Hush Hush sweet Celeste Two Trees


For the next few days, Celeste was engulf with giving aid to the Haitians.  Day and night, she worked diligently.  She was still trying to figure out why, she stated to the little girl, to “stay out” of her play house. Since no thought came to mind, she just let it drop, and continued on her merry way.

When evening came around, Celeste decided she wanted to help out in the kitchen , and learn the Haitians cooking style.  Chantile was beginning to pluck a chicken for dinner, when Celeste walked into the kitchen.  Celeste watched her skilled hand begin the process. Celeste immediately stopped her, and acted out that she would do the task.  Chantile’s eyes widen and smiled, gladly to pass the task on, she handed the chicken to Celeste.  In no time at all, Celeste produced a bald chicken, but when she asked for a knife to cut the legs off and clean it out, Chantile handed her a dull large blade.

Celeste smiled, and told Chantile she would return.  She ran up to the rooftop, and got into her backpack.  Searching for her knife, she realized then that the captain still had it. “Damn, it, that ass, has my knife.  Well, at least he doesn’t have my blade sharpener.  I think I could sharpen that blade for the time being.” Celeste said,  quickly leaves to grab her sharpening stone, and returns to the kitchen.

Celeste was bless, that she had not seen the captain; but, she missed her knife, and slingshot.  At times, she tried to figure out how she was going to get them back, without seeing him.  She could careless about the slingshot, it was replaceable, but the aged old knife was NOT!  “Please grandfather, I want our knife back, make him bring it back to me!” Celeste silently spoke to her dead grandfather, while sharpening the knife.

Dinner was delicious, when everything was cleaned up, Celeste excused herself.  The need to be alone was pressing upon her.  She was so tired. The lack of food, sleep, and all the drama that surrounded her started to weigh heavily upon her body.

In no time at all, Celeste said her evening prayers and went to bed.  The evening was very muggy, she could smell rain coming with the gentle breeze flowing.  As she stripped down to her birthday suit, she laid her head down upon her bed staring at the stars, and moon. “I have to find a way to get my stuff back from that foolish UN man.” Too many thoughts filled her mind how to be sneaky and get her treasures back. A grin crosses her lips when realizing the man dug her sauciness and soon will return. In less than a few minutes her eyes droop as she falls asleep.

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