Dear God in Heaven!


When Celeste took to the streets with Geraldy and his cousin’s to head to Customs, nothing prepared her for the morning sight of what she saw!  Since she arrived in the night, she couldn’t see the destruction, until now.  Celeste wanted to cry, but held her emotions!  Her eyes were wide with amazement on the devastation of Haiti. She watched people littered the streets trying to make heads or tails with their situation.  As they passed many buildings and homes, she couldn’t utter a word.  Celeste felt the desperation, lost feelings the Haitian people were feeling.  At one point she is positive she saw dead bodies of Haitian people hanging out of openings, or trapped inside their crumbled homes.  Realizing they tried to escape, but lost their lives at the same time.

Celeste was engross with everything she was witnessing.  Feeling the need to check her back pack for her slingshot, the American woman tries to find her weapon and realizes that the captain still had them.  “Snap,” she speaks out loud. Geraldy quickly questions Celeste what was the matter.  “I forgot my dang slingshot and knife, damn it, the captain has them.” “Celeste you must forget about them, he will not give them back!” Geraldy aforesaid.  “The hell I won’t forget them, no one keeps my goods, Geraldy!”  With that said she puts her back pack down on the floor of the auto returning her gaze upon the horrific sights.

Celeste notes a huge burning pile that was smoldering with smoke.  Her eyes lock onto a scrawny looking dog digging into the pile. She was stunned when the dog ran away with his find.  Inside the dog’s mouth, was a burnt arm from some poor Haitian person. Celeste quickly turns and gawks in silent straight ahead, lost for words.  Now she knew what that funky smell was. There was no need to ask Geraldy what the smell was, and the black haze smoke that covered Haiti….it was burnt bodies!

Trying to absorb all that she was seeing, Jean starts to drive like a crazy person on the packed streets.  Without warning, Celeste got the crap scared out of her when Jean almost came onto a head on collision with another auto.  “SLOW DOWN, WATCH OUT…Holy crud dude you’re wicked behind the wheel!”  Was all she could say, bringing laughter to the men. She lowers her head so she didn’t get the shit scared out of her watching the man’s driving. When they arrive at customs to check on the medical facility’s supplies, safe and sound, Celeste let out a deep breath.  Happy to get out of the car, she quickly stood and said, “Y’all are CRAZY!”  Geraldy chuckles and said this was normal driving for Haitian’s. The cowgirl shakes her head in wonder how one could survive the intensity of Haiti’s traffic.

4 thoughts on “Dear God in Heaven!

      1. Which reminds me of being in New Orleans shortly after Katrina. The reality of devastation can never be captured in any other way the same as being there. –Curt

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