“Bull crap buck, the supplies are not leaving my sight unless ya want me to geld ya!”



Geraldy giggles at Celeste and her wild carefree ways. The cowgirl was soaked to the bone from the down pour of Haiti’s rain. She took off her wet hat and moves her hair free from her face when the storm stopped.  She doesn’t hesitate and leaves Geraldy’s side to take inventory of all the medical supplies and luggage. A handsome US Military Army man walks up to Celeste and ask her if she needed help.  “No sir, I thank ya kindly it seems I got everything that was ours ready for customs, I hope.” She comments in her Southern Mexican drawl after counting their precious cargo. She turns to view the stranger, and takes off her hat to give him a smile.  The U.S. Army man scans the earthy beauty from head to toe.

He was mystified how lovely the cowgirl was in her wet clothing and curvy body. He couldn’t utter a single word but gawk at Celeste speechless as her sandalwood scent drifts towards him.  Her wet shirt molds itself against her torso allowing the man to see clearly her mistake of not wearing a bra. The man is stupefied viewing her sexy body, he lifts his eyes up to her face to view her different color eyes. “Miss, I need to take all of your supplies.”  Celeste turns her attention to the new stranger as she places her hat back on her head, “Bull crap buck, the supplies are not leaving my sight unless ya want me to geld ya!” Shocking the men with her statement, she puts both her hands on her hips acting defiant.  Wrong move or good move on Celeste’s part, she paralyzes the men as they stare at her perky breast.  “Dude, my eyes are here on my face not on my chest. Stop starring at my tits!”  Her bold statement takes the Air Force military men by surprise.

Geraldy walks up to Celeste and hands over her jacket to put on. He gives a piece of paper to one of the men awakening him up to not look at his shameless cowgirl friend.  The military man gives his attention to Geraldy blushing red, and reaches for the document.  Celeste takes note she flabbergasted the men and puts on her jacket for the time being even if it’s humid and hot. The man looks over the document then hands it back to Geraldy, “Okay, you’re clear.” He then turns his attention back to Celeste and smiles.  “Be careful out there cowgirl, and if you need anything from the Army we have headquarters stationed in Port-au-Prince.”  Geraldy immediately thanks the gentlemen, and reaches for Celeste’s hand for her to follow him through the airport. The men stare at Celeste’s curvy backside as her boots click hard on the surface.  “Holy smokes what a firecracker that man has on his hands.”  The military men smile at each other and return to they’re work in hopes to see the cowgirl once again.




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