I am special, extra special!



Celeste had a busy day as she drove to a plantation that Geraldy wanted her to see, and give her opinion as a Rancher how to perfect their irrigation flow. The Haitian men were surprise how smart of a woman Celeste was. She worked out a plan perfectly for the mango plantation since obtaining materials were very hard to come by in Haiti. She showed them in drawings the less cost, and how a little more hard labor, digging longer canals, and reusing their rain fall, would have their farm up and running smoothly, in more than a year. That is; if Mother Earth played nice with Haiti. Geraldy translated all her words making his people understand that Celeste was a successful producing rancher in New Mexico, and knew what she was talking about. He added, her irrigation was old schooled too.

After several hours of debating and educating the Haitian’s, the tall American woman smiles to Geraldy, “I guess our work is done, you ready to go too AHAMES?  “No, no, no…you must eat something before leave?”  One of the men states with care. He softly calls out to his daughter. A few minutes passed by when a lovely young teenage girl approaches with a platter full of fresh mango.  The shy young lady calmly advances to Celeste, she scans the half breed’s tall backside from hat to boot in wonder. Unsure of herself she lightly clears her throat. Celeste spins around to view the interruption. The little darling eyes widen in disbelief as Celeste views both of her eyes dart back, and forth on her two tone eye color in shock. The half breed was use to the reaction, she instantly reaches for a piece of mango, and puts the fruit in her mouth. The cowgirl gives the young local girl a wink with her green eye, and smiles wickedly to her. The little girl grins beautifully showing her missing front tooth while nodding her head at Celeste. “Your mango’s are delicious sir! Do you have any to sell?” Celeste inquires in her unusual husky voice. A older man with gray around his temples speaks to the young girl in French. The girl places her platter on the table and speeds away as fast as lightening barefooted.

She returns with a box loaded with mango’s and hands the box to Geraldy. Celeste quickly got into her hand-made deerskin backpack, and produced a fifty dollar bill. The old man quickly tells the cowgirl the fruit was free for payment of her knowledge.  Celeste understood about trading services, but they could use the money right now. She looked upon the little girl, and motioned for the little girl to approach her. Hesitantly, the girl steps towards Celeste. Celeste reaches for the small palm, and slid the fifty into her tiny hand. Lovingly, the cowgirl closes the little girl’s palm and blew a kiss upon the fist. The little girls eyes was calm, when she felt Celeste blow on her hand. The men stayed quiet, watching the scene unfold. For a split second the ladies lock eyes for a silent scan. The half breed blinks a few times at the girl an is rewarded with a vision. Celeste wrinkles her brow in worry. She knows not why but she states to herself, “Stay safe, little one…please stay away from the broken down home you like to play in for two days.” On a dime the shy girl beams with joy as she heard the private telepathic connection the American woman whispered out. The little girl immediately gives a wink back at the mysterious half breed. The Haitian girl returns the powerful lady a private note she will obey.

“Okay, Geraldy, let’s go. One more stop then home sweet home!” The cowgirl shakes her head to attention ready to leave the bizarre moment behind. The men were staring dumbfounded at each other.  The little girl happily turns on her bare feet, and left the outdoor scene. Celeste grabs Geraldy’s hand, and escorts him out of the cozy plantation land. “Celeste, did us men just miss something between you and that little girl?”  Geraldy questions her in spookiness. She replies trying to keep a cool head, “Nope, let’s go!”  They both got into the waiting vehicle, and when Celeste looked out her window the extra special girl was waving goodbye.  Celeste views the sweet shy girl as the vehicle zooms away hoping her vision would never come true.

The little girl smiles at her palm of money from the cowgirl.  In French, she blurts out to the back of Celeste’s retreating auto, “Merci, dame spéciale! Je vais tenir compte de vos paroles.” (Thank you, special lady! I will heed your words.)  The men chuckled at the giddy girl. Her father questions his daughter, “She did not speak to you silly girl, why you say that?” With a joyous grin upon her face, she knew what she heard without words spoken between her and the cowgirl. And she was not gonna be foolish not to heed the warning! Because she too was special….extra special. 🙂

Damn, you men! Is that all you can do is PISS all over everything?


Celeste’s dreams were getting bizarre and out of control.  She was dreaming of her mid teenage years in the woods, as she aimlessly wondered in her beautiful meadow. The animals knew her peaceful spirit, they would surround her with chatter and life.  She never tired hearing each of their stories.  As she sat under a Globe Willow tree by a stream of water, she spoke to each creature of the earth softly, and lovingly.  Paying attention to their needs and giving solutions to their dilemmas. The healthy animals of the meadow shower her with flowers and food.

Suddenly, Celeste felt the ground shake as sounds of thunder grew louder in the meadow. When all her friends quickly flew the coop and hid, she stood up in her birthday suit. Her hair flows lightly with the winds as she scanned the area. She picks up her sling shot.  She inhales deeply, and locates the direction the odd scent of danger was coming from. The wild child picks her body up and takes off at a fast pace. All kinds of different animals were stampeding past her while begging her to save them from the fear that entered their peaceful valley.

She heard the fear in the animals warning each other of the danger that entered the meadow.  “Run, run fast as you can, no human can catch us, but a wolf, can!”  Celeste immediately ran faster after hearing a wolf was in the meadow.  She rounded a bend, but the sight she saw took her breath away.  The lush field of daisy’s grew in abundance, dominating the valley with it’s vibrant white, and yellow colors. Her trained skilled eyes swept over the colorful land looking for the wolf who invaded her meadow. Sling shot ready the cowgirls scans the land as she verges forward in stealth.

“He’s over there, see him, see him…in the flowers!  Shoot him, shoot!  He sees you!” A little busy body squirrel offered her the information fanatically.  She followed the way his twitching tail pointed.  She could not see the wolf, but felt his eyes upon her. Feeling the need to call to the wolf she spoke in a firm tone, “You have entered my peaceful meadow wolf.  You are not welcome here if you plan to eat my friends. You are more than happy to stay, but you can not feed in my valley.  So, if I were you I would leave this area before I kill you creature of Mother Earth.  Or, if you feel lucky punk, I could play nice and let you eat me instead!”  She heard the soft growl of the hidden wolf.  He gave up his hiding spot to her the minute he growled.

Celeste had to take a double look at the flowers where the sound came from.  Her sharp eagle eyes spots the intruder. The wolf’s eyes were perfectly camouflage by the daisies.  His coat of fur blends into the shading of the heavily dense foliage. Making him become one with earth and flower. Celeste was impress how huge the beast eyes resembled the gorgeous flower. She hated to kill the beautiful Lobo, but took aim with her slingshot targeting upon the hidden fissiped mammal’s eyes.

Something inside her was telling her to put down her weapon. The wind pick up a little, and blew a message to her in a whisper. “Patience, Hialeah Elena, let him come to you, freely.”   Celeste lowered her weapon, and sat cross-legged upon the ground, not taking her eyes off the canine. “Stupid girl, stupid girl, he’s going to eat you!” The squirrel babbled to her quickly.  Celeste smiled and replied, “Then so be it my friend!” Celeste never took her gaze off the intruder.  Hours past by as Celeste stayed seated with her hands upon her lap staring at her prey.  The valley of flowers stayed silent, until the wolf slowly presented himself to her.

He was HUGE…so impressed with his size, she was afraid to speak. She was in awe the beauty and power this wolf held.  She so wanted to run her fingers through his thick fur, and scratch him behind the ears. When she thought the thought, the wolf bared his large teeth at Celeste. “Oh, bloody hell, get over it dude, and come let me pet you!” Celeste conversed daringly out loud.  Her breath was taken away the minute the furry creature leaped in the air, and landed in front of her face.  Celeste became frighten but showed no strain to the beast. She stayed cool as a cucumber, and allowed his nose to take a deep breath of her scent.  He growls while he digested the human. The great beast circles Celeste taking analysis of the strange human girl.

“Run, Run, he’s going to eat you!” The squirrel announces to Celeste with care. The wolf heard the rodent, he snarls at the squirrel to silence. Then forged on with his inspection of Celeste. She could feel every ounce of his soul permeate with animus, mistrust, and fear.  “Run, Hialeah, run!” Her friend warns her. The wolf left Celeste sitting on the ground as he turns his attention on the tree the squirrel hid in. He powerfully walked over to the tree lifted his leg, and pissed all over the roots.

Celeste lost her patience quickly standing up, she held her sling shot aimed at the wolf. She mimic the wolf’s growl and said in English,  “Damn, you men!  Is that all you can do, is PISS all over everything?  Do not badger my friend wolf, for now you have tried my patience.  Come…I am ready for you and your foul temperament.  The wolf takes a dangerous stance ready to pounce on the human. His eyes glows with delight ready to devour her….when…

“Celeste, Celeste, wake up my friend.” Geraldy was shaking Celeste to wake up. She groggily comes out of her dream. “What the hell, Geraldy you waking me up for?” Celeste questions her friend.  “You must be on an important hunt to cry out in your sleep. Everyone heard you yelling out Celeste. You are scaring them with talk about a killing a wolf.  So, I came up here to see who you were fighting with. You were holding your hands up in imitation of bow and arrow.” He gives her an explanation and cracks up laughing uncontrollably. Celeste covers her face with her hands. Oh boy! was all she could say in confusion wondering what the dream could have meant.