Ãbout Slingshot

Wild southern cowgirl Celeste has reached a crossroads in her life. She still loves her life as a rancher, but after many years as a devoted wife, she’s hit a wall with her marriage. An unexpected opportunity comes her way when her best friend, Geraldy, asks her to travel with him to his native Haiti to help with disaster relief efforts after the devastating earthquake. Strong-willed and resourceful, armed with her trusty slingshot and hunting knife, Celeste invades Haiti as a loving force for good…and in the process, she collides with Captain Valis, the strong, sexy official of the United Nations support force. The electricity between them is immediate…and confusing! Valis is a lone wolf who is used to loving women and leaving them; Celeste is a wild spitfire whose womanhood has been unappreciated for too long. Against the exotic and heartrending backdrop of their humanitarian work in Haiti, a compelling love story unfolds…of two wild spirits who met their match in circumstances neither of them could have imagined!
For my blog, I am only adding more information that is NOT in my book. So enjoy Cowgirl Celeste, and her fiction story in Haiti.  This blog story started in May of 2013 and ended in the month of September 2013.



You can buy a copy of Slingshot!  http://slingshotbaby69.wixsite.com/slingshot

34 thoughts on “Ãbout Slingshot

    1. Thank you SO kindly Betty! This is my first short travel story with Slingshot! Available on Amazon.com, Ingram, Barnes and Noble, an on Kindle. I am writing in my blog what is NOT in the book. I did finish a earlier version of Celeste’s as a little girl, it will come later. I am truly pleased with this story, and I am learning so much! Thank you for your lovely words~!

  1. Great short story, fabulous page turner from beginning to end! Good writing and not dragged out. I am not a romance reader, but love the story. Hope it becomes a movie!

    1. To Cherri
      When I was young and inexperienced in the field of love ,I did not understand the sentence elderly ,,pleasure dont have a price,, or ,,take and hold first of the opportunity you gave, , because who knows if it will ever happen again, ,
      That my darling may be called fate or whatever you want .. beyond the world we see there is a whole world that can,t see with eyes , is this other world is the world of energy powered with emotions love , jealousy , hatred ,
      then the internal energy that we dont see but it exists nonetheless and forces us to different things beautiful and ugly .
      It’s magic to find a same person , same energy … and …… leave some for the second time

      Wah ya

    1. I too love to travel! However, this was a very sad humanitarian mission, but I turned it into cool little story! Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by. I hope you enjoy my story!

    1. Well Hello little bird!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and too enjoyed yours! I look forward to stopping by here and there! I agree on Wounded Soldier I do like the daily story I am putting together. Perhaps I will put this in a book, because I am digging the adventures I am creating with Cowgirl Celeste! Check out Slingshot when you have a chance. This story is published and is worldwide. It truly is a cool short story! Kiss Kiss and thanks a million for following me and your kind words!~

      1. Aw you’re very welcome slingshotbaby! I will look up your book, and I also look forward to catching up with your new work on your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog too 🙂 Have a lovely week x

    1. Cynthia the pleasure is mine to enjoy viewing your blog. I am bless to have you stop by and give me great wishes! Much appreciated! 🙂 Feel free to read and enjoy the Characters!

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  3. Many Thanks for following my Blog at naturestimeline.com, I remain curious as to how you came across it, but nevertheless another follower is always good news. I’ll have a lurk around yours and see if I like it.

    Best Wishes


    1. I filter through different blogs finding so many creative and knowledgeable people~ I like to just stop by and see what everyone else is doing! Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Indeed always a pleasure meeting people who love to travel aboard! Oh yes I do hope Santa is kind to me!~ I think I have been very GOOD… 😉 Thanks for stopping by Slingshot and Enjoy YOUR Holidays too RestlessJo.

  4. This is a story that a lot of women (perhaps not girls, yet) can relate to. We have stored strength and resolve, between raising a family and being dutiful, it can be a bit cramped for dreams and one’s higher-calling in life. All is our higher calling, we don’t have to compromise or apologize for being bigger than life. We can be everything a man can (and perhaps more, sorry guys). No offense, but then again, I don’t care anymore. There IS such a thing as a strong woman who is smart, resourceful and pretty. It’s much easier for the world to embrace the idea of a handsome man being smart and savvy. Celeste is —to borrow a line from a Chaka Khan song— “Every woman, it’s all in me.” Bless you, Dawn, keep us reaching and finding our OWN inner Wonder Woman through your heroines’ stories!

    1. Finally a reader who understood my message to women all over the world globally. Even if there is a Higher Being involved in our path of life, us women sacrifice everything we are to do our part in raising a family, keeping your identity, and being dutiful to our partner in life. There is a Cherokee saying: A women’s highest calling is to lead her man to his soul, so as to unite him with his source. A man’s highest calling is to protect his woman so as she can walk this earth unharmed. Nevertheless, women must stand up and not be so submissive to a man. Thank you Ava for a glowing review about Slingshot!!! For all my Blog readers, PLEASE stop by Ava Lemert’s website,buy, listen and enjoy her Musical talents! http://www.avalemert.com/

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