“Oh, like…HELL, you are, buckaroo!”

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The American cowgirl didn’t have a chance to get into the UN officer’s truck.  Valis whips the foreign woman around so fast her long wet hair slaps him across the face.  Celeste reacts to his aggressive contact with both hands on her hips as she stares at her slingshot in his hand. Valis could not see her deadly gaze under her cowboy hat brim, but sense she was about to explode into a hissy fit. The Haitian ladies broke up the intense moment by giggling softly sitting in the back seat of the UN vehicle.  The half breeds eyes shift to see the grins upon the ladies face, and shuts the door in defeat. Valis senses her urgent return of the weapon and shoves the tool into his back pocket.  He opens up the passenger door and barks out an order in his Russian accent.  He waits for her full attention while he points with his finger to the front seat for her to occupy. Celeste made the mistake to glance up into his eyes. Valis puffs up his chest bigger to send a message he was in charge. Oh God, I feel his energy of strength, and power, deep into my soul. Why can’t I run or move? He makes me feel… Celeste is instantly overwhelmed by the man’s heat invading her soul. For the first time in a long time the half breed stood speechless.  The six foot four size of Valis in his red beret and military garb represented a force to be reckoned with. Time stood still between the two when Celeste realizes how freaking juicy the man looked in his uniform even in the darkness of Haiti. Her mind begins to wonder if the man’s pecks are shaped into a W.

The next thing Celeste knew, she was knocked out of her wits when Valis threw her body up against the UN truck with great force. Her hat flies off her head giving Valis access to breathe deeply along her neck, pressing his body against hers. Her sexual arousal is ignited when the military man blows his hot air upon her skin.  Celeste snaps out of her dumbness and fights the stranger off her backside. Valis stops grinning when she proves to him she was not a sissy woman.  Valis strengthens his hold on her and presses her body against the truck to stop her wiggling.  She hears his quick intakes of breaths in her ear.  Eventually, Celeste gives up and let’s him have his way.  Valis blew the moment when he whispers quietly in her ear…”Shush….be still, I check for weapons!” Even though it was hard for her to understand the different language barrier, she understood his broken words to check for weapons. “Oh, like…HELL, you are, buckaroo!” Celeste barks back in her southern drawl. She finds herself cornered and uses unknown strength to give the man another round with all her might.  In the end it turned out to be useless wasted energy, so she stopped to think things through.

Before Celeste could do anything about the situation she got herself into, her body took over allowing Valis to have his thrill. His touch was awakening senses that Celeste kept hidden for many years.  Slowly his skilled hands touched her body, and when his hands skimmed over her breast, she almost lost it. “No, no, no..” Celeste whispered inside her head.  When his large hand tried to enter her Daisy Duke shorts, and felt each of her marbles one at a time, that was all she wrote! Celeste moaned in a sexual humming tune.  Valis couldn’t believe how her body felt against his. It was like she was made for him! Both were tall and muscular built. Celeste was 6 feet tall, a head length shorter than Valis. He was completely turned on when he went inside her shorts pocket, and felt the little round balls.  Trying to take note how many marbles she actually had hidden in the pocket, he couldn’t think because of her soft golden body, and the smell of her hair as she moaned peacefully, was starting to undo his composure.

When Valis slid his strong hands down her legs and touched her boots, she remembered her knife that was tucked away safely inside her cowboy boot.  The minute the man slowly caress her legs downwards she melts with desire.  Sexual stimulation over rides the cowgirl until she boinks out of her predicament, and tries to shrug the brawny man off her backside. But Valis was ahead of her, he smiled with amazement in finding another weapon she had hidden inside her boot. Jesus, God….it was a good thing I frisked her, he thought, but Celeste’s strong body jogged him out of his thinking.  She was strong, really strong for being a woman. Her strength was amazing, it took all his energy and muscles to restrain her.  As he smiled with glee, he took out the aged old Bowie knife made with a handle of a Stag horn’s that her grandfather passed on to her.  He was impressed by the large sharp object. In his heavy Russian accent he whispered…”Oh, Cheri, this is not good, want do we have here?”

Celeste was dumbfounded from what she experience with his seductive frisk job, and turned her attention to her knife he held in his hand. She figured out what he was asking when he showed her the knife.  Without thinking she blurred out in her southern Mexican accent, “It’s a knife hombre, can’t you see that?”  Valis was shocked to hear her quick response, still not understanding what she said except for the word knife, he knew it wasn’t nice.  He quickly put her knife inside his boot, and opened the door to the auto. As he picked her up without hesitation, he put her into the front seat kicking and screaming, and shut the auto’s door with a loud slam.  He then proceeded to walk around the car to get in behind the driver’s seat, with a snicker on his lips. He knew that this wild woman was someone to take seriously, yet he felt the lingering sensation in his loins that she would be a knock out in the bedroom.

“Kiss my country ass hombre, I ain’t riding in the front with you!”



Celeste felt the lingering heat and strength permeate from the soldier’s body language while stomping her way to his truck. Valis stood starring at the cowgirl’s retreating figure when Geraldy interrupts his sexual thoughts.  For the first time in Celeste’s life she is at a lost why she felt like a freaking weak woman.  Celeste, furious at the Captain takes off her cowboy hat to brush the dirt away and places the shade hider back on her head.  She is close to the truck when she mumbles out her foul curse words for all to hear in her Native American/Spanish language.

Valis turns his head into the direction of the sexy spitfire’s tantrum and scrunches up his brow to understand her interesting voice.  When he saw her stop at the auto cursing and kicking her boots in the dirt, he grins knowing she was going to stay put.  With authority he demands Geraldy’s group to go inside the bus. Geraldy stops in front of the tall muscular man before entering his transportation, “Captain you can not arrest my friend she did nothing wrong! Besides, it was her that kept them thugs from stealing and robbing us!”  Valis rises his eyes in wonder giving Geraldy an expression he was surprise the wild cat held the bandits at bay.  He glances down at his hand to give the odd weapon his scrutiny and senses an after affect of her essence. “I want your badge number and where you are station in Haiti,” Geraldy proclaims. “This is an outrage you have taken my friend into custody for NO apparent reason.” The forcible Military man respectfully states to Geraldy in French, “I will think about releasing her as I take you safely to your residence. Now get in, and if you want someone to ride with us, they are welcome to come along, but not you.” Geraldy is not satisfied with the man’s reply, “Who are you to take my friend away from me?”  Valis turns his head towards Celeste, taking note how ticked off she was, he quickly asked two Haitian ladies on the bus to ride with Celeste. Valis gives his attention to Geraldy, “My name is Captain Valis from the United Nation special force. I’m stationed here in Port-au-Prince.”

Celeste zips her lips shut when she spots the two ladies approaching the auto.  Feeling a sign of relief, she proceeds to open the back passenger’s door of the SUV truck.  She hears a loud sharp whistle, and pivots her head towards Geraldy and Valis. The UN Captain points his finger to her to get into the front seat. She understood the man’s gesture and becomes reckless with disrespect, “Kiss my country ass hombre, I ain’t riding in the front with you!”  Geraldy chuckles under his breath, Valis gives him a scowl.  There was no way in hell Valis could miss her nasty comment, an even though he didn’t understand her language he recognized it wasn’t nice.  Valis reacts leaving Geraldy to board the bus and is in hot pursuit to deal with the wild woman from America. Celeste’s eyes widen in fear knowing she struck a sour chord with her sass.  The cowgirl’s eyes shift to and fro and realizes running into the darkness in unfamiliar territory would be a pussy whip move. Valis is too close for comfort when the half breed instantly switches mode and reaches for the passenger’s door to escape the foreigner’s wrath. In a blink of an eye the six foot tall cowgirl is spun around on her boot heels to meet the full force energy of the larger and taller UN Captain.

“Give me back my freakin’ slingshot ass wipe!”



When the American cowgirl touches Valis’s finger to retrieve her slingshot, his heart skips a beat from the electrical charge.  He scans her tall curvy figure in the dark as she places her hat upon her golden colored head and took up stance with her slingshot. Immediately his man hood grows to attention. Even in the dark while surveying the long blonde hair woman’s muscular legs in her Daisy duke shorts and black cowgirl boots, the spitfire captivates his interest.  Valis views her rump and senses a need to get a grip of his sexual desire before someone could see his dong growing. He barks out, “Come On” in a demanding voice.  And when the woman shoots her weapon using a marble at a sign in the dark, and perfectly embedded it inside a (O) of a word he knew she was someone who could start a whole lot of trouble in Haiti.  He immediately turns his face in surprise fashion for several moments. Celeste would not look at the captain in his eyes; instead she kept her eyes shifting to and fro under her brim standing firm in her cowgirl damp attire in confusion to why he was upset. The only thought Valis could display to ward off his surprise emotion and hard on is to bark out an order while reaching for her slingshot. Fast as lightning the country bumpkin evades his quick evasive action.

Valis recovers and bellows out in his foreign tongue, “You…woman in truck, now!”  He takes a few heated steps towards Celeste and jerks her slingshot out of her hands. Celeste is steaming with fire as she bores her eyes into the man.  A few intense moments pass by for Celeste when she finally snaps and defends her honor in her southern drawl dialect, “Not a good idea buckaroo taking my slingshot! Give it back to me now!”  She held her hand out for the captain to return her weapon, but he did not give it back and takes several steps backward to distance him self from the vixen. Viewing the cowgirl made Valis’s thoughts scramble.  He could clearly spot her imprints of her nipples through the white wet shirt. Celeste puffs her chest out getting more pissed off by the minute as the captain scans her from head to toe with his powerful gaze. “Give me back my freakin’ slingshot ass wipe!” Celeste demands with growing anger.   They stare at each other with unyielding power until Geraldy breaks up the intensity between the foreigners.

Geraldy spoke English to Celeste that the captain was demanding her to go to his truck. “Ain’t happening Geraldy I ain’t goin’ in his truck.  I did nothin’ wrong to deserve his bullshit except do what I was told to do.” Captain Valis’s becomes confuse with the different language barrier and how the spitfire came to life when speaking in a husky intoxicating tone.  Without warning he steps in front of Celeste’s face and said nothing at all.  Celeste glares at Valis with her hands on her hips; both were un-sway-able! She over heard from her group of peeps how unchristian she was acting. In order to save grace she stomps her feet in frustration and heads to the officer’s auto. Valis grins slightly when he views the cowgirl’s hips sway to the beat of her boots hitting the dirt.

“Ain’t happening slick dick!”



Captain Valis is mesmerized by the vixen’s two different color of eyes as she shies away in the darkness. Her light scent of sandalwood drifts up to his nostrils, and intoxicates his hungry soul for sex while checking her out head to toe in her country girl attire. Something in the military man’s being was warning him to explore the strange cowgirl, and seeing her wet with weapons only brought on an electrical charge inside him to investigate further. Celeste gives him an odd glance for a split second. Feeling awkward, he points at her slingshot on the ground and in a deep husky tone he finally speaks out, “What is this?”

Celeste felt like a little school girl when she gawks into the stranger’s dark colored eyes; but when he spoke in a different dialect she couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He tries again, but his badly broken English confuses the spitfire.  She scrunches up her brow to understand the man’s speech, “I ain’t getting what ya saying homie try talking with a clear tongue.” Celeste listens closely as he speaks out with care. His deep voice gives the cowgirl the knowledge he spoke in Russian or maybe French.  Her body begins to tingle with his presence, she takes a step away from Valis and looks upon the ground where his finger points at her slingshot. “It’s a tourniquet,” Celeste replies to the stranger in her heavy southern drawl with a touch of Spanish.

He picks up her slingshot to give the odd weapon an examination, “You show me!”  Celeste didn’t know what he said until he hands her the slingshot.  She shakes her head out of her dreamy thoughts of the stranger and picks up her cowboy hat to place on her head.  Geraldy comes too his friend defense, “He wants you to show him what your slingshot does.”  She glares at her home boy and then at Valis, “I’m a thinkin’ it’s not a good idea Geraldy.  I just told him it was a tourniquet,” she offers in a firm tongue and shies away under Valis’s scrutiny. “Just show him Celeste so we can be on our way,” Geraldy said with a smile on his lips while puffing up his chest.

The cowgirl knew she had no choice, she stretches her hand out for the slingshot and felt his strong fingers. Her body instantly reacts to the gliding of each others simple touch.  Blushing a shade of red, she tries to get her composure together without showing anyone she was nervous as all hell.  “Hurry up Celeste,” Geraldy barks out.  It takes her a few moments to spot a wooden sign with French words written on the board only a few yards away. She reaches into her short’s pocket to pull out a marble to place in the tubular band. Valis’s eagles orbs didn’t miss a beat as he watches her in silence.  She draws back the rubber band and is about to shoot the marble when she weakly states to her friend, “Geraldy, am I going to be in trouble? I am sorry…,”  was all she could say when the Captain scares her out of her thoughts with his booming loud comment, “Come on!”

In haste she shot her marble at the sign, the ammunition embeds itself perfectly into the sign with a loud “BAM.” The Captain snaps his head towards Celeste in awe with eyes open wide.  She heard her group whisper out to each other in surprise.  Geraldy grins from ear to ear with pride until Valis bellows out at the spitfire.  “You in truck now,” he takes a step closer to grab her weapon away from Celeste. The cowgirl was not going to let anyone take her weapon away, she side steps the powerful man with ease and states, “Ain’t happening slick dick!”  Valis bores his eyes into the stranger thinking his energy would make her melt.  Celeste takes a firm stance and dares him to try in silence.  Boy was the foreign military man going to learn you don’t take the spitfire’s weapon away without a fight!


picture by: fredonia.edu

“Come on homie let’s tango!”



After Celeste and Geraldy went through customs with ease they loaded the medical center’s supplies on their transportation vehicle. The school bus is filled to the max with medical supplies and people when Celeste reaches for her luggage in privacy. The cowgirl pulls out her large Bowie knife from hiding an inserts the sharp device inside her boot.  She grabs hold of her suitcase and steps up into the crowded bus following Geraldy.  The driver gives the tall muscular cowgirl a surprise glance as she stands next to him.  Celeste senses the strange dark color man checking her out, she smirks without blinking an eye. Geraldy takes the last seat on the bus leaving her to stand by a window frame in the back of the bus.  No choice she moves to the open window with a smile on her lips they arrived safely upon Haiti’s dirt without drama.

Taking off her wet straw hat and scratching her head, she breathes deeply and returns the shade hider upon her damp golden curly hair.  The forty eight year old horse breeder instantly situates her body for the long drive, and leans against the open window to view the evening sites while the bus plugs along down the street.  She tunes out the loud chatter of people as she mediates to her spirit centering her mind with peaceful images.  Celeste breathes in deep to capture the different scents of Haiti’s dark atmosphere.  A horrible scent of smoke burns her nostrils.  She tries to filter out in her mind the odd scent when her bus comes to a screeching halt.  Her hand reaches out and grips hold of the window frame to prevent her from falling forward.  Celeste immediately glares out the open window and spots several men with machine guns surrounding their bus.

As the Haitian men with guns scream at the bus driver in French the occupants laid silent. Celeste glances at Geraldy’s worried face and whispers, “What’s going on?”  Geraldy tells Celeste not to do anything and that their bus was under attack.  That’s all Celeste needed to hear for the rebel to kick herself into a protective mode.  She views Geraldy walk up to the driver to stand beside the fear stricken man.  Celeste quietly reaches for her marbles and slingshot in her luggage.  In a matter of seconds the wild west woman assembles her wrist rocket slingshot and grabs a few marbles for ammunition.  She shoves the marbles in the pocket of her Daisy duke shorts, and keeps three marbles in her hand to place one in the tubular band with lightning speed.  Loaded for bear, she straddles her long leg through the window frame readying herself to open a can of whipping on the thugs. Her movement was noticed by one of the armed men.  He immediately aims his gun in her face and yells at her in native tongue.  Geraldy quickly turns his head towards Celeste.  His eyes open wide in shock to see Celeste with her slingshot hanging out the bus window. He bellows out at her to put her weapon down in English.

Celeste never having a gun aimed upon in her face, she took a deep inhale of air and held firm drawing the tubular band back ready to fire at the man with the gun.  Man did she have an overwhelming sensation to spit but thought against the crude manner.  She could see the scared gawk the Haitian projected as the earth woman refuses to let her guard down.  She felt sure her slingshot was known to shoot over 100 mph and could place a world of hurt upon a person; nevertheless it made her emotions flutter with reasoning her plan of attack.  Intense minutes tick by when the reckless half breed tires of the game. She yelps out at Geraldy to tell the man to put down his weapon, or she would shoot his eye out. Celeste instigates the Haitian man with the gun in her Mexican Southern tone, “Come on homie let’s tango!”  Geraldy drops his mouth open in shock.  He didn’t realize that Celeste wasn’t afraid to shoot her weapon at the man. He was beginning to feel scared for her and his group with the wild woman’s dangerous actions.

Saved by grace, the thugs with the machine guns abruptly disappears into the darkness when a white vehicle screeches to a halt in front of their bus.  Celeste takes note a large military man with a red beret on bark out orders demanding everyone get off the bus. The cowgirl breathes a sigh of relief and preps herself to disembark the vehicle.  She is the last person to get off the bus as she shoves her slingshot in her back pocket while descending the steps.  With no warning her slingshot catches hold onto an object, she pivots her body to release the slingshot and loses her balance on the step. Strong arms cradle her backside in time before she hit the ground.  She watches her slingshot, marbles, and hat dropped to the ground. Celeste suddenly could feel the beefy body’s strength as she glides her strong hands down his arms.  She tips up her face to give the foreign man a glance as he places her feet safely upon the ground.  Handsome honey brown colored eyes shine with delight into the cowgirls face. An electric charge courses through Celeste’s soul as she tries to get her barrings from her clumsy descend totally captivated with his juicy full lips. She moves her wild hair away from her face to get a better view of the man to thank him for catching her. The pure innocence of looking into his domineering eyes was the cowgirl’s first mistake. They silently observe each other while embracing each other in dumbness.  Celeste blushes and regroups with speed to pick up her belongings.