You Lucky Dog Celeste!


Celeste views her Bowie knife inside his boot deciding in her head how to obtain her only treasure her grandfather gave her.  As for the slingshot, she didn’t know where he put it after he took it from her. Thankful her eyes under her hat were shield from his view. She was about to release the bitch inside her too come out and play when the Captain reached across her breast with an amused look, and opens the door. “I will be back to check on your group in a few days Cheri. Try not to get into trouble!”  Celeste didn’t wait to hear his last words even if she didn’t understand his dialect.  She bolts out of the auto, and heads for Geraldy without looking back at Valis.  In fact, she was so distracted by his sexual energy, that she failed to get her weapons altogether.  When she saw the door open, and felt him lightly touch her breast, she had to skedaddle out of his truck.

Valis had to make a decision quickly, when he felt her strange color eyes dart to her knife in his boot, then at him.  He could clearly sense that she was about to do something dangerous. For some reason everything inside him was telling him to let her go; but, the sexual side of him was egging him on to toy with her just to be in her company.

The odd part about this connection between the two for Valis was, his bologna pony.  It was just too freaking hard. He couldn’t even control the damn thing.  And for the first time in his life, he felt spell bound, and demoralized with this pistol packing cowgirl. He had to get her out of the truck before he acted upon his wild thoughts. So the only thing he could think of is to open the vehicle’s door and give her freedom.  He didn’t want her to run away from him, because he had more plans for her later on.  This woman must be wooed differently than the women he was use to dealing with. Besides, she was too strong physically for anything else, thought Valis.

Valis views in the darkness the half-breed woman leaving in a hurry. Her sexy hips sway to the beat of her boot steps as her long muscular legs shows off her natural skin color and strength.  Celeste immediately hugs Geraldy with happiness. Valis’s gut aches from his hard on, he reaches across the passenger seat and shuts the door.  He smells her body scent and starts the trucks engine.  With great force he shoves the gear stick into drive. The military man flies down the street like a mad man not caring who the hell he hit.  All Valis knew is he had to go home and fast to take a cold shower to get his pecker under control.


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