I think your wet let me check!


After breakfast, and the laughter of watching Chantile down the coconut milk to sooth her burning mouth from the green chili jerky. A manly scent drifts up into her nostrils, she shakes her head to clear her crazy thoughts of the UN man. Celeste felt the need to wash the captain’s spice off her body. She could clearly smell his scent all over her more now then ever. Excusing herself, she proceeds up the stairs to the rooftop to gather her clothing and heads to the shower room.

She views their crude way of showering and decides when she returns she would fix their showers and toilets somehow. Realizing that the school had no running hot water, she made do and scrubbed her body with her sandalwood soap till she had gotten rid of Valis’s fragrance. Her hair wreaked of his essences as she washes him out of her hair.  Her thoughts immediately remembers his husky words whispering into her ear. I think your wet let me check…. Her body begins to react with lust, “Oh, HELL no…get the f^&% out of my head!” Celeste barks out inside the bathroom in her southern drawl. “What the hey, am I a thinkin’ about that jerk for? I sure in the hell don’t want another man in my life. I already have enough trouble of my own with my husband,” she comments in a worry note.

With that said, she shook him out of her thoughts, and hurried to get ready for the day. The plan was for her and Geraldy, to go to Customs and try to obtain the medical supplies they were holding for his medical facility.  When she finished getting dressed she stomps her foot in anger realizing Valis had her grandfather’s knife and her slingshot.  Unable to do anything about it, she hurries down the stair way with her homemade deer skin back pack and wearing her cowgirl attire to meet Geraldy’s cousins.

Two handsome Haitian men stood tall the minute they take notice a tall American cowgirl entering the courtyard. Both were over six feet tall with beautiful smiles. To Celeste the dark men were huge and muscular. She allowed her mental spiritual thoughts to do scrutiny upon their souls, and felt their beautiful personalities would be safe to hang with. When the introductions were completed, they left the school and attacked the busy roadways that were littered by Haitian people moving to and fro. Thank god, for this busy traffic, because it kept Celeste’s mind busy not to think of the captain!


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