“Stop, starring at me Gringo, or I will be shootin’ your eyeballs out!”


Talk about a pissed off woman.  Celeste was steaming about Valis picking her up, and putting her in his vehicle. “How dare you!”  She let out, while glaring at Valis, as he walked around the truck. Geraldy walked off the bus and yelled at the captain in French.  “Why you treating her like that?”   Valis barked back in the same language, giving a reply to Geraldy question.

Celeste watched as the men exchanged words, giving her enough time to ask the ladies their names.  In a matter of moments Valis entered the auto.  She watched him start the engine, as he placed his hand on the stick shift, he gave Celeste a good hard look.  Celeste gave the same look back to him, while both stayed silent.  The Haitian ladies chuckled a little in the back seat, watching the pair display their strength to each other.   One of the ladies in the back calmly spoke in French, “Leurs âmes se mêleront”  Her comment brought a smile to the military man’s face.  Celeste then looked forward not wanting to say a word.  As the truck moved along on the dark streets, Celeste couldn’t help but watch him shift the gears.  Fantasizing how much she would love to feel his fingers caress her legs.   She realized that she was getting turned on. “Shit, shit, shit, stop this…” she mumbled.  The captain looked at Celeste longer than usual while driving, bringing her out of her thoughts.  She looked up to see him searching in her eyes for what she said,  She gave him a peeved off look, and then ripped into him with one of her nasty comments.  “Stop, starring at me Gringo, or I will be shootin’ your eyeballs out! Plus, you better watch out where you are going, Mr. G.I. Joe man.”  She regretted that statement when he quickly pulled the truck over. His foul energy overwhelms the cowgirl when he bit out, “Woman, you talk too much!”  His dark eyes embed them self into her soul, she senses a strong desire from the foreign man he was about to kiss her. Valis mumbles out something in his native tongue.

Celeste didn’t understand his broken English, nor did she care.  She scowls with resentment at him. Neither glance away, until one of the ladies spoke to the captain in French.  He smirks and said to half breed beauty, “You Americans, so tough, what’s name?”  Again, it took Celeste some time to figure it out what he asked her, but she got it this time.  Being a smart ass, Celeste smiled sweetly and spoke to him in Spanish, “My name is Hialeah Elana.” The captain understood her Spanish and said, “You a cowboy, Hi-a-lee?”   The way he said it, made Celeste want to toy with him even more. She leans back against the passenger seat with a shit eating grin upon her lips ready to give the UN captain a run for his money.


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