“Kiss my country ass hombre, I ain’t riding in the front with you!”



Celeste felt the lingering heat and strength permeate from the soldier’s body language while stomping her way to his truck. Valis stood starring at the cowgirl’s retreating figure when Geraldy interrupts his sexual thoughts.  For the first time in Celeste’s life she is at a lost why she felt like a freaking weak woman.  Celeste, furious at the Captain takes off her cowboy hat to brush the dirt away and places the shade hider back on her head.  She is close to the truck when she mumbles out her foul curse words for all to hear in her Native American/Spanish language.

Valis turns his head into the direction of the sexy spitfire’s tantrum and scrunches up his brow to understand her interesting voice.  When he saw her stop at the auto cursing and kicking her boots in the dirt, he grins knowing she was going to stay put.  With authority he demands Geraldy’s group to go inside the bus. Geraldy stops in front of the tall muscular man before entering his transportation, “Captain you can not arrest my friend she did nothing wrong! Besides, it was her that kept them thugs from stealing and robbing us!”  Valis rises his eyes in wonder giving Geraldy an expression he was surprise the wild cat held the bandits at bay.  He glances down at his hand to give the odd weapon his scrutiny and senses an after affect of her essence. “I want your badge number and where you are station in Haiti,” Geraldy proclaims. “This is an outrage you have taken my friend into custody for NO apparent reason.” The forcible Military man respectfully states to Geraldy in French, “I will think about releasing her as I take you safely to your residence. Now get in, and if you want someone to ride with us, they are welcome to come along, but not you.” Geraldy is not satisfied with the man’s reply, “Who are you to take my friend away from me?”  Valis turns his head towards Celeste, taking note how ticked off she was, he quickly asked two Haitian ladies on the bus to ride with Celeste. Valis gives his attention to Geraldy, “My name is Captain Valis from the United Nation special force. I’m stationed here in Port-au-Prince.”

Celeste zips her lips shut when she spots the two ladies approaching the auto.  Feeling a sign of relief, she proceeds to open the back passenger’s door of the SUV truck.  She hears a loud sharp whistle, and pivots her head towards Geraldy and Valis. The UN Captain points his finger to her to get into the front seat. She understood the man’s gesture and becomes reckless with disrespect, “Kiss my country ass hombre, I ain’t riding in the front with you!”  Geraldy chuckles under his breath, Valis gives him a scowl.  There was no way in hell Valis could miss her nasty comment, an even though he didn’t understand her language he recognized it wasn’t nice.  Valis reacts leaving Geraldy to board the bus and is in hot pursuit to deal with the wild woman from America. Celeste’s eyes widen in fear knowing she struck a sour chord with her sass.  The cowgirl’s eyes shift to and fro and realizes running into the darkness in unfamiliar territory would be a pussy whip move. Valis is too close for comfort when the half breed instantly switches mode and reaches for the passenger’s door to escape the foreigner’s wrath. In a blink of an eye the six foot tall cowgirl is spun around on her boot heels to meet the full force energy of the larger and taller UN Captain.

3 thoughts on ““Kiss my country ass hombre, I ain’t riding in the front with you!”

  1. I am reminded of the time when soldiers had taken over my yard in Liberia and were standing around with guns pointing in all directions. They wanted to arrest me because a dog I didn’t own had eaten one of the governors guinea fowl. It would have been funny, had it not been so scary. It was even less funny when they were back at 4 a.m. pounding on my door with their rifle butts. The dog had eaten another guinea fowl. 🙂 –Curt

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