God, I am so sick of adapting, changing, and living only to accommodate others shit!



On her way home thinking about the doctor’s information, she knew it was his drinking that was affecting their lives.  “Another thing in my life I have to deal with!”  She said out loud while driving home. “God, I am so sick of adapting, changing, and living only to accommodate others bullshit!  I wonder what would happen if I just gave up since it’s been me who has kept our family from falling apart. Life was so much easier when I was by myself in the woods! But I would not have my beautiful daughters in my life, if I had not married him.  Then again, I think I married my alcoholic father, so it serves me right thinking the man was my soul-mate!” She longed for the man she married years ago to come back to her, and be the man he should be; but knew it was wishful thinking.

To Celeste, her marriage vows meant everything to her. Before she decided to marry him she vowed that she would marry once and ONLY one time, and she wasn’t talking about death do us part! She lived up to her end of the bargain and sacrificed her education, but didn’t have a two way street.  She felt she was on a “One Way” going no where! A feeling of uneasiness over comes the half breed.  She takes off her cowgirl hat and shakes her mane free in frustration.  As she pulls into her driveway, she stops her truck and views the ranch home she lived in.  “All those years gone! If I leave him now it would break my heart to see him lose this home that I have my blood, sweat, and tears on.  He’s a good person, but drinks way too much for my liking.  I can’t keep up anymore, nor do I have the love for him like I use too. For the first time in my life, I am at a lost what to do.  I have always been a loner, but I feel more alone now than ever!  Perhaps me leaving for a while would help our relationship.”  A man’s face comes into play in her mind who was dear to her when she first started out on her adventures.  “I wonder what Gary Daniels is doing? Probably married and having the time of his life!  What a fool I was not to stay with him.”

For a split second, Celeste remembers a young man in her earlier years, but he too broke her heart.  Westin was her first who brought her into womanhood before she left Ohio. “I wonder what he is doing?”  She thinks to herself. Shaking her head out of her wild thoughts, she puts her truck into gear and drives down her driveway with a heavy heart.  The minute she turns the key in an off position she hears inside her mind a wolf call.  She looks to and fro and finds nothing and tumbles out of her truck to do her chores for the day.


picture by: screenrant.com


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