When is your loving animals safe from a DOG NAPPER?



ON: 7/20/2016 @ 7:15 am



THIS CORGI’S NAME IS “DOC” Registered name: Sir Caradoc Haul

He is licensed with the County Rio Arriba, He is licensed with Espanola Animal Shelter in vaccines. Stolen from our ranch for the third time, Doc is a 6 year old neutered male up to date on shots, well mannered, loves squeaky toys, loves people, but not other dogs. And he fears thunder storms too. He is tan and white with black blanket on his fairy back. He has a white spot on crown of head and one between his top shoulder blades. He is a full blooded Welsh Primbrook Corgi licensed and registered in his breed under my name Dawn Martinez with the Corgi Association. We have contacted the county police and state police but they will not handle animal issues. Also our Animal Control is on the issue but is limited what they can do to have our son return home.

3 thoughts on “STOLEN/LOST

    1. No Kev he is lost forever, I believe my neighbor killed him for sure. It’s been forever since we have even chatted. I hope all is well buddy! I am now full owner for Radio Indie FreeForm.

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