“Ain’t happening slick dick!”



Captain Valis is mesmerized by the vixen’s two different color of eyes as she shies away in the darkness. Her light scent of sandalwood drifts up to his nostrils, and intoxicates his hungry soul for sex while checking her out head to toe in her country girl attire. Something in the military man’s being was warning him to explore the strange cowgirl, and seeing her wet with weapons only brought on an electrical charge inside him to investigate further. Celeste gives him an odd glance for a split second. Feeling awkward, he points at her slingshot on the ground and in a deep husky tone he finally speaks out, “What is this?”

Celeste felt like a little school girl when she gawks into the stranger’s dark colored eyes; but when he spoke in a different dialect she couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He tries again, but his badly broken English confuses the spitfire.  She scrunches up her brow to understand the man’s speech, “I ain’t getting what ya saying homie try talking with a clear tongue.” Celeste listens closely as he speaks out with care. His deep voice gives the cowgirl the knowledge he spoke in Russian or maybe French.  Her body begins to tingle with his presence, she takes a step away from Valis and looks upon the ground where his finger points at her slingshot. “It’s a tourniquet,” Celeste replies to the stranger in her heavy southern drawl with a touch of Spanish.

He picks up her slingshot to give the odd weapon an examination, “You show me!”  Celeste didn’t know what he said until he hands her the slingshot.  She shakes her head out of her dreamy thoughts of the stranger and picks up her cowboy hat to place on her head.  Geraldy comes too his friend defense, “He wants you to show him what your slingshot does.”  She glares at her home boy and then at Valis, “I’m a thinkin’ it’s not a good idea Geraldy.  I just told him it was a tourniquet,” she offers in a firm tongue and shies away under Valis’s scrutiny. “Just show him Celeste so we can be on our way,” Geraldy said with a smile on his lips while puffing up his chest.

The cowgirl knew she had no choice, she stretches her hand out for the slingshot and felt his strong fingers. Her body instantly reacts to the gliding of each others simple touch.  Blushing a shade of red, she tries to get her composure together without showing anyone she was nervous as all hell.  “Hurry up Celeste,” Geraldy barks out.  It takes her a few moments to spot a wooden sign with French words written on the board only a few yards away. She reaches into her short’s pocket to pull out a marble to place in the tubular band. Valis’s eagles orbs didn’t miss a beat as he watches her in silence.  She draws back the rubber band and is about to shoot the marble when she weakly states to her friend, “Geraldy, am I going to be in trouble? I am sorry…,”  was all she could say when the Captain scares her out of her thoughts with his booming loud comment, “Come on!”

In haste she shot her marble at the sign, the ammunition embeds itself perfectly into the sign with a loud “BAM.” The Captain snaps his head towards Celeste in awe with eyes open wide.  She heard her group whisper out to each other in surprise.  Geraldy grins from ear to ear with pride until Valis bellows out at the spitfire.  “You in truck now,” he takes a step closer to grab her weapon away from Celeste. The cowgirl was not going to let anyone take her weapon away, she side steps the powerful man with ease and states, “Ain’t happening slick dick!”  Valis bores his eyes into the stranger thinking his energy would make her melt.  Celeste takes a firm stance and dares him to try in silence.  Boy was the foreign military man going to learn you don’t take the spitfire’s weapon away without a fight!


picture by: fredonia.edu


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