“Who is it spirit? Why are you showing me this blur vision of a man?”


Celeste had three more hours to sleep before she would be leaving for Haiti.  Unable to sleep she decides to get up and soak in her slipper bath tub with a glass of wine.  As she fills the tub with water, she takes a peak at herself in the mirror.  Age lines were starting to surface on her forty-eight year old body and face. She still looks young, but her drama in her life was starting to take it’s toll on the earth girl. She saw the black rings that the doctor noticed while looking at herself in the mirror, she turns and disrobes to sink into the big bathtub.

As she closes her eyes to feel the luxury of the bath, a vision of a man comes into view inside her brain.  “Who is it spirit? Why are you showing me this blurry vision of a man?”  Snapping her out of her thoughts, her younger daughter came into the bathroom. “Mom, who you talking too?” “Oh, I was only talking to myself.”  Celeste comments hoping her answer was acceptable.  “What you doing up so early taking a bath, mom?  You scared about going to Haiti?” her daughter asked. “I have about 2 hours before I leave, and decided to soak in my tub, and no I am not scared.”

“I’m going to miss you mom, and I wish I could go, because I don’t want to stay here without you. You know dad and I don’t get along, and I hate it when he drinks!”  Celeste looks deeply into her daughters dreamy brown eyes.  She looks so much like her father, but acts like me, while the oldest daughter looks like me and acts like her father. Celeste shakes her head out of her thoughts, “I am sure he will behave just make sure you do your chores and keep your nose clean! Before ya know it I will be home and things can get back to normal.”

“You’re going to leave him aren’t you mom?”  Celeste didn’t know what to say except, “Don’t ya worry about anything, I am not sure what to do at this time.”  “I know you’re sad mom I can see it, you got dark rings around your eyes. You deserve better mom, you really have bent over backwards for us and dad. Maybe you should start thinking about yourself?”

“Ya know daughter let’s talk about something else right now.  I don’t want ya worrying about me and dad.  I will figure it out!”  For over an hour they speak privately to each other when Celeste told her daughter to go back to bed.  “Off to bed darlin’ you have school tomorrow, and will be tired if you don’t get some sleep.”

Celeste stood up from her bathing and hugs her daughter lovingly.  “Take care of everything here baby, and before ya know it I will be home.”  Celeste squeezes her daughter tightly, “Geez mom you’re too strong, I feel like you could crush my bones if you hug me any tighter.”  “Sorry daughter, I just want to remember how ya feel before I leave.  This is the first time that I have ever left my family for anything.”  Celeste sadly states.  “Well you deserve it, because you work so hard, just don’t get into trouble mom!”  Her daughter said in a warning.

“Love you daughter.”  Celeste whispers out.  “Love you too mom, be safe and Vaya con dias.”  “Thanks daughter, kiss kiss” Celeste replies.


8 thoughts on ““Who is it spirit? Why are you showing me this blur vision of a man?”

  1. I don’t wish to seem too prone to nitpicking over the story, but there’s several instances of using ‘your’ in place of ‘you’re’ which kept throwing me out of the story. (The phrase ‘this blur vision of a man’ also read as odd to me — I expected ‘blurry vision’ — but since it’s in dialogue I can accept that as just how the character speaks. It’s got a sensible style.)

    1. Tis good to nitpick Joseph. You’re correct to point out the mistakes. And with your comments it helps me to return and correct the errors. I need to pay more attention to grammar when writing off the top of my head!~ Kiss Kiss and thank YOU! 🙂

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