“Chaa…Dude, do I look-a like-a man to ya?”


Celeste wanted to burst out laughing after she told the captain her Cherokee name in Spanish; instead, she was surprised he understood Spanish.  “I wonder how many languages he knows?”  She thought to herself. Feeling his intense gaze upon her, she finally slowly blurts out in a funny Southern husky English tongue, “The question is, sir; Am I a cowgirl, not a cowboy?”  The cowgirl tips her eyes up to stare at the man with a pique grin, “Chaa…Dude, do I look-a like-a man to ya?”  Celeste deepens her rubbernecking towards him, she becomes weak at the knees when he rewards her with his own scrutiny, while driving the truck. The Haitian women snicker lightly in the back of the vehicle, Valis returns his vision upon the dark roadway.

“Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joesph, is he handsome. What am I getting myself into?”  Celeste is instantly overwhelmed with the man’s strange dark aura, and turns her attention away from the captain.  If he would only stop looking at her, she might be able to get a better grip of the situation. The intensity of his look dagger, was becoming unbearable to her. It felt like he was stripping her soul’s strength as she sat in her seat trying to make heads or tails about the foreigner.  DAMN…his macho energy!   The unusual frisk job that Valis gave her begins to hum throughout her psyche being.  She lingers for a few seconds on Valis’s large strong hands touching her breast, the sensation wakens up her sexual appetite. The heat between her legs was driving her crazy, she moans out sexually in a light note watching his hand cradle on top of the gear shift. Valis snaps his head towards the earth woman.  The seductive sound made his manhood spring into action.  The cowgirl tries with all her might to rid the visions inside her mind.  She shakes her head and spots her grandfather’s knife tucked away in his boot.  A plan starts to form inside her mind how easy for her to take back what the man took from her.  Her sensuality is calming down as she ponders how to obtain the knife back.  Valis is pissed off at himself for treating the American woman differently as he drove the truck like a manic down the road.  He could not make out rhyme or reason why he is being a brute of force in a lustful manner towards the dangerous sexy white woman.

He gives her a quick glance and scowls at the American woman.  Celeste felt his ogling stare once again, and couldn’t hold onto his menace any longer. Her blood begins to boil with annoyance for the G.I. Joe turd.  She was use to dealing with people who stared at her because of her differences, but there was something hauntingly wrong with this man’s spirit.  A tingle of understanding came to light inside her mind.  The man must have the hots for her why else would he be acting out like a manly jack-ass.  She turns her head away from the sight of the hunk and takes a deep breath to gather her spiritual energy.  If she didn’t get her shit together and soon, she might truly end up in jail and cause more drama to Geraldy’s group of peaceful humanitarians.

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