“Give me back my freakin’ slingshot ass wipe!”



When the American cowgirl touches Valis’s finger to retrieve her slingshot, his heart skips a beat from the electrical charge.  He scans her tall curvy figure in the dark as she places her hat upon her golden colored head and took up stance with her slingshot. Immediately his man hood grows to attention. Even in the dark while surveying the long blonde hair woman’s muscular legs in her Daisy duke shorts and black cowgirl boots, the spitfire captivates his interest.  Valis views her rump and senses a need to get a grip of his sexual desire before someone could see his dong growing. He barks out, “Come On” in a demanding voice.  And when the woman shoots her weapon using a marble at a sign in the dark, and perfectly embedded it inside a (O) of a word he knew she was someone who could start a whole lot of trouble in Haiti.  He immediately turns his face in surprise fashion for several moments. Celeste would not look at the captain in his eyes; instead she kept her eyes shifting to and fro under her brim standing firm in her cowgirl damp attire in confusion to why he was upset. The only thought Valis could display to ward off his surprise emotion and hard on is to bark out an order while reaching for her slingshot. Fast as lightning the country bumpkin evades his quick evasive action.

Valis recovers and bellows out in his foreign tongue, “You…woman in truck, now!”  He takes a few heated steps towards Celeste and jerks her slingshot out of her hands. Celeste is steaming with fire as she bores her eyes into the man.  A few intense moments pass by for Celeste when she finally snaps and defends her honor in her southern drawl dialect, “Not a good idea buckaroo taking my slingshot! Give it back to me now!”  She held her hand out for the captain to return her weapon, but he did not give it back and takes several steps backward to distance him self from the vixen. Viewing the cowgirl made Valis’s thoughts scramble.  He could clearly spot her imprints of her nipples through the white wet shirt. Celeste puffs her chest out getting more pissed off by the minute as the captain scans her from head to toe with his powerful gaze. “Give me back my freakin’ slingshot ass wipe!” Celeste demands with growing anger.   They stare at each other with unyielding power until Geraldy breaks up the intensity between the foreigners.

Geraldy spoke English to Celeste that the captain was demanding her to go to his truck. “Ain’t happening Geraldy I ain’t goin’ in his truck.  I did nothin’ wrong to deserve his bullshit except do what I was told to do.” Captain Valis’s becomes confuse with the different language barrier and how the spitfire came to life when speaking in a husky intoxicating tone.  Without warning he steps in front of Celeste’s face and said nothing at all.  Celeste glares at Valis with her hands on her hips; both were un-sway-able! She over heard from her group of peeps how unchristian she was acting. In order to save grace she stomps her feet in frustration and heads to the officer’s auto. Valis grins slightly when he views the cowgirl’s hips sway to the beat of her boots hitting the dirt.

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