“Les âmes se mélangeront.”


The Haitian ladies in the back seat of Captain Valis’s auto giggles out to break the silence between the American woman and UN man.  Cowgirl Celeste scrunches up her brows when one of the women spoke out in French, “Les âmes se mélangeront.”  She snaps her head towards the ladies and gives them an evil eye.  The Haitian ladies immediately shut their lips as Valis snickers under his breath with amusement. She wanted to damn her self for not understanding their language, but had no choice.  There was no way in hell she would give Valis satisfaction seeing her confusion. She turns her head forward to watch the dark roadway. Valis gives her side profile a view hoping the American would glance upon him, and when she doesn’t he spots her chewing on her bottle lip deep in thought.  In his sexy deep tone he speaks French to the ladies in the back seat. Valis chuckles out wickedly the ladies follow suit.  Wondering what all three of them were laughing at, Celeste’s thoughts clear when the vehicle begins to slow down.

The captain pulls the vehicle up in front of the metal doors of a school, and shuts the engine off.  Celeste glances in the side mirror and watches the school bus follow suit.  He takes a quiet moment to look upon Celeste with her wild long golden curly hair and her mysterious presence. Her soft scent of sandalwood drifts under his nose bringing his manhood to life once again.  Holy nuts, was he in trouble thought the UN Captain. For some odd reason he couldn’t seem to get enough of looking at the interesting American in the darkness. In the short time he views the woman’s profile; her energy projects a powerful spirit of freedom, recklessness, wild, and stubbornness. He could sense she was not a mean spirited person, but damn her body strength told him she could be very dangerous when push came to shove. He wishes he could understand her better, but her language was so different than what he was use to hearing from an American person.

The Haitian ladies proceeded to get out of the car, jogging him out of his thoughts.  Thank god the women in the back seat broke his impulse to slowly take his hand and brush the piece of long hair away from Celeste’s face. Immediately Celeste springs into action and grabs the handle of the car. “I not done with you, cowgirl, stay put!” The captain said with authority in a husky slow voice.  Valis makes the mistake of touching her arm. “Oh..Hell no,” thought Celeste silently as she turns her face to look into his eyes and jerks her arm out of reach. Valis is barreled over with her energy but can’t see her strange eyes under her cowboy hat.  He barks out, “Let go of handle, Cheri!”  She spots the “I dare you look,” and gives the man a defiant glare.  With speed she turns her attention to ask the ladies a question an immediately rolls down the window. Not giving Valis the satisfaction of stopping her to do something else, she asked the Haitian lady who spoke English what the two of them were laughing about.  Nadia turns around and smiles at Celeste, “I say…two souls will blend.”

Celeste was floored, without warning she turns toward the shit eating grin upon Valis’s handsome face. “Oh freaken’ HELL no, there ain’t gonna be no blending of souls!”  Valis frowns trying to understand her fire ball statement.  Once Geraldy is off the bus, he quickly approaches the UN vehicle.  Valis snarls at the Haitian friend of Celeste and barks out something in French.  Celeste views Geraldy backing off and stands by the Christian school waiting for her release.  She turns her attention upon the authority figure, “I ain’t done nothing wrong here buck!  If I was you I’d be thinkin’ to act civil towards me, or I will bring the USA Army down upon your ass.”  Valis understood USA Army and ass, but nothing else in her heavy southern drawl.  “I want my knife and slingshot returned to me now, buckaroo!”  He stares at her luscious lips moving in action, and senses a great urge to kiss her.  Celeste doesn’t back down until she feels his sexual need surface. She places her hand on the passenger door handle ready to escape.  Valis once again uses brute force to stop the girl from leaving in a hurry.  She glares at his strong hand on her bare leg and instantly melts with desire.


2 thoughts on ““Les âmes se mélangeront.”

  1. At this point Curt our girl is confused since she has never been with another man in over 20 years. And since her husband has been having a problem sexually, it baffles her into thinking she is unattractive to men. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by friend.

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