Please Cheri take my hand?


Celeste felt like a heel, when Geraldy translated Valis’s words.  Valis didn’t mean to come off as a hot shot, but had to do his duty as a soldier.  When Valis extended his hand in friendship towards Celeste with a hopeful smile upon his lips, Celeste studied the captain’s face, she noticed his left eye was red, an a little swollen.

Celeste was actually scared to touch the captain’s extended hand. Not wanting any type of contact with him, because her spirits foreordained this coupling. Celeste was bound and determined not to let this happen. “Please!” was the word spoken from Valis. Celeste’s heart melted, when he uttered the word.  He was so sincere, and wanted to make a mends with Celeste.

Geraldy, turned to Celeste and said, “Celeste, you must forgive, and forget!”  Damn it, Geraldy, don’t push me.  You have no idea how much I would love to do that. Celeste screamed inside her mind. No one moved for a few moments, until Celeste knew that she must be polite,and hide her feelings.  Something she knew how to do, all to well. Just do it girl, and get it over with!Celeste said silently to herself.  She finally extended her hand.  With haste, Valis shook her hand, and quickly released it with a shocked look.  He felt a warm electrical charge climb up his arm, just like he felt, when he kissed her hand. He quickly looked at her and smiled. Celeste wasn’t going to say anything, she too felt the connection.

Before to long, Celeste and Valis tried to get to know each other, with the help of Geraldy. He translated every word back and forth, and watch Celeste soften her stance with the captain. When Valis asked Geraldy about her skin color, Geraldy smiled and told him in French, that she was a half-breed Indian. “What does half breed mean?” Valis questioned Geraldy while gazing into Celeste’s eyes.  “It means, she is from a tribe of Indian’s called Cherokee, and she is also half Scottish. That is what American’s call a half-breed. Let me tell you this, she is every bit a true American cowgirl!”  Valis absorbed the information, while Celeste gave them an inquisitive look.

“Hello, boy’s? I’m right here?” Celeste, hated that these men were talking about her, in French.  Geraldy, smiled and told her in English he was explaining to the captain, that she was a half-breed. Valis smiled at Celeste warmly, melting her heart even more towards him.

Before to long, Geraldy excused himself, stating he was tried and needed sleep for the busy day tomorrow.  “Good to see you captain, please don’t stay long. We have a busy day tomorrow.” He shook the captain’s hand, and gave Celeste a kiss on the cheek, leaving her to entertain the captain alone!

Being alone with Valis, sent shivers up Celeste’s spine. She knew she was doomed when Geraldy left her alone, with Valis. Before she knew it, Valis somehow closed the gap between the two. Celeste noticed he was smelling her, and almost sitting on top of her.  She became nervous, and shy. “Hi-a-lee, I must ask you why do these people call you, Celeste?” Valis said, while he knocked her out of her thoughts. “What did you say?” Celeste questioned him. Slowly, and clearly the captain stated his comment to her again in his broken English. This time she could follow his words, an answered.  “I’m sorry for deceiving you Valis, yes, my name is Celeste, but my Indian name is Hialeah Elena.  It means, beautiful meadow…

Valis smiled at Celeste, knowing he was beginning to break down her defenses as he thought to himself…I will have her, soon…oh, yes, I will!