”Get your shit together man!”


Valis scowls as he views Celeste’s backside lovingly give a hug to the Haitian man, named Geraldy.  At that moment, all he could do is shove the gear stick into first, and rip the auto down the road like a crazed maniac behind the wheel. Not killing anyone with his reckless behavior, Captain Valis returns to his housing safely, but in a very strange dark mood.

He sits in his UN Truck for a few moments, trying to figure out just what the hell happen to his behavior. After he dropped Celeste off, he was confused, angry, bewildered, and sexually charged. He was feeling emotions, that he had never experienced before in his life time meeting a woman that made him do reckless actions. He gets a small whiff of her lingering scent and pounds on his steering wheel.  What made him even more madder and troublesome…he couldn’t control his manhood, or his thoughts about the strong woman who lit a fire under his boots.  It seemed like he was in a battle between his earthworm Jim, and his thinking head.  Both playing out a mission, on it’s own regarding the wild American cowgirl he was attracted too.

Her eyes, captivated him the most, even though it was dark out, he could have sworn her eyes were different colors.  “I will look into her eyes the next time I see her,” he spoke out loud.  No sooner did he say what was on his mind, his thoughts relived the sedative frisk job he gave her.  Causing his worm to get even harder he barks at his boner, ”Get your shit together man!”

If that didn’t add fuel to his fire, he then thought of her scent.  “Oh God woman, I can smell you more now than ever, like wood, or earth scent.”   Valis took in a deep breath, relishing in the intoxication of her lingering scent. Slowly his thoughts invaded his memory of her. He touched the Stag horn handle of her knife inside his boot.  Her strength; strong, muscled, shapely body that molded perfectly against his body.  Her mind wreaked of wisdom, sure-footed, stubbornness, extremely mysterious like spiritual, and very dangerous…”Oh, shit!”  The Czech man yells out while cradling his head with his hands. “I need a cold shower, and a good bottle of whiskey! This woman has me all jacked up, I can’t even control my thoughts anymore!”

With a loud growl and in post haste, he got out of the truck slamming the door, and enters his housing unit. He grumbles out loud as he walks down the hallway. “I wish I could understand her language!”  He states in his native Czech tongue with a frown.  He didn’t even recognize the guard saluting him as he passes him by in a huff. Not noticing the shocked glances in the walk way by his soldiers over his bitey comments to himself, Valis stomps his feet harder on the marble floor heading to his room with his dandruff riled up to the max.

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