“No matter what happens…I will take control of her!”


Valis silently ponders to himself, “What is the matter with this woman?  Is she going crazy on me?”  He views Celeste try to filter her thoughts in her mind, till her eyes almost bugged out of her head with realization of her situation. What did I do? Does she not trust me? Or was it my frisk job that scared her off?” Valis questions himself.  His earlier blunder comes back to the UN officer.  He had trouble keeping his attention on his duties for two days when he addresses his unit.  It didn’t help much when he was receiving vivid vision’s of his hands exploring the lusty’s American’s body. His undoing was when he called one of his Spanish men, Hi-a-lee. He knew he was in trouble the minute the words left his mouth. The man gawks at his captain dumbfounded and said, “Sir, my name is Hilario, not Hi-a-lee?”  

“Damn it, man, I know that!” Valis barks at the young man in anger. Hilario is confuse and questions himself, “What is the matter with him? Why did he call me a girl’s name?” Hilario overhears the men chuckle under they’re breath. He has not heard about the American Indian women yet. However, Valis’s crew overheard the conversation between Celeste and their captain on the auto’s radio. Valis, didn’t realize that he left his radio on when he called into headquarters to alert them of the possible danger with the school bus.

Hilario glances at his comrades and then back at his captain.  He overhears someone say, “Perhaps, the captain needs to check you for weapons.” Valis heard the man’s comment and immediately springs into action, “You got a problem, boy?”  Valis barks out in a dangerous tone. “No, sir, sorry Captaine!” The rest of the men kept their mouth close not wanting to rock the boat.  Valis walks over to the window and goes into an embarrassed trance thinking about his mistake.  This is the first time Valis’s men have ever witness a weakness from the Lone Wolf.  Valis comes to the conclusion his men found out about the American girl. How did they find out?  He tries to ponder on what gave him away, but couldn’t find one. He is wasting time when one of his men dares to help his captain out, “Sir, my I speak, sir?” Valis gave the man a threatening glare.  The man instantly regrets speaking up.

The young Spanish man named Marcos is nervous.  The room is secretive enough to hear a pin drop on the floor.  Sweat beads form upon his brow, he steps forward and speaks, “Sir, next time sir shut the radio off in your car!”  Valis’s eyes flew open wide! For a few moments everyone of his men held their tongues as they view their captain’s face. Valis recovers quickly and smiles at his men.  If he gave them any warning of how stupid he felt by being caught with his pants down, that would be the end of his “Lone Wolf” statue. The young man relaxes after seeing Valis smile, and decides to step back into line.  It is very quiet in the room when Valis announces out, “Okay, men I need to do something important your all dismiss.”  The men didn’t hesitate they left the room with smiles on their faces.  Valis waits for his men to leave him alone.  He comes to the conclusion he will visit the wild one.  He turns around on his heels stating to himself with a smile on his lips, “No matter what happens…I will take control of her!”  Valis blinks out of his private thoughts when Celeste bores her orbs into his soul.  He realizes at that moment staring into the mysterious woman’s eyes, the American woman was not going down without one hell of a cat fight.


“I want my weapons back today, buck!”


Celeste was flabbergasted remembering the contents of her Cherokee grandmother’s letter. The minute Valis touches her hand, the current of his sexual energy overwhelms her reasoning. She is unsure how to handle the creepy sensation of knowing someone had a handle on her path of life. Realization kicks her in the rear as the half breed has a private conversation with herself, “It was Valis! He’s the one who belongs to the earth. That’s why I was having those dreams and visions of late.”  Her eyes shift to and fro trying to remember the exact words in her grandmother’s letter. A certain sentence in the old letter pops into her mind, “He will be stronger than you in body, but is your equal in mind.” 

Geraldy tries to capture the cowgirl’s attention and calls out her name.  She hears nothing as childhood memories flood her mind. “So grandmother’s words were true.”  The half breed’s skin crawls with goose bumps as she finally grasps the ordain shit inside her head.  “I shouldn’t be here…why did I come here?”  She reasons with herself in worry.  Valis is confused how Celeste suddenly went inside her head, and has a conversation with herself.  “Is she nuts?” Valis wonders, “Why are they calling her Celeste? Isn’t her name Hi-a-lee?” Not knowing what else to do he clears his throat trying to catch Celeste’s attention.  He views her lips mumble words silently. She didn’t even glance at the G.I. Joe man.

Celeste gawks at the ground deep in thought of her memory of the foreordain words. Geraldy gently touches her arm. “Huh?”  Celeste grunts out and glares at Geraldy in a bewilder state. “You okay, Celeste? Where did you go just now, or are you going mental on me?” Geraldy jokes tenderly.  He stretches out his hand for her to take.  She blinks her strange eyes several times at her friend and takes his hand to follow.

“This is not fair…damn ordain Indian crap.  What have I gotten myself into? I should have known better not to come to Haiti!” Celeste questions herself sharply while sitting down in a plastic chair.  “Celeste what is wrong with you?” In deep concern Geraldy inquires to the baffled Celeste.  Shaking her head clear, the spiritual woman gets a eye full at her friend, “Nothin’ is wrong. I was remembering something along ago.”  She sizes up Valis’s massive body in yawp. “He probably thinks I am loco (crazy) in the freaking head? Well, I am so why not give him a little piss and vinegar, and scare him away from me?”  Heat boils inside her mind to defy and control the out come.

Without warning the American woman blurts out to Valis in a bothersome tone, “What ya doing here slick? Didn’t ya get enough of my body two days ago?”  Valis didn’t understand her sharp comment towards him.  Geraldy chuckles and translates her comment in French to the captain. Valis gives Celeste a threatening look. Celeste dangerously returns his stare daring him to make a move. Valis breaks their connection an asked Geraldy in French to translate his words to Celeste. Celeste could careless at this point what he said; she quickly takes a large swig of whiskey from her metal flask. Valis scrunches up his brow viewing the hickey lady’s behavior. Celeste wipes her mouth on the back of her hand, and then turns her attention upon the foreigner ready to do battle. “I want my weapons back today, buck!”