The spitfire arrives in Haiti

John's Plane


“Come on Celeste I don’t want to be late.  We have to meet our group on time!” Geraldy barks out kicking Celeste into a faster mode. She had fallen asleep on the couch after her relaxing bath, and woke up when Geraldy knocked on the door. “I’m grooving fast enough so don’t get you’re underwear in a bundle.  I have to brush my teeth and hair,” Celeste replies with a nasty bite in her tone. It takes the cowgirl next to nothing to complete her grooming task and barrels into the kitchen.  “Okay, let’s do it dude!”

Her husband scans her from head to toe, “Celeste, your going to be cold if you wear those shorts. I hope to gosh you did not put your Bowie knife in you’re cowgirl boot. Where’s your slingshot hiding; because, I know you won’t leave home without you’re choice of protection?” The cowgirl puts her hands on her hips, “No, my knife isn’t in my boot, and yes I packed them both in my suitcase so don’t worry.  I am not that stupid to carry them on a plane.  Their not my choice of protection love my tools are being used for emergency situations.  As for me wearing shorts the weather is hotter there than here, besides I’m wearing a jacket and didn’t want to over pack unnecessary heavy clothing.”

He shakes his head in disbelief at his wife.  He pours both of them a travel mug full of coffee for the road, “Be safe Celeste, and don’t do anything crazy!” Celeste gazes into her husbands worried eyes deeply.  Fear is written in his rich brown eye color.  Without words the couple share a silent moment at each other before Geraldy interrupts.  “Don’t worry I’ll take care of her. I am sure she won’t get into any trouble.” Celeste’s Spanish husband brings his attention upon Geraldy, “I think you have no idea what you are getting yourself into Geraldy, and I fear neither will Haiti once she arrives.” Geraldy responds puffing up his chest, “She will always be with me or someone else.” Celeste heard enough, “Let’s go!” She takes off her cowgirl hat to embrace her big burly husband with a warm hug and kiss. Geraldy walks out of the house with cowgirl Celeste in tow.

The flight out of Albuquerque went down without a hitch.  Geraldy’s group of Deacon, nurses, herbalist and cowgirl arrive in Florida to wait for their last flight.  Their connection on John Travolta’s Scientology plane will take them into Haiti. Celeste needed a stiff drink of whiskey, she tells Geraldy her plans and ventures straight for the airport bar.  She sucks down two whiskey shots on the rocks with ease while watching the departing planes listening to her MP3 music player. She’s about to order one more drink when Geraldy approaches and puts the brakes on her drinking.

They arrive late in the evening in Haiti. Celeste thanks the fabulous humble crew for a great flight.  She disembarks the plane to stand beside Geraldy and his medical group. The cowgirl takes deep breathes of Haiti’s air and senses a rain storm about to brew. No sooner did she think of rain it suddenly pours down in buckets. The people run for cover along side the airport building, but not Celeste. She decides to help the airport people unload AHAMES medical equipment. Insuring Geraldy didn’t leave anything behind, she kicks into a logistic gear handing Geraldy her light jacket to hold. The pouring rain streams off her cowboy brim.  Her golden long hair and clothes become soak and wet as she moves AHAMES supplies out of the rain with speed.  The cowgirl returns beside Geraldy’s side to get out of the rain to wait for customs to check their medical goods, and a school bus to pick them up.  She takes a quick glance at her wet white cotton long sleeve shirt, Daisy duke shorts, and boots as the rain pours off her brim of hat.  She stomps her foot in anger when she realizes she had forgotten to put a bra on before leaving New Mexico.


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