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Howdy there!  My name is Dawn Martinez: Born in the year of 1961, grew up in Ohio and Alabama. I hope you find my slapstick statements and cowgirl ways a pure delight, because what you see is what you get with me.  I feel I was born to bring a little piss and vinegar to the world to others.  So watch out, I have a sharp tongue on replies and it might make you laugh?  Let’s say: “I’m spunky and I know it!”

Just a little about what I love to do: I dig traveling, trying new things and meeting different people  and love the great outdoors.  I am a Horse breeder by trait but relish living on the wild side in teaching teens how to drive! My hobbies are race cars, white water rafting in my kayak, storytelling, gardening and long hikes while gathering herbs.  I am earth bound and spiritual an open to many different cultures. I adore reading and love the smell of pages. My favorite rest and relaxation is laying in my hammock in the evening to watch the New Mexico watermelon skies change and then show me the brilliance of the stars.

I have taken on a career in music internet radio. I am a CEO, and part-time DJ at Radio Indie FreeForm a internet radio station. I am passionate and proud to foster globally Indie Music Artist and free form their music free of charge.


I would like to Thank you for stopping by SlingShot Blog; I created this short travel read out of fun. My humanitarian mission into Haiti made me think to create a story, sell it and give my proceeds to help AHAMES.org.   Instead of writing about the destruction and the sorrow I experienced, I made my tale into a ass-kicking short story romance novel easy for all cultures to read.  Then while I was learning to market Slingshot, I found the world of Blogging and now I have decided to create this blog for all of you to get to know the main Character, Celeste and her unspoken words!

After hearing a large response from my friends who love the spitfire Celeste after they read Slingshot, they wanted more and thus encouraged me to write another adventure.  So I am currently working on a series to Slingshot.  Since I am blogging every day creating a story with Celeste, in Wounded Soldier, I am diffidently going to  publish this story.  I do plan to modify it due to it being written rough and no corrections on editing.  But I am very please with the story and hope you enjoy it too.

Slingshot is available through Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1489590250/ref=rdr_ext_sb_ti_hist_3 Barnes and Noble, Ingram, and Kindle, it is available Worldwide too.  Or you can buy directly from my Website: http://slingshotbaby69.wix.com/slingshot  For the WorldWide beautiful people…just go to your amazon site and buy it in your language!  If any of you buy the story, please remember that Authors live on your REVIEWS…even if they are bad, your comments are appreciated, and are a learning tool of opinion!~
Last but not least, I am proud of my oldest daughter for designing my cover to my book! Thank you my baby! Kiss Kiss…

122 thoughts on “About Author

    1. Thank you SO much Dragonplume, my daughter has a passion and specialty in drawing dragons also. When you see the book physically it truly is lovely and unque. I loved my life in Alabama as a little girl, and had always grew up with horses. Funny how I became a horse-breeder when I moved to New Mexico. My beautiful paint stallion is in this story and it was the last time I rode him before he passed away. I hope you buy a copy and let me hear your thoughts. I am having a super time creating another story for Slingshot…it will be in her younger years. If you like horses you will love this one, but its not done yet…haha Thank you again for your comment!

  1. hello, I received a friend request from you at Writer’s Carnival, Leading me here. Although I have been writing most of my life it has only been in the area of my personal journal.I have boxes of my thoughts on paper unread by anyone but myself..A few years back found I found myself at a crossroad.My passion to write unsatisfied led me on a search on the internet.Google Blogger was my first stop.After two years I was not able to find my niche. It wasn’t that it was a bad thing .it just wasn’t for me. Then quite by accident I stumbled on Word Press.I was able to move all my old posts and set up shop easily. and am finding myself very much at home at Nick’s New Niche. I feel it is more of a learning environment.I have met so many like minded people all at different stages of writing development..I see the challenge before me.. This can not be learned from a book, but must be experienced. The ups and downs.Trial and error. And just have a bit of fun with all of this. Anyway, I think I would like to follow your blog and don’t be surprised if I come around with questions. Hope to begin some dialogue on book writing. or maybe the Ohio Alabama connection.. I spent most of the 70’s in Ohio.

    1. Oh thank you Nikgee, I truly would love your attention on my blog. I am learning and trying to get a hang with this by myself, so it’s been up and down as you know! I like wordpress, it’s been really fun learning new things, but at the same time I feel too exposed…but it’s a must if you want to help your book sell. I was born in Ohio, but having a dysfunctional family we moved a lot in my childhood years. My dad was a country musician, and my mother did odd jobs, until she got sick of moving and in the end left her family never to be seen again. I have written a two part series to this story, soon to come is “SlingShot Baby”and this is my younger years without my siblings. So we will see how I do! I look forward to stopping by your blog too, but give me time because I am learning so much in a short time! Thanks a million my new friend!

      1. I have a theory on the too exposed issue.It is not so much a generational.It is technology in the name of progress that has caused us to be transparent.if you were born in the past 15 to 20 year this is what you know.Have you seen kids seem so relaxed with all the new electronics.Their social life centers around FB Twitter etc.They would be lost without it Some times I am lost with it.

        Communication has evolved quite rapidly. Contrast then and now..Then, information was exchanged, face to face, land line phone or payphone, and letter or telegram. Limiting then number of people and amount of information you were able tom share.

        Now, it’s insane. There are devices that allows us communicate with any one anywhere.Sharing unbelievable amounts of info on any person place or thing. Store it Recall it.Intimidating.

        Most of us are not accustom to it, A daily challenge, but it exciting too.Exposed? it’s too late. I am sure there is information on each and every person on the planet stored somewhere. Although it is hard for me to perceive it will only grow from here. Wow it trips me out to think about it.

        I am so glad to have met you.. Feel free to buz me back any time. hope to hear from you soon. Nick

        1. Wise words Nikgee! I agree on all your accounts of comments! I am just learning this FB, Twitter, and blogging. I am still unsure if I am doing things right! At times I feel so exposed, but my publisher is encouraging me to do this for better sales on my book. I still like the old days better because, I can rely on the material I have on hard copy;however, I too would be lost without the technology this day and age uses.

          I live in an adobe home, so I can’t be without my land line, due to our walls being so thick, service to our cells are limited~ Plus I really don’t like using my cell that much, I feel I am hurting the honey bees….ya, I know that sounds odd, but I feel the radiation from the cells hurt us too!~

          Thank you for your words and I too am glad we have met!~

          1. I am sure you are right about the cell phone radiation.. there is a disclaimer that comes with the phone, but I can’t help but feel they aren’t telling us something.. I find I mostly use it to text and the few. okay several on lline gomes .it’s a trip i can do an6thing on my android phone that I am able to do on my computer. Only the screen ie smaller

  2. Hey Dawn, thanks for stopping by my log and following! Interested in what you have to say and will follow you too! Btw, I agree with Dragonplume…your daughter has a wonderful gift! Blessings 🙂

    1. Thank you kindly Melody! I look forward to seeing your blog too and putting my two cents in…hahaha I will tell my daughter that you too liked our cover! Have a fabulous week!

  3. Awesome about .Beautiful front page.Wishing you success.Hope to read more of your posts.Thank you for following my post.Best regards.jalal

    1. I am bless for you to stop and check out my blog and follow me. Thank you so much! My oldest daughter did my cover and that too I love when you actually see it in person. LOVE LOVE IT!

    1. It is my blessing that you have become a new follower with me! I plan to check out your blog too! Thanks a million I agree my daughter really did a super job on my cover!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am impressed with your story and look forward to hearing more about it!

    1. I thank you too LB for stopping by! I appreciate your love! This story is somewhat fiction, but true in other ways, just needed to write about it! I liked your blog too~

  5. Wow! A published author–congratulations! Are you in Haiti? Just looking at your tag line… thanks for checking out my blog and the follow! xLaura

  6. You do not have to accept but I would like to nominate you for the “Shine On” award. Hope to hear from you. If you choose not to just give me a “I’d Like to Pass on it” Thank you. It is a challenge I know.

    1. I am bless that you would do this for me Shirlyn. What is the “Shine On” award? I know this is odd, but I am new at this. But for you to nominate me I am honored!~ Would love to hear more about it.

      1. I have posted my award and completed my process for accepting it. Part of that is nominating others. You may view and decide whether you want to accept the award. There is a process to it and I did it because there is some fun to it. It is a pretty award. The other thing it does is bring other bloggers together. Read through my post called “Shine On Award”. The full steps are there. Thank you for replying.

        1. I would love to do this but not sure how to do all the process. I am just learning all about this stuff…haha It’s the passing and linking it to others, But I am willing to give it a go! Nothing ventured, Nothing gained! As Celeste would say. I am bless thank you!~

          1. Linking is just putting the person’s site link into your draft as you create it. When you do this, make sure you put <a href=http:….com/" Target="blank_" and do this under text not visual setting in your form. The target=”blank_” will open the link in a separate window. That is the code to do this.

    1. Thanks for posting about the Shine On award. I don’t want to be rude, but may I try to get more fluent on this program before I venture into putting awards on my page? It does seem I need to get to know my following more before I too can promote this wonderful award. So may I turn it down for now?

      1. Of course. I did it for the sake of something new and I’ve been blogging for a few months now. It also gave me something to blog about. When you need something to blog, this may be when you may want to try it. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Best to you and look forward to reading more of you writing when time permits.

  7. Hi Dawn, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. We look forward to exploring yours–we especially love your mother/daughter collaboration! If you’re on facebook we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page as well. See you there!

  8. Thank you for stopping by Raxa! I enjoyed your site too, so many wonderful pictures of your adventures!! I too love my collaboration with my daughter. My youngest one is also an artist, so I plan to use both of their talents and promote our fabulous artist in the world. Thank you again for stopping by and for the friendship! I too am on Facebook, so I will look you up! Enjoy your wonderful week!

  9. I really have enjoyed your blogging of unspoken words on Slingshot. Good fun reading, great story telling. I also bought your book. I do say I like both. Great job for your first time as an author. I look forward to your listings.

    1. Cheri, I am honored, that you take the time to read my blog! I really do appreciate your comments and becoming a fan of Slingshot! THANK YOU,THANK YOU for buying my book! If you send me a private message with address, I would love to send you a note of gratitude and autograph, so you can keep it inside your book! You rock Cherri girl, and thanks again!

  10. Hi, Dawn, I’m so glad you enjoyed my piece on how Ray Bradbury taught me about marketing (over on the Communicate! blog). I have known many people here in Massachusetts who were born in Haiti. How did you come to be writing about that wonderful, miserable country?

    1. Merci Dennis for stopping by, indeed I did enjoy your piece. It’s good to get great marketing information. As for Haiti, I was able to help with Earthquake relief. My dear friend owns a medical facility, that gives free aid to the local people. So since I am a cowgirl, I got myself in a few pickles… So I decided to create a short story and sell the book for AHAMES.org facility. Henceforth, I have become the spitfire of Haiti…hahaha You know you named it correctly, wonderful miserable country…But no matter what conditions, I adore it’s humble people! Thanks again Dennis for stopping by! Much appreciated!

    1. How lovely to see you stop by to read a silly Humanitarian Mission into Haiti with Spitfire Celeste. I am excited to hear your comment! I am bless…Please feel free to catch up on all the postings on Celeste. I am sure they will bring a smile to your lips! Kiss Kiss and thank you! The short story of Slingshot is available through Amazon, but watch out…this is the blog of the UNSPOKEN words of Slingshot!

  11. Thank you for taking the time to follow my blog! Means a lot, good luck on your journey! 😀

    Ky. 🙂

    1. How lovely to see you stop by my blog. Thank you, I did enjoy your blog to with your trusty friends…haha I have been spending time now checking out others site now…it’s so cool! Hope you enjoy Slingshot and Wounded Soldier. 🙂

    1. How lovely for you to stop by my blog too! Janna I love your writing, so I will look forward to going through your blog with ease. I agree, the world definitely needs more cowgirls, but of course there is only ONE Celeste…haha 🙂

  12. HooOOOOOoooWWWWWwwwwLLLLLLLooooooooo! Thanks for the follow 🙂 This is a flying visit as it’s now gone midnight…been setting up a paypal account….yes it really does take all night in my case lol 😉 Only just finished! I will return asap. But in the meantime….what an intriguing story you have to tell! I have a brief skim whilst my eyes are still propped open, I wish I could prop them wider and stay longer but for now you have this!! A whole comment, rambly though it may be in danger of becoming lol Anyway…welcome to the Pack! I’ve not been posting much over recent months due to a raft of courses and assignments to complete but hopefully that will improve once I’ve got this latest Animal care course completed 🙂 Not to mention the Wolfie hunting…we wolves have to eat you know! All the better to read your blog! Take care, back soon 🙂

    1. Puuurrrr….Wolfie! A tasty morsel you could be for Celeste. Watch out she might skin ya! How tickle I am to have another Wolf companion visit SlingShot, even in the late mornings after building a paypal acct. Good luck on your animal course. I am sure you will ace it! I too stopped by your site and can’t wait to get myself familiar with your site! I am loving all the creative sites I have been visiting. Especially glad that you have enjoyed just a little of my story! You are reading the Wounded Soldier Story that is not publish yet, but soon to be. I am creating this story on a day basis. If you look in the early part of my site Slingshot story has been published, another banging story with spitfire Celeste. Have fun reading! Also, Wolves don’t eat me, because I bite back….hahaha Kiss Kiss and thanks for the AWESOME comment!

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  14. Want to say “thank you” for the like on food for fun’s bourbon cake and candy corn vodka. You are obviously a talented author–am honored to have you have had you visit.

    1. My pleasure to stop by. Wonderful recipes you are bringing to your blog. I am looking forward to trying some…because they LOOK so delicious! Thank you too for stopping by Slingshot and reading! *blushing* with your compliment. I hope you get a chance and read the older post to understand the story of wild cowgirl Celeste.

  15. Wow! I’m glad you have a need for speed because “loving” to teach teens to drive I’m sure requires it lol. You have such a cool thing going here! I’ll have to be sure return visit. I also wanted to say thanks for stopping by and following my blog! It means a lot. 🙂

  16. Hi Dawn: Thanks for visiting and following Bookshelf. Bookshelf is dedicated to people like you — book lovers, writers, and people who are endlessly fascinated with the world. Enjoyed reading your posts. Cheers. Alex

    1. You bet your Skippy I dig Kayaking. I love to go down to the Rio Grande and rip it! So much fun and the thrill is so enticing! It was my pleasure to stop by your blog and thank you too for stopping by Slingshot!

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  18. Thank you for welcoming me to the getmerewrite. I’ve spent about ten minutes skimming your work. Soon, I will go to Amazon and preview your book. I won’t be able to buy it because I’m in the gutter for the time being. I really like your bold spirit. A woman like me could learn a lot from a woman like you. I believe you’re honor to my home state.

    1. You are most welcome new friend! Terry is banging and truly a breath of fresh air! How happy to hear you have checked out several pieces of my stories. There are three going on right now. Slingshot is my first, then Wounded Soldier I made up every day blogging, and now Bonita Celeste is on the roll. Indeed I do have a bold spirit and I find myself in many crazy situations, but they all come out in the wash clean some way or another. haha Thank you so MUCH for stopping by Slingshot, keep reading perhaps Celeste will smooth your path to freedom and pleasure, but be warned….Celeste is addicting and could get you in a heap of trouble! Henceforth these stories are true and some false from my childhood I just brought them to life to help me find my path in life instead of wondering the streets what to do with all these thoughts in my head.
      Have no fear my book will be around when things are more normal for you. I am honored to have you as a friend at this time! As for me being honored in Alabama…Yahoo Buckaroo!!! But I am unsure if they can really handle my cowgirl ways. hahaha
      Kiss Kiss and do stop by more often and read read read, for I will be stopping by your site too! For some reason I can’t like on post in blogging, I have to figure it out because I lack computer knowledge. Sometimes life is too high tech for me to handle. grrrr

  19. Thanks for visiting my website and reading my work. I took a quick look at Slingshot on Amazon, and it looks interesting. I’ll return to read more.

  20. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

    1. Dear wonderful friend, it is I who is bless to have your attention with my blogging. If you need help filtering through my daily posts on three different stories I can help with starting from the beginning when I didn’t know how to blog…hahaha It is my hope to enlighten the struggles of Celeste’s life to others who may find hope! Kiss Kiss Gede and I too adore your peaceful site~

  21. Hi Dawn 🙂 I just wanted to say you have an awesome blog and you are beautiful 😀

    1. What a groovy banging comment Reading Girl!!! I so adore you coming by and giving me love. I am blessed to have a reading friend like you in my life! Kiss Kiss Baby!

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