeches out a cry before soaring away.

Amazed to what she was seeing, she blinks several times to get a clear vision of a large brown feather flutter to the earth.  She kicks herself into gear to catch the honorable feather, and cups her hands together to let the feather fall upon her palm.  Celeste beams with joy since the eagle feather is honored as a greater value, than having a horse in the Cherokee nation.  “Thank you honorable…awa’hili, (eagle) for your strength in my time of need. I am bless to have you in my life and for the gift you have bestowed upon me.”  The brown eagle cries out as he disappears in the Bosque by the river.  Celeste walks slowly to her warm home with a smile on her lips.  She puts her hand on the door knob when the unknown voice whispers inside her mind.  “Tis time,” Celeste shook her head to clear her thoughts before entering her casita.


God, I am so sick of adapting, changing, and living only to accommodate others shit!



On her way home thinking about the doctor’s information, she knew it was his drinking that was affecting their lives.  “Another thing in my life I have to deal with!”  She said out loud while driving home. “God, I am so sick of adapting, changing, and living only to accommodate others bullshit!  I wonder what would happen if I just gave up since it’s been me who has kept our family from falling apart. Life was so much easier when I was by myself in the woods! But I would not have my beautiful daughters in my life, if I had not married him.  Then again, I think I married my alcoholic father, so it serves me right thinking the man was my soul-mate!” She longed for the man she married years ago to come back to her, and be the man he should be; but knew it was wishful thinking.

To Celeste, her marriage vows meant everything to her. Before she decided to marry him she vowed that she would marry once and ONLY one time, and she wasn’t talking about death do us part! She lived up to her end of the bargain and sacrificed her education, but didn’t have a two way street.  She felt she was on a “One Way” going no where! A feeling of uneasiness over comes the half breed.  She takes off her cowgirl hat and shakes her mane free in frustration.  As she pulls into her driveway, she stops her truck and views the ranch home she lived in.  “All those years gone! If I leave him now it would break my heart to see him lose this home that I have my blood, sweat, and tears on.  He’s a good person, but drinks way too much for my liking.  I can’t keep up anymore, nor do I have the love for him like I use too. For the first time in my life, I am at a lost what to do.  I have always been a loner, but I feel more alone now than ever!  Perhaps me leaving for a while would help our relationship.”  A man’s face comes into play in her mind who was dear to her when she first started out on her adventures.  “I wonder what Gary Daniels is doing? Probably married and having the time of his life!  What a fool I was not to stay with him.”

For a split second, Celeste remembers a young man in her earlier years, but he too broke her heart.  Westin was her first who brought her into womanhood before she left Ohio. “I wonder what he is doing?”  She thinks to herself. Shaking her head out of her wild thoughts, she puts her truck into gear and drives down her driveway with a heavy heart.  The minute she turns the key in an off position she hears inside her mind a wolf call.  She looks to and fro and finds nothing and tumbles out of her truck to do her chores for the day.


picture by: screenrant.com

A way

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Hortus Closus


Painting by Lia-Lu

Don’t listen to
The Masters of delusion,
Disregard them.

Listen to
The wind
The bird
The ocean

Be who you are
Find freedom
Fly high in the sky.

The path would be harsh.
You would be

By making you a shadow
They would free you
From slavery.

You would be human
But free
On the amazon way.

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Perhaps I will buy one of those dicks online to tickle my fancy.



When Celeste arrived at her Doctors office, she was nervous to ask how and why her husband’s stick goes limp.  Not wanting people to know her junk, she tried to figure it out in her head while waiting to be called. “Celeste,” she looks at the nurse calling her name and smiles weakly.  “Hi, there cowgirl it’s been a while since you have seen the doctor.  Are you doing okay?” the nurse questioned Celeste. “Yes and thank you Claire, you know I won’t come in unless I am going to die!” The nurse chuckles and said, “Indeed we know that! So I see you need a few vaccines before leaving for Haiti is that right?”

“Yes, I thought it would be a good idea since I will be leaving soon.” “Well hang in there and the doctor will be with you in a few moments. I know he was happy to see your name on his charts today. Any other problems you need address at this time?” The nurse asked.  “No, I think I’m pretty groovy right now.” Celeste answered back quickly looking at the floor.

“Okay, he will be here soon,” Claire walks out of the examination room. In less than 3 minutes the doctor walks in with a smile.  “Well, look who I have here, it’s been a long time since I saw you my rough and tough woman.  What’s been going on with you, besides leaving the states to help Haiti?”

“Not much doc, but getting nervous about leaving to an area I am unsure about.”  Her doctor comments, “Oh, I imagine it’s Haiti who will be nervous having you in their country.  You might shoot their eyes out if things go sour.”  Celeste gives her doctor an odd glance.  “How’s your husband feel about all this?”

“He’s been fighting me about this and telling me horror stories to try and scare me from leaving.  He says that I have no business out there in a hostile area with no experience.” The doctor raised his eyebrows and states, “Well do you blame him, you do have a knack of getting into trouble with your southern cowgirl ways I imagine.” Something snapped in Celeste’s demeanor, she gave her doctor a pissed off look.  “Oh I think I shouldn’t have said that huh, sorry,” the doctor trended lightly.  “Well you look healthy, besides the dark rings around your eyes, you been sleeping okay these days?” Celeste would never tell her doctor she has been visited by her spiritual guides.

She plays with her folded hands upon her lap in nervousness, “Tell me Celeste, I know you don’t whine about anything, and you are very private about your life, so I am telling you out with it woman, now!” He demands from her.  Celeste looks up into the doctor’s brown eyes.  She swallows her pride and dives in, “My dude, doc can’t get his dick up.” The doctor was shocked how quickly she fired the question at him. “So, tell me doc why does a dude, lose his drive? Am I unattractive, do I stink, or am I boring, or do I need more spice, and be creative when doing the wild thing?”  He gives her a silent glare before answering, “Well you are certainly not any of those reasons, at least from my point of view, but I don’t live with you either.  Are you seeing someone else?” Celeste nods no, “I ain’t like that doc.  I am a one woman man’s toy through thick and thin!”  He smiles at his patient’s honesty and fills her in, “There are a few reasons I can think of.

Common causes of erection problems include:

  • Diseases such as diabetes,  high blood pressure, heart or thyroid conditions, poor blood flow, depression, or nervous system disorders (such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease)
  • Medicines, including blood pressure medications (especially beta-blockers), heart medications (such as digoxin), some peptic ulcer medications, sleeping pills, and antidepressants
  • Nerve damage from prostate surgery
  • Nicotine, alcohol, or cocaine use
  • Poor communication with your partner
  • Repeated feelings of doubt and failure
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stress, fear, anxiety, or anger
  • Unrealistic sexual expectations, which make sex a task instead of a pleasure

Erection problems become more common with aging. However, they can affect men at any age, so tell me which one you think could be your husband’s problem.”  “Well I ain’t squealing, but thanks for the information doc.”  She spoke out carefully not wanting him to know that her husband is very athletic, and drinks alcohol like a seal in water, she kept a tight lip.  “Celeste, this could be serious for you as his partner, it’s hurting you and I can see that. Do you want to use Viagra?” “Naaa…I’m good doc, he might have a heart attack using that shit.  I will figure it out, perhaps I will buy one of those dicks online to tickle me fancy.” The doctor roars with laughter and brings a smile to her lips. “Thanks for listening and the information, now let’s get my shots over with so I can go home.”

“You can tell me anything Celeste, I have to keep our conversations private. Don’t feel you are the only person out there either with this problem regarding their spouse!”  “Appreciate it Doc, but I will manage.”  The nurse comes in with different shots to be given.  She administers the medicine into Celeste’s body while the doctor gives his patient the possible side effects.  “Be safe out there cowgirl and if you need someone who can get you out of jail, I will help you out since your my favorite patient!” She stands up and hugs her doctor, “Thanks I will remember.”