“What the heck is that smell?”


The minute Celeste walks through the metal doors of the Montessori School, she takes survey where she will be staying for several months. To her it was perfect environment for children to learn and be safe. The courtyard was large and cozy for everyone to come together and mingle with an attached open kitchen. The two story school had over nine classrooms with a huge computer room. Even though it was evening time the cowgirl knew the person who owned the school took tender loving care to create a clean environment. She marvels at the tall coconut tree ready to bare fruit as Nadia speaks out for everyone to find their own rooms. Celeste checks out the Haitian lady who rode in the UN auto with her as she spoke out, “Our school is closed down for a while because of earthquake.  Everyone make yourselves comfortable for the time being. There are two bathrooms upstairs.  One is good with shower and toilet, so we all must share the private space until we fix the other bathroom that has many toilets.  I am sorry for the inconvenience as we seek out funds to help make our repairs to school.”  Celeste listens to Geraldy translate Nadia’s words.

The humanitarian’s separate quickly to find their places to rest.  The cowgirl waits for everyone to leave before she approaches Nadia. Besides, she would be damned if she told anyone she was chicken shit to sleep on the floor or in any of the rooms, because of cock roaches. She views Geraldy searching out for his room, and kindly ask Nadia quietly if she had a roof top she could sleep upon outside under the stars. Nadia gives her a puzzle glance, “Cheri, I do but you are more than welcome to sleep in any room you want too.”  Celeste picks apart the medium size Haitian lady’s broken English words with a heavy French accent.  The Haitian lady recognizes the stranger struggling to comprehend.  She stretches out her hand for the cowgirl to take and said, “Follow me Cheri I show you.”

Celeste follows her up the stairs.  She smiles to herself having the top of the building all to herself.  She thanks the lovely lady and watches Nadia leave her alone.  She unpacks her air mattress and begins the process of blowing it up.  When finish she lays on her mattress and stares at the evening skies. An over powering smell of burning smoke invades her nostrils.  “What the heck is that smell?” Celeste asks herself.  She doesn’t have time to ponder on the scent when a vision takes place in her head.  Reliving the frisk job the captain gave her, the cowgirl’s body starts to respond of need, want, and lustful desire. She tosses to and fro on her air mattress while contemplating why the hell the man treated her so harshly.  At four in the morning her eye lids finally closes.  The American cowgirl had about a half of hour of peaceful rest when a rooster starts his daily cock-a-doodling.  His doodling starts a chain reaction effect with the other nearby roosters until they’re calls finally wake her up. She tries to nod off here and there for a little while, but got fed up with their roosting.   She sits up with her legs crossed, frustrated, and wishing she had her slingshot to shoot the shit out of the roosters.

Instead of fighting the noise, the half breed chants her morning Cherokee song to the breaking of the dawn.  When finished paying homage to Mother Earth, she views the sunrise peaking over the horizon.  She sits quietly in the early morning light reviving her spirit for the day until she smelt brewing coffee. “Okay, no sleep today.  Let’s hope I can catch up on some Z’s later tonight; besides, I got to get this G.I. Joe boy out of my mind!” Celeste stands up to stretch her tall body awake, and heads downstairs to the wonderful deep aroma of Haitian coffee.

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