“If ya not going to let me go put your damn cuffs on me darlin’; because, baby I’m a thinkin’ I might be openin’ a can of whippin’ real soon!”


Celeste frowns upon Valis’s large hand gripping her thigh hard not to move a muscle. The unusual connection between the foreigners was making the cowgirl scattered brain.  She takes a few quiet seconds to find her strength and manages to let her mixed up emotions rip out, “Listen hombre,…you better be lettin’ me go, I think this is ca`ca! Who in the Sam Belly Hell, do you think you are? Also, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are wearing a military uniform get your hand off my leg. What the hell is a matter with ya treating me like a criminal?”  She spoke out in a heavy hillbilly tongue, and a touch of Spanish dialect.  Celeste had no clue, who she was being held by.  Missing the introduction between him and Geraldy, she didn’t understand a lick of French when they spoke; so to her it didn’t matter who the bloody hell he was even if he’s the SWAT Team Captain, of the United Nations Special Military Force.

This time, Valis was clueless what her sharp tongue just lashed out.  He sat in his seat not saying a word, but changed his amused look, to a dangerous one. He takes his hand off her soft skin. Celeste clicks on to the change, and felt his gaze rip into her soul.  She fires back a dangerous glance under her hat’s brim at the soldier. As they both stare at each other with all consuming power, neither one would budge. In a matter of silent seconds, Celeste is barreled over with need to get the hell out of the truck and be with Geraldy. She knew she had to calm her bad self down in order to get somewhere with this man. She purrs out sweetly, and slowly so each word could be understood….”Listen hot stuff, how about letting me go. I won’t tell if you won’t?”  When Celeste made a purr sound like a kitten, an asked him to let her go, his wonder wand grows to attention.

Valis was so sexually turned on by Celeste’s strong behavior, he was at a lost for words. He takes note in the darkness that she was not truly like a white woman in skin color. To him he thought that she might be Spanish, but yet the skin color with her long blonde hair cast her off as a beach bunny from California. Her sexy cowgirl attire hat and boots shows the woman’s love for country life. If he could only get a glimpse of her eyes under her brim, he could figure out her personality in no time at all. Nevertheless, if he let her stay any longer in his truck, he would have to kidnap her.  A sexual sensation over rides the Captain when he thinks about doing her right here and now in his truck.  Reality finally bites him in the rear to control his sexual needs and blinks his eyes away in shame. “WHAT am I thinking.  Why am I so reckless with her?” Valis thinks silently to himself.

Since he couldn’t utter another word sitting behind the driver’s wheel, he tries to get his stick under control.  Celeste waited long enough to be released, she plunges forward and snaps her fingers in anger a few times at the UN man’s face. “If ya not going to let me go put your damn cuffs on me darlin’; because, baby I’m a thinkin’ I might be openin’ a can of whippin’ real soon!” Celeste stares at her Bowie knife in the captain’s boot ready to execute her words into action.

picture by: Frunnersupchronicles.wordpress.com


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