Thank you honorable…awa’hili.


When evening time came, Celeste steps outside to stare at the enchanting sunset of New Mexico.  She stops to stare at the gorgeous watermelon colored skies, “Amazing how I never tire of seeing the sunsets in New Mexico.”  The earthy spiritual woman heads to her mediation spot under an aged old Apricot tree, and kneels down on the cold earth to chant her peaceful melody to her Cherokee forefathers and heavens.  Chanting her song of hope, she closes her eyes to feel her spirit soar with each beautiful word spoken in a melody that only the spirit world would recognize. Even though she closed the spiritual portal from unknown voices long ago, and the strange bizarre magical trance when making love to someone; she made it a point to give reference and blessing each day to Mother Earth. When completed and cold to the bone she got up to glance into the dim skyline.  She spots a brown eagle soaring above her.  Watching the huge wing span of the marvelous bird float in harmony with the light winter breeze, “You truly are a magnificent bird Mr. Eagle, I am bless that you have chosen this night to grace me with your presence. Can I believe I have the strength of my fathers with me when I venture to Haiti?”  The half breed views the bird circle her tall frame from the air.  The mystic bird screeches out a cry before soaring away.

Amazed to what she was seeing, she blinks several times to get a clear vision of a large brown feather flutter to the earth.  She kicks herself into gear to catch the honorable feather, and cups her hands together to let the feather fall upon her palm.  Celeste beams with joy since the eagle feather is honored as a greater value, than having a horse in the Cherokee nation.  “Thank you honorable…awa’hili, (eagle) for your strength in my time of need. I am bless to have you in my life and for the gift you have bestowed upon me.”  The brown eagle cries out as he disappears in the Bosque by the river.  Celeste walks slowly to her warm home with a smile on her lips.  She puts her hand on the door knob when the unknown voice whispers inside her mind.  “Tis time,” Celeste shook her head to clear her thoughts before entering her casita.



4 thoughts on “Thank you honorable…awa’hili.

  1. Gosh Slingshot I love how you make up your story. Then again I’ve come to love the series no matter what since all I want to read is more of Celeste and her Captain.

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