“Oh, like…HELL, you are, buckaroo!”

Christian Boeving_06 (1)

The American cowgirl didn’t have a chance to get into the UN officer’s truck.  Valis whips the foreign woman around so fast her long wet hair slaps him across the face.  Celeste reacts to his aggressive contact with both hands on her hips as she stares at her slingshot in his hand. Valis could not see her deadly gaze under her cowboy hat brim, but sense she was about to explode into a hissy fit. The Haitian ladies broke up the intense moment by giggling softly sitting in the back seat of the UN vehicle.  The half breeds eyes shift to see the grins upon the ladies face, and shuts the door in defeat. Valis senses her urgent return of the weapon and shoves the tool into his back pocket.  He opens up the passenger door and barks out an order in his Russian accent.  He waits for her full attention while he points with his finger to the front seat for her to occupy. Celeste made the mistake to glance up into his eyes. Valis puffs up his chest bigger to send a message he was in charge. Oh God, I feel his energy of strength, and power, deep into my soul. Why can’t I run or move? He makes me feel… Celeste is instantly overwhelmed by the man’s heat invading her soul. For the first time in a long time the half breed stood speechless.  The six foot four size of Valis in his red beret and military garb represented a force to be reckoned with. Time stood still between the two when Celeste realizes how freaking juicy the man looked in his uniform even in the darkness of Haiti. Her mind begins to wonder if the man’s pecks are shaped into a W.

The next thing Celeste knew, she was knocked out of her wits when Valis threw her body up against the UN truck with great force. Her hat flies off her head giving Valis access to breathe deeply along her neck, pressing his body against hers. Her sexual arousal is ignited when the military man blows his hot air upon her skin.  Celeste snaps out of her dumbness and fights the stranger off her backside. Valis stops grinning when she proves to him she was not a sissy woman.  Valis strengthens his hold on her and presses her body against the truck to stop her wiggling.  She hears his quick intakes of breaths in her ear.  Eventually, Celeste gives up and let’s him have his way.  Valis blew the moment when he whispers quietly in her ear…”Shush….be still, I check for weapons!” Even though it was hard for her to understand the different language barrier, she understood his broken words to check for weapons. “Oh, like…HELL, you are, buckaroo!” Celeste barks back in her southern drawl. She finds herself cornered and uses unknown strength to give the man another round with all her might.  In the end it turned out to be useless wasted energy, so she stopped to think things through.

Before Celeste could do anything about the situation she got herself into, her body took over allowing Valis to have his thrill. His touch was awakening senses that Celeste kept hidden for many years.  Slowly his skilled hands touched her body, and when his hands skimmed over her breast, she almost lost it. “No, no, no..” Celeste whispered inside her head.  When his large hand tried to enter her Daisy Duke shorts, and felt each of her marbles one at a time, that was all she wrote! Celeste moaned in a sexual humming tune.  Valis couldn’t believe how her body felt against his. It was like she was made for him! Both were tall and muscular built. Celeste was 6 feet tall, a head length shorter than Valis. He was completely turned on when he went inside her shorts pocket, and felt the little round balls.  Trying to take note how many marbles she actually had hidden in the pocket, he couldn’t think because of her soft golden body, and the smell of her hair as she moaned peacefully, was starting to undo his composure.

When Valis slid his strong hands down her legs and touched her boots, she remembered her knife that was tucked away safely inside her cowboy boot.  The minute the man slowly caress her legs downwards she melts with desire.  Sexual stimulation over rides the cowgirl until she boinks out of her predicament, and tries to shrug the brawny man off her backside. But Valis was ahead of her, he smiled with amazement in finding another weapon she had hidden inside her boot. Jesus, God….it was a good thing I frisked her, he thought, but Celeste’s strong body jogged him out of his thinking.  She was strong, really strong for being a woman. Her strength was amazing, it took all his energy and muscles to restrain her.  As he smiled with glee, he took out the aged old Bowie knife made with a handle of a Stag horn’s that her grandfather passed on to her.  He was impressed by the large sharp object. In his heavy Russian accent he whispered…”Oh, Cheri, this is not good, want do we have here?”

Celeste was dumbfounded from what she experience with his seductive frisk job, and turned her attention to her knife he held in his hand. She figured out what he was asking when he showed her the knife.  Without thinking she blurred out in her southern Mexican accent, “It’s a knife hombre, can’t you see that?”  Valis was shocked to hear her quick response, still not understanding what she said except for the word knife, he knew it wasn’t nice.  He quickly put her knife inside his boot, and opened the door to the auto. As he picked her up without hesitation, he put her into the front seat kicking and screaming, and shut the auto’s door with a loud slam.  He then proceeded to walk around the car to get in behind the driver’s seat, with a snicker on his lips. He knew that this wild woman was someone to take seriously, yet he felt the lingering sensation in his loins that she would be a knock out in the bedroom.

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