OH…fudge he’s hot…I’m in trouble!


When Celeste arrived back at the school, she was wiped out and hungry!  All she wanted to do is take a shower from the sweaty, hot, debating day. Geraldy, opens the school’s doors where Celeste was greeted by many new smiling faces. Putting her happy face on, she waited till she met everyone, then excused herself for a shower.  “Do not be long, Celeste, dinner will be ready soon.”  Geraldy spoke to her as she climbed the stairs to her rooftop with heavy feet. “No worries, be done in a few moments, I just want to rinse off,” Celeste replied back.

In no time at all, Celeste felt refresh from the cold shower. She decided to wear a pale yellow cotton sundress, that was light an airy for the evening.  Her unruly hair was another story. She had never really had her hair cut, a task she did herself. Celeste was a rancher and earthy woman. Never having the time to really take care of herself, she thought the long hair was easier to manage.  She loved her easy methods of styling her hair.  The only styles she wore were braids, pony tails, and buns; and since her waist long, golden curly hair was becoming frizzy with the humid air, she put it into a bun.  Letting a few wisp’s of her curly hair frame her oval face, she was ready to head downstairs to mingle and eat.

As she looked over the edge of the rooftop, she had a clear view of the courtyard, where many people were talking seriously.  Celeste spotted an interesting white man, who was wearing black attire.  He was involved in a serious conversation with Geraldy.  Quickly, Celeste headed for her luggage, pulled out her flask of whiskey, and went downstairs. When she was stepping on the last step, Geraldy met her at the bottom and said.  “Celeste, Captain Valis and I were discussing customs, please join us.”  Celeste didn’t have time to take her last step, when Valis immediately stood in front of her, and took her hand to kiss. She so desperately wanted to back away from his touch but held firm her stance on the stairway

Celeste’s stomach became full of butterflies. The pure mention of Valis’s name sent her mind in a whirl. As she watched him lightly touch her hand and bring it to his lips, her body began to hum with excitement. OH…fudge he’s hot…I’m in trouble! Celeste said to herself trying to control her legs from buckling under the captain’s touch. He is handsome more than she remembered in his civilian clothing. His clean manly scent drifts under her nose as she dares to peak at his honey colored eyes. Valis is lost for words when he touches her hand. All he wanted to do is capture her intoxicating scent before she took her hand away. He smiles at Celeste in a pleasing fashion, and notes without her cowboy hat she did indeed have two different color of orbs.

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