“I’m gonna’ shoot the shit out of you rooster!”


Haitian Rooster

When Celeste reached the top of the roof, she didn’t know what to think anymore. The only thing she must do is stay away from the sexy Czech man.  Silently, Celeste locked her hands behind her back, as she walked to the edge of the roof, gazing at the ocean.  The moonlight was shimmering upon the ocean, So calm, so inviting…thought Celeste.

She softly whispered, choosing her words wisely; “Okay, my ancestors, enough of this, please!….Don’t let this happen.  I have my life with my husband, and family.  I don’t want to be disrespectful to you; but I have been through enough, and this time, I don’t think I can handle this drama.  I have always listened to your teachings, but I can’t let this one happen.  So, I think I’ll pass on this one, and take my next task kindheartedly, if you don’t mind?”  Celeste looked up into the evening warm sky for an answer…nothing… “Please, a sign that you understand me?” she begged softly. She stood for a very long time, it was peaceful just staring at the ocean.

For over two hours she chanted her native musical tune to her sacred spirit,  “Yeha Noha” (wishes of prosperity and happiness). When she felt the weight lift off her shoulders, she gracefully went to her bed. Celeste tossed, and turned for an hour, until sleep finally took her at 3:00 a.m.

Fog rolling in, Celeste found herself, standing in a dense foggy woods.  She looked around at the familiar aged trees she knew so well when growing up in Alabama. She felt a presence of a being, close at hand. Not being scared, Celeste took a deep breath, and took a step forward through the dense fog, until she was standing in a stream.  “Hey this is my place I use to shoot grasshoppers, and frogs with my slingshot, grandfather made me…Ringo, Ringo…” Celeste quickly called out excitedly.  When Ringo, her raccoon friend, did not come forth, she called to her mother…” Mom, is that you out there?”  No answer…Celeste quickly remembered the fog in the woods, the day Ghost her horse departed, and her mother who never said good-bye, had suddenly disappeared. With a sad smile, and wanting to cry, she whispered his name….”Ghost, are ya here?”  Celeste didn’t want to move, she was becoming to scared to do anything. She was ready to turn around, and walk away, when the fog split apart.

An elder of an Indian woman appear before her. Adored in a white deerskin dress with shells hanging. Coal black, shinning, straight, long hair, with soft shapely, brown doe eyes.  As the figure began to walk towards Celeste, her shells chimed sweet music.  Celeste was in awe…” I am honored grandmother to meet you finally.”  Celeste spoke with pride.

“Not enough time, child of Nature, to tell you all, know this:  We are all connected and when one suffers we all do for centuries…we need much love toward humans of all culture to redeem ourselves from past evil done to people everywhere. Men ignorance and greed is destroying this country..we need wise men and women that first protect Nature. You are nature, and must heed our warnings. There is a lesson in all of this, Hialeah Elena.  The weight will be unbearable at times, but you are strong, and will find your path! One who talks to animals…a wolf must learn patience even in the softest meadows. You are the light he must have to survive, and humble his very existence.” Celeste dropped to her knees, and honored the figure. “Grandmother, please I will be forsaking my vows to my husband.” Her grandmother smiled softly and said, “Child of the light,  let it happen, you are Cherokee.  Our believes are different than the white man’s. The wolf is your soul-mate, your husband, is your husband.  Good-bye, Hialeah Elena, know that I am very proud, of who you have become. Walk into the sunshine with brother Eagle, and your problems will seem less great, my golden hair daughter.”  The figure then disappeared, and was replaced by a large manly figure with a gun.  “PaPa!”  Celeste called out..as Henry waved at Celeste, and vanished.

“Cock-a-doodle do”….the rooster cried out.   Celeste opened her eyes, and sat up quickly, yelling out,  “Papa don’t leave me!”  Celeste looked around the roof for any signs of her grandfather. “Damn it, just a dream.”  Celeste told herself sharply.  “Cock-a-doodle-do….”  the rooster screamed out again, in the early morning light.  Celeste yelled out, and grabbed her aching head, while pondering on the dream she just had.  She smiled, realizing she had finally met her Cherokee grandmother.  “Cock-a-doodle-do,”  the rooster bellowed out again.  Celeste stood up from her bed, and let out a roar like a loin.  “Shut the heck up, you damn fowl!”  Her roar was heard by the people below her. The rooster stopped his crowing.  Geraldy quickly ran up the stairs to check on Celeste when he heard her yell out. “Celeste I think I heard a loin, it is not possible for one to be here.” Celeste wanted to giggle, but then told Geraldy it was her, who made the sound.  Geraldy laughed and said, “I swear to god, I thought it was on top of this roof! That was pretty good, Celeste!”  Celeste, just smiled…knowing this was going to be a very long day!

“Oh Hell No Buckaroo!”


Celeste, when backed into a corner, she becomes moxie, dangerous, sharped tongue, extremely intelligent, gutsy, and reckless. Once she puts her mind in a mode to escape, or protect herself, everything gets out of control and crazy. As she gazes upon Valis the man mumbled out his shy words. Even though there is a huge difference with their languages, Celeste did not miss the Captain’s sentence. Cool as a cucumber the cowgirl shows no emotion for his audacity of blurting out “I want you.” Flashes of scenes over take her thinking process how Valis treated her upon arrival in Haiti. The nerve of the man for him thinking she may want a piece of nookie from the foreigner. She looses her composure an chews the man out.

“Oh, hell no, you didn’t just say that to me, dude, did you?” Valis’s eyes raise to attention hearing her bark. “Listen hombre, you don’t even know me enough, to say that to me! Besides I am married, an I…really don’t need another pecker around me!”  Valis scrunched up his brows, processing her quick, sharp response.”Okay, listen buckaroo, this is not going to work! There is NO blending of souls gonna’ happen here! So, take your junk in your truck, and skedaddle out of here! Before I escort  you out!” Celeste gave Valis a brass stare, while her chest puffed up like a rooster, ready to defend her coop.

Valis immediately blushed, he knew he set her off with his words. For the life of him, he could not understand a lick of her language. Being the military man he is, he quickly deescalated the situation.  “Sorry, Cheri, I say wrong words, I try again, please?”  Valis struggled slowly to pronounce the correct words in English, hoping he could correct his crass statement in time. Celeste stood up and put both her hands on her hips. Valis quickly followed, and stood before her, almost touching her nose. Both huffed and puffed, not verbalizing for what seemed to be hours. Celeste was melting, being in the presence of this man.  She was no longer mad, but occupied by Valis body’s heat. Damn her body! All Celeste’s is mind was telling her to do, is grab the hunk, and kiss the shit out of him.

To tell you the truth, the scene between her legs were no different. In the moment, she seemed to be locking horns with her body, and mind. A memory invades her mind from long ago. Her grandmother warned her in a letter that she will meet up with a man who will be her soul mate. Trying to filter all what was happening to her, and determined to not fulfill the ordained words of her grandmother. It was getting harder to look upon this person without the need to ravish him. Why was her body doing this to her? What does she have to learn with this spiritual coupling? She knew if she ever spoke her Indian belief’s to others, they would truly think she is “mal de la cabeza” (Crazy in the head)… So the only thing she could do, is turn him against her.

“Please, I try again.”  Valis reached for her hands behind her back, stepping closer so their bodies felt the heated charge they both ignited.  He didn’t know why he did it, but he wrapped her arms around his waist, and pressed their bodies together into a firm strong hold.  “I sorry, Cheri! I don’t know what’s happening to me?  Do you?”  Valis whispered.

How could Celeste be angry….she knew what was happening, and wasn’t going to indulge any more information to a person that she knew would become a lover. A foreign lover to boot! When Valis saw her eye brows bunch up, he knew she was pondering on his words.  He watched her lips make funny faces, until he lightly touched her chin and brought her lips to his. Ever so softly, did both their lips touch. As Valis whispered upon her lips, “Soon, Cheri!” he felt Celeste stiffen.  Then without warning he released Celeste, and said, “I must go, I see you again, oui?”

WTFudge? Celeste thought….she was in lala land. The breathless kiss, sent her to heights she didn’t know was possible inside her body.  Floating, calm, serene, feelings developed her. All of a sudden, she was shaken from the soft kiss.  The captain gave Celeste a naughty smile, as he turned on his heels, heading for the exit. Celeste watched his back side retreat, she kicked herself into gear and asked for her weapons back.  “I not bring them, see you again,” was all he said, he gave her a wink with his delicious honey color eye, and left the school.

Celeste looked at her flask of whiskey, when he left, she reached for it and took a hardy swig. As she walked up to her rooftop, she was bound and determined to talk to her spirits about this coupling garbage. This was not right, this was ALL wrong, and someone has to give, and this time, it ain’t gonna be me! Celeste reasoned with herself!