Damn…she looks like a wooden nymph.


Celeste tried her best to keep her composure while checking the captain out.  But being so close to Valis, made her feel like a shy little girl with her first crush.  She remembered him in his uniform, not the black mysterious outfit he was wearing. Without a hat on, Valis was to intoxicating not to stare at.  His manly features were handsome, strong, and extremely yummy looking to Celeste.  Oh…fudge, he’s hot…I’m in trouble,  flooded Celeste’s mind of Valis….He’s too damn young for me.  God, let me run my fingers through his… Her mind stops, when Valis touches her hand lightly, and brought it up to his lips.   

Well, I be dipped in chocolate, is this the same dude as yesterday?  Celeste reasons with herself while feeling embarrass by the captain’s gesture. The only person who ever kissed Celeste’s hand was her childhood tutor. Geraldy quickly stopped the connection between the two, and let Celeste come down off the stairs to join the others in conversation. Celeste was thankful Geraldy couldn’t read her body language, or she would be in big trouble.

Valis couldn’t take his eyes off Celeste. Her earthy scent was captivating him into dumbness! He didn’t want to gawk at her, but couldn’t help himself.  The energy was to strong between the two.  Valis had a hard time controlling his personal examination.  She seems much different than yesterday.  Celeste looked more like a young lady with her hair piled upon her head, and wearing a summer yellow short dress with no shoes on.  As he views her long strains of hair escaping the lose fitting bun, he finds her hair accents her oval face and high cheek bones to perfection.  Time stood still as the silent pair is speechless checking each other out. So her eyes are two colors! Valis thought to himself. Damn…she looks like a wooden nymph.  His skilled eyes didn’t miss too much of the strange American woman. He scans her from head to toe! Her skin is darker than most for being an American? he questions himself.

When Valis looked into Celeste’s strange eyes once again, he felt her spiritual energy telling him inside his head to stop looking at her. He knows not why he answers her back out loud, but in his native language, “Promiň, nechtěl jsem zírat.” (Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare) “What the hey did you just say to me hombre?” Celeste spoke out in a baffled husky tone. She glances at Geraldy to help translate Valis’s spoken words. Geraldy shrugs his shoulders in a “I don’t know” fashion.

Celeste then turned her attention back to Valis, he recognized her confusion on her face and realized he had spoken in his native tongue.  Slowly and clearly, Valis spoke his broken English to Geraldy.  Celeste was able to catch a few of his words, but was more intrigued by his sexy accent. Sheesh….his heavy accent is hard to understand.  I wonder where he is from, Russia?  Celeste picks apart his language to herself.

Geraldy answers Celeste’s private thoughts that Valis was from the Czech nation, and was here to check on their group. “Bull-shit,” she said inside her head, as she views into Valis’s intoxicating honey colored eyes. He kind of looks familiar but knows she has never met the man.  She shakes her head out of the crazy idea when suddenly a vision of a man pops in and out of her thoughts. Scrunching up her eyes, she shook her head in a no indication, and glares deeply into Valis’s eyes. Valis senses the wild cat is battling demons to keep her composure. Geraldy knows something is bothering his friend. The half breed is boinked out of her thoughts when she realizes he is the same man from her childhood dreams.  Stunned….It can not be? Is this my soul mate! Celeste starts to question her thoughts as she remembers a long time ago. Her skin crawls with acknowledgement something strange is brewing.  A letter of long ago pops into her mind written by her Cherokee grandmother.

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