Epilogue to Poco Celeste



J’hara, Prince of the Woods made a comment to his all mighty sister of earth creations, “Two down sister and now this man will be her third.”  Brother and sister team sit in spirit form watching the half breed being romanced by a surfer on a beach in California.  J’hara would never tell his sister he had searched high and low to connect the perfect third man in the spirit talker’s life to become her husband.  He watches with hope for freedom to walk the earth once again as a tangible wolf racing beside the powerful Celeste while viewing the lover’s first kiss. At the age of twenty-nine, Celeste didn’t need potions or spells to have a man fall in love with her.  She had kept to her self all the time to focus on getting an education, and staying out of trouble. Many young men at college approached Celeste to date, but she wouldn’t give them the time or day to encourage a relationship. She endured the loneliness in pleasure without needing friends to venture into the night life scene for fun, and stayed true to her word never to let California change her naive spirit as long as she lived by the healing ocean with a book in her hand.

Since she loved the peaceful aura of water, she was tickled pink to have found a small guest house to rent off the beaten path near the ocean cliff side. Staying outside the hustle bustle beach life in shadow kept her from going into a culture shock. If she wasn’t in school, she secretly engulfed her every waking moment to feed homeless people of the night. Every other night she fed their hungry bellies in an abundance of cooked fish she hunted for the day, an in spy movements the earth girl stayed a mystery to the homeless Vietnam Veterans. Celeste never wore her Indian attire after the day she arrived California; however, she did change her earth fashion to wear dark flowing material to look as if she came from India to hide her Native American appearance when visiting the forgotten men of war.

Her heart weeps for the soldiers knowing political government is the cause of war vets losing their heads, and becoming non-function bodies to society; so she decided to become a quiet vigilante for the wounded soldiers since their horrific memories to kill left them unable to take care of themselves.  For many years she no longer was plagued by the spiritual secret voices inside her head. Her solitude life in beauty and peace is a dream come true for the spitfire until a surfer boy took a chance to bee line in secrecy to her private shore to surf the midnight big waves.   The stormy black evening brought large waves crashing down upon the night shoreline as Celeste leans against a rock drinking a bottle of red wine.  She giggles out to the dark skies with drunken delight to have her college degree as a Veterinarian.  She is thinking about leaving California to live in New Mexico to return back to her old ways of hunting and living one with the earth, when a surfer runs for the waves with his long board catching her interest.

“Me thinks brother that you’ve had a hand in my sweet daughter’s outcome in love?”  J’hara winced in hurt to hear his sister might know of his magical plans for Celeste.  Her all seeing orbs glow emerald green boring deep in his invisible spirit searching for truth. “She will one day soon step into her ordain path brother, and when she does watch the firework show.  For she will be more powerful as a Spirit Talker than I can express with her truth and justice attitude. I do say she has the right sacrasanct heart for my task.”  The holy spirit softens her gems upon her earth daughter, “I wish I could tell her how very proud I am; instead I can only shower her with positive energy for her rewards to stay one with my creations.  Tis amazing after the hardship she has endured as a child, she has stayed uncontaminated from foul energy.  Her tender trusting soul is simple, humble, and bears unconditional love without restrictions.  She has shown me many other strong traits I thought lost in mankind brother.”  Mother Earth silence her self for a few moments, and wisps her last words to her corrupted brother that became power hungry and failed.  “Hum…the education she has learnt in animals will grow and become a powerful asset for her future and earth.  She is a huntress not a warrior brother, so it will be your duty to protect her in the future.  I fear my corrupted children of this earth need her more now than ever; nevertheless, I will handle mankind’s intrusion for the time being to protect the folktales of my creation in this universe.   I will give her this time to bring life in our world, and meet her true soul mate before she takes her rightful place beside us.” J’hara wolf’s out, “So we wait another twenty some odd years?” His sister nods yes as he ads, “Should I stamp her ass with another heart?”  Mother Earth gives her brother and nasty glance, “Don’t you dare brother for this man will hurt her and doesn’t deserve the honor,” she spoke with authority and silently disappears leaving J’hara alone to watch the lovers kiss.



At the end of the line!


Native American woman  Regina Lakota Sioux - fb


After watching the sea shell return to it’s homeland she thought about the life she must create for herself.  “No more being a woods girl, I need to grow up and leave my weapons behind or I might find myself in a heap of trouble.”  The cowgirl hears laughter once again from the “Little People.” She gazes out into the fading sunset of light, and bellows out to no one but her ancestors, “Thank you Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and Lord my God, and to my spiritual Little People! I am bless to be here, give me the strength and courage in my passing days to become the person I am to become.” Celeste closes her eyes and felt the familiar breeze she knew so well in the woods of Ohio and Alabama, comforting her spirit while softly hearing whispering wind words of goodbyes. “I love every one of ya, I can’t never repay y’all for what ya have given me in my life at the end of my line.  I promise thou to make ya proud of me!  I only ask this one favor to please let me live in peace until it’s my time to be with Mother Earth,” Celeste’s tears of gratitude streams down her face as she spreads out her arms reaching up to the skies giving thanks to the heavens. The warm wind gently caress her face, making her hair fly out in the direction the wind blew, when she heard a faint whisper of a word….”Love!”  Knowing why it was said she replies, “I will love one day, but not today,” Spoken with wisdom she smiles with mischief while putting her slingshot back in place.  She takes a scan of water and earth before climbing down the cliff wall.  The last bit of light is fading into the horizon when she touches the soft sand with her feet, and hears the sound of a lonely wolf howl inside her mind.

Celeste didn’t notice the lifeguard watching in the distance with his binoculars. What he saw was an Indian girl who climbed a cliff wall with Indian attire and war paint adoring her skin.  Her long hair is flying with the wind when she steals the show of the setting sun. Feeling powerless, he couldn’t stop her from climbing the dangerous cliff.  He watched the whole scene unfold into an enchanting, unforgettable movie.  The sight was too magical on a beach in Santa Barbara not to share when he could have sworn he saw a ghost of a white horse and wolf stand next to the Native American on the cliff. The life guard immediately picks up his telephone to speak with his friend who is a movie producer in Hollywood about a movie idea with a Indian maiden. When she returns to her truck, she takes one more compelling deep breath of the salty air relishing in deep thought she completed her task.   She gets into her truck and turns the engine on when she is approached by a charming good looking life guard. “Are you an Actress?” the man stated with a smile and is in awe with her mysterious beauty.  She nods no with her head, “No I am Celeste Two Trees nothing more and nothing less.”  He grimaces to try and figure out her strange husky dialect, and then hands her a business card.  “My number is on the back if you would like to get a hold of me sometime.”  She giggles and thanks the blonde hair blue eyed boy kindly as he steps away from her truck.  The man’s eyes open wide to see the beauty’s different color of eyes.  She gives him a wink with her yellow orb and puts the gear into reverse. “Kiss Kiss,” she said to the life guard and heads back to the freeway to begin her new life in LaLa land. Chuckling to herself she ponders on the thought of becoming a movie star while searching out to stay in a hotel for a couple of days until she looked for a job.  She throws away the business card of Burbank movie studios and yelps out, “No one will write my story!”  She realizes with a smile on her lips California may give her opportunities in life; but will the state recognize before its too late that it was being invaded by a spiritual spitfire from the wooded lands of Ohio.


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This story was created on WordPress and will soon be in my editors fingers for publication.  Even though the title is Poco Celeste, the story will be part of my series to Slingshot and will hold the title of: “Slingshot Baby”  Kiss Kiss to all my readers who have been following this story from beginning to end~  It would make my heart soar to the heavens to hear your comments about reading Poco Celeste!~



The spiritual Indian girl crawls to the top of the cliff and when she stands up she is mesmerized by the clear view of the ocean blue.  The wind seems to have picked up when she pulls out her slingshot in the fading sunlight.  The minute she places her hand around the handle of her choice of weapon, years of memories flood her mind putting her into a mystical trance of her past experiences.  The cowgirl’s subconscious begins to fill her mind of her long lost mother, father, an all the childhood memories living with the earth.  Even the story of her history in Alabama with her hickey friend Ernie and Ringo the raccoon presented themselves.  She takes deep breaths of the coastal wind and feels strange as Ghost her magical white horse spirit races across her memory. The recollection of the gelding she found in the woods one day running wild and free brought smiles of unconditional love in her heart.  The half breed whispers her soft words out of love and respect to her faithful friend, she grins with joy to have cherish-able memories consume her. Instantly the pictures stop to give Celeste a few moments to deal with all the flashbacks.   Her head is on overload when a pain knocks on her temples. Picture after picture clicks in and out of Henry’s face with speed.  She whispers out “Papa,” with tears in her eyes as she holds her temple to ease the reality of what is happening to her.  Instant retrospection of her savior’s face comes out to play as vivid and treasure moments showers themselves upon her spirit until his death. The Indian is reliving all her moments of life alone with Chief her draft horse and the last deed of her giving the equine up to the old witchy woman in the woods.  Celeste recognizes the signs of maxing out on pictures of her past, she bellows out in agony too the ocean wind.  Her hand is clutched tightly on the handle of her slingshot, while her left hand squeezes her grandmother’s sea shell.

Celeste feels like she is freaking out and tries to gather control with all her might.  The cowgirl drops to her knees and shakes out her long golden color of hair in the wind, and tries to get a grip on her emotions as the fragmentary pictures speed clicks to one memory to the next.  With loving devotion she remembers her grandfather’s parenthood lessons, and his skills of survival he passed on to her with unconditional patience and love.  Mr. Spencer replaces Henry’s face as her childhood private Tudor who took on the task to educate with open opinions and respect for her belief’s in her Indian heritage.  Parts of her believe without the scholar she would have fallen prey to bullying in school.  She grins with glee the memory of racing in his corvette on her first night out as a lady, and all the marvelous stimulating conversations they had under a bomb fire.  Peter’s precious smile takes the place next in line.  She reminiscences about the child of light’s tender moment of playing the piano before his death, and then the horrible moment in the woods afterwards.  The strange occurrence of hearing spiritual voices inside her head made her want to rip Westin apart after Peter’s death.  She blinks her eyes and begins to relive the tender moments of Westin her first lover who brought her into womanhood. His handsome face makes her heart melt to touch him once again. She whispers out a blessing to Westin for a beautiful life with his new family, as she wipes away her sad tears of recall.  His face slips away into Damn dog and their happy times together. The final memory of her friend dying in the old lady’s house made her blink her wet eyes back to reality and takes note the beautiful color of sunset. Last but not least Gary’s soulful heart envelops her with beauty beyond her imagination.  She knows not why she is being overwhelmed with recognition; but goes with the flow until her anamnesis fades to give freedom in her mind for a new day in the sun.  Celeste stands up and begins the process of completing her Scottish grandmother’s request.

The minute she places the sea shell into her slingshot, and draws back the rubber band as far as it can go; she hears her spiritual guides begin to chat in Cherokee. “I am honored grandmother to be the one to send back the shell you found on this beach long ago.  May your spirit be one with this shell to be free at heart.”  She hears the child like laughter of the “Little People” folklore tale who caused mischief upon her early days of childhood, and smiles.  She sends the sea shell soaring through the wind and watches the tiny object disappear into the sea of waves forever more.


I humbly thank you



In the year of nineteen seventy-five, the nineteen year old pulls into a parking lot off the coast of Santa Barbara.  Celeste turns off her engine, and sits for a few moments staring at the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Her grin is beaming with satisfaction to complete her long road of travels, “Well I made it.” She said as she opens her glove compartment box to pull out the sea shell.   Instantly out tumbles a little pretty green box with a yellow ribbon wrapped around it.  “What the heck,” she comments in puzzlement and catches the box before it hits the floor.  She scrunches up her brow trying to remember if she put the box in there herself. Quiet minutes ticked by while the cowgirl scans the small box and decides to open the present.  A little note hid the treasure when opening, and when she pulls out the paper slowly her mouth hits the floor in surprise.  She reads the tiny letter, “In memory for my Goddess with Two colored Eyes.” She caress the outer rim of the box with a smile on her lips.  Inside the tiny box lays a pair of post earrings weighing over a half a carat a piece. The cowgirl is overwhelmed by the sight of the deep, rich color emerald bursting forth it’s mystery inside the princess facet cut gem, and sheds a tear when her eyes captures the brilliant color of Imperial Topaz.  It’s seventy six facets of golden orange sparkles out to be recognized and honored her different eye colors.  “Gary Sun, you fabie man for blessing me with earth’s stones in a sneaky way.  I will treasure you’re gift always, I humbly thank you.”  Reluctantly, she places her gift back into the glove box from her Texas lover, and pulls out her Scottish grandmother’s sea shell.  She lovingly strokes the object and blesses the seashell that started her course of travels with money in her pocket.

For several hours the half breed sits on the beach staring into nothingness caressing her shell.  She knows her time is near to climb the cliffs to send back her promised task back to the ocean it came from.  Her soul feels lifeless listening to the music of crashing waves and the scent of saltwater.  “I can’t think sister ocean about serious stuff since your hypnotic energy allows me to think of nothing.”  She giggles too herself an ads, “I will make sure to spend plenty of time too soak in you’re beauty; however, I will wait for the last human to leave before venturing upwards that there cliff to watch the sunset.”  She is sitting on the soft sand in her Indian light weight buckskin clothing with fringe, and moccasins cross legged watching the people leave the beach after spending a marvelous day with love ones.  Her red and yellow beaded headband makes the Californian’s take a double glance at the golden hair Indian girl sitting alone in her comfortable position as they walk pass the Indian girl. Two honorable eagle feathers are dancing in partnership with her long hair as the warm coastal wind blows upon her peaceful soul.   Celeste sits silently observing surfer’s on the Pacific Ocean until the last of humans vacated the sandy beach.  Just observing the young men maneuver their banana shape boards on the ocean made her think to give the sport a try; Nevertheless, she did have reservations since watching the water swallow mankind off they’re boards might be something to second guess the power of water.  And at one point Celeste caught herself screaming out for their safety when the surfers disappeared in the waters.

After a while, the gentle warm winds of the evening blew it’s breeze upon the Indian’s soul as she eagle eyes the many palm trees.  She feels a sudden urge that time has come to complete her Scottish grandmother’s promised deed.  She stands and brushes the sand away with her hand from her clothing, and bends down to pick up her trusty slingshot.  It takes her a few moment to reach the rock wall an inserts her fingers into rock crevice to climb the massive cliff.  She says a silent prayer to bless her sure footed actions while reaching the top before the setting sun.  She takes a deep breath and without fear she begins to climb the tall rock wall upwards with skill.

California Here I come.


Never in her lifetime did Celeste ponder about changing her course of freedom until she left Gary’s presence; even though, she knew it had to be done to fulfill her earthy task, the precious memory will forever live on inside her heart.  The huntress wallows in her memories of having a smashing great time with Gary’s family inside her red Dodge truck as she drives through the state of New Mexico to connect on Route 66.  The enchanting sunset of watermelon skies captures her heart, so much so, she pulls her truck over on the side of the road to watch the mystical intoxicating sunset. As many autos pass her by she is sitting on the hood of her truck holding her yellow rose of Texas totally mesmerized by the haunting landscape as the colors change the earth’s surface with it’s brilliance.  “I like this state and feel like I belong here.  I will return one day too hunt upon you’re lands New Mexico.”  For the first time since she left Ohio, the half breed pulls out her calendar.  It is the first day of summer as she laughs out loud to herself.  “My gosh I spent close to a few weeks with Gary, not a few days. Boy did time pass me by under the beauty of Gary’s company.  Thank you earth for all your positive blessings!” She slips back into her truck and drives all night long until she had to stop in Arizona to sleep to be refresh for the big day of travel to endure California’s highway.  She stays in Scottsdale and doesn’t ventures out of her room.  She misses Gary’s warmth and finds her lonely status no longer comforting without him by her side, so she packs up her meager belongings and heads out before the crack of dawn.

Several hours into her long drive, she turns on the music box in her truck to fill the void of quietness.  The radio announcer speaks up after a song he played, “Now catch on to this music cats, another far out tune has been brought to my attention from a man who is taking the music world by storm. Right now he is on tour in Europe, so give me a call at the radio station to let me know how much you like this creative’s man new song.”  Celeste is about to change the channels when she hears the announcer say Gary’s name.  Her eyes open wide in awe, and turns up the music box to hear. “Oh my God, that devil…How could I be so gullible!”  She engages herself behind the wheel of her auto with pride soaring to the clear blue skies for Gary while she bumps her hips to the bass, and when the song was over she hoops and hollers out loud.  After hearing her lovers tune, she consumes her mind with joy remembering how the humble man lit her fire of desires until she crossed over the boarder line into California territory.  She burst into happiness and screams out her mirth, “Yahoo…California Here I come!” She sails pass the San Bernardino landscape to the 101 Ventura highway.  The wild and crazy multi-lanes of travel boggle her senses to pay attention or she might end up in trouble.  She is wearing her Indian gear in honor of her heritage as she flew down the busy highway to get to Santa Barbara, California before night fall.  The earth girl senses the by passers check out her attire from their speedy cars as they pass the visitor by.  She is dumbfounded to see the change in people with their spiked hair, beach wear and crazy colorful garb.  She remembers Gary’s wise words not to let California life style change her, and is bumped out of her fears to be accepted in the state when she hears a horn next to her blare out. She quickly gives the beat up car with boards shaped like a banana on it’s roof top a snappy glance.   She roars out in laughter as the group of playful surfers yells out, “Hey Sacagawea babe welcome to LaLa land.” She shakes her head in hilarity and continues onward with jubilation in her heart almost arriving to her final destination.



I never stood a chance with your earthy gods my shining star!

The whole trip flying in the air returning back to Amarillo Texas with Gary, Celeste is very quiet and couldn’t stop her specs from staring at the music man.  Gary gives her a glance here and there knowing she is struggling with many sad emotions to leave him behind. He reaches across his seat to grab a hold of her hand, “We will be landing in a few moments my beauty.”  Celeste becomes teary eyed and nods yes silently.  “What a incredible time I’ve had with you. Who would ever think bumping into you one night would change my world. You made my life seem effortlessly in sync with you’re mysterious presence. Words can’t fathom the depth of my love for my Celestial goddess.  Perhaps one day we will find a place and time in our worlds to be together. For you are the sun I am the moon, you are the words, I am the tune and one day you will play me.”  He gives her a wink and turns his attention to land his aircraft deep in sorrow to say goodbye to a young Indian girl who captured his heart.  Celeste’s turns her head away to let a tear in dolor drip upon her lap.  She feels the plane descending the glorious skies to the air strip waiting for their aircraft to land. Gary steps out of his plane to lend a helping hand to Celeste as the men helped with her luggage, and whisked it away to where her truck was stored.

Gary had kept his secret about being a world known musician to Celeste.  She amazed him for not digging in deeper about his career and took his simple reply to cover up his mother’s words of oops.  Even though she knew him to play music, she never instigated and stayed happy just knowing him as a person. They stare into each other’s sphere for a few tender moments.  Gary moves her long hair behind each ear to embed her different sad eyes in his memory, “I know I never stood a chance with your earthy gods my shining star.”  Celeste couldn’t bear hearing his words and saying goodbye to a brilliant loving human being.  She leaps into his arms and hugs him tight to remember his embrace of unconditional love. “No words Gary Sun are needed please, for my heart seems to want to shatter into pieces.”  Automatically her fingers reaches up to take hold a mass of his brown hair to stare into his sad eyes.  She gently kneads his scalp and kisses him sweetly. Gary demands a deeper kiss for all eternally from the cowgirl, and creams inside his jeans when she reciprocates with every breath of her magical soul.  They separate when Celeste’s red truck beeps it’s horn.  Celeste throws her Indian backpack across her shoulder, “Truly amazing how miracles bless us huh, Gary Sun.”  He nods yes with a smile, and watches his true love walk away.  Gary lingers for a few moments to embed her sexy curvy hips swing to the sound of her click of boots on the pavement.  Before she gets close to her truck, she spins around to give Gary one last glance.  “Thank you for knowing I am born to be wild.”  She waves to her unforgettable lover and climbs into her truck.  He let’s his tear fall knowing he is going to miss everything about the girl he fell in love with for the first time in his life.

My brother eagle will guide me to the mountains of dreams and from there he will fly me to my distant dreams of hope.



When Martha and Colton bolt into the horse barn with fear in their eyes, they stop in their tracks to the excitement of Celeste’s curvy backside holding up a skinned hide of the Coral snake and her Bowie knife in her other hand.  Roberto is glowing with praise while showing off his gold teeth to Celeste. “Celeste did you get bit?”  Colton’s demanding loud bellow of worry is enough to make Celeste jump and drop her hide in surprise.  She is unsure how to handle the nervous couple and nods no with her head with no words spoken.  Feeling ashamed she lowers her eyes on the floor staring at the beautiful color vermin hide.  Her mouth opens ready to make a comment when Gary rushes through the door almost knocking into his tall father’s frame.  “What happen, Celeste are you alright?” Colton smooths his gray hair away from his face with a smile, “Looks like she killed a litter of coral snakes for us with her slingshot and knife.”  Celeste gleams bright she wasn’t in trouble, and picks up a dead snake with pride in her eyes. “Isn’t it a beauty, I’ve never seen a colored i’-na-dv like this before.”  Gary gives his parents an unbelievable gawk and back at Celeste. He recoups and ventures forward silently to Celeste.  She loses her grin and gives Roberto who is still smiling a fearful glance. Gary takes note her pile of dead serpents, “You’re not in trouble cowgirl but damn you for almost putting herself in harms way.  Those are deadly Coral snakes you killed.”  Celeste blinks her orbs in confusion when Gary smashes his lips against her and hugs her with all his might.  She drops her hide and wraps her arms around him to decrease his worried love to calm down she was safe and sound.  Their lips part for air Gary whispers out to his lover, “I should have known better to leave you alone, so for the rest of the day you’ll stay by my side until we part tomorrow.” She is delighted and kisses him again lightly so not to make a spectacle out of each other’s devotion.  Mr. Daniels makes merry and explodes with wow being able to witness the deadly encounter.  He tells the story to Gary with great animation making Celeste bust up with laughter.  Martha feels weak at the knees and can’t handle looking at the dead carcass’s of the snakes, she takes hold of her husband’s hand, “Honey let’s go back to the house.”  Colton caught up in the moment realized his wife hated viewing dead creatures.  He excuses them both and leaves Gary, Roberto, and Celeste to finish stripping the snakes hide for Celeste to keep.

Celeste had the best night of her life spending time with Gary’s lovely family before she left Texas.  She did refuse Gary to couple with her inside his parent’s home, Gary agreed and out of respect they went down in the barn to enjoy their last night together as lovers. And in the next morning she readied herself for the return flight with Gary to pick up her truck at the airplane hanger in Amarillo.  She is sad to leave the family life Gary’s parents showered upon her visit, but feels the wondering excitement for what’s next in her life.  Martha and Colton hug the cowgirl with admiration, “Come back sweetie you’re always welcome in our home.”  Celeste holds Mrs. Daniels hand and spoke to her in Cherokee, ” do-`da-ga-g`hv-i mother of a beautiful son who I will never forget.  I don’t say goodbye; but in Cherokee we mean, “we will see each other again,” I hope,” she added softly.  Martha slipped her a yellow cut rose from her garden, “Take a little Texas where ever you’re travels take you and know we wish you love.”  Colton breaks up the tender moment and hugs Celeste.  “Thank you for everything you’ve done on my ranch. We are honored to have met you.  Be safe on your path in life.” Celeste bows with grace at the Texas couple and softly speaks out, “My brother eagle will guide me to the mountains of dreams and from there he will fly me to my distant dreams of hope.”  Gary takes hold of her hand and escorts her into the waiting limo, she’s feels her walls of loneliness seep in, Gary gently squeezes her palm to insure her he feels the same.  Right before the limo was going to pull away from the Daniels estate Martha blows a kiss to her son and yells out before the window rolled up, “Oh I almost forgot to tell you son, get a hold of you’re agent before you fly out to Europe on your music tour.  He called this morning when you were in the shower.”  Gary turns red, Martha covers her mouth in oops, Celeste gives Gary a strange inquisitive glance.


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Red and Yellow kill a fellow!



Celeste is the last to walk into the massive dinning area where Gary’s family gathered to talk about their activities over breakfast.  She is wearing a light color blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and moccasin boots.  She had braided her long hair to keep the pesky strands from entering her vision.  Colton and Martha smile at each other when Celeste walks into the room beaming with ravishment.  She greets her friends with a glorious smile and places her slingshot on the floor next to her seat. Everyone’s eyes open wide in confusion as all three of them dip their heads under the long table to spy on the ancient weapon.  Celeste doesn’t pay attention to the odd moment until she sits down and is served by a butler a spot of tea. She loses her smile and scans each person’s surprised face with worry.  Gary snaps into action and cracks up with laughter, “Pray tell my Indian maiden what’s you’re plans for the morning.”  Celeste grins and tells her host, “I thought to take a ride out on the pretty little gray mare again and maybe play with y’all foals, and just do some target practicing with me slingshot till ya get home.”  The music man glorifies in her morning beauty without having sleep, “Well at least I know you won’t be getting into trouble.”  Celeste blushes and quickly finishes her breakfast with glee.

Several hours had pass Celeste by riding her mare as she stops to relax by a little pond and sun bathes nude under the hot sun in the woodlands of Texas. She ponders on the informative conversation her and Gary had till the early morning light.  “Thank you grandmother for giving me the wisdom to listen what Gary so graciously offers.  No longer will I seek different understandings in the many emotions we feel as human’s when having relationships with the opposite sex.  I will say I’m keeping my legs tightly shut until I know it’s safe without receiving another piece of you’re art work; however, I thank ya kindly for adding a heart for Gary just because he will always be my unforgettable lover.”  She pulls on a long piece of wild grass and chews on the light favor of moisture. “So blessed am I to have two men in my life that have treated me kindly. I’ve learned a lot from each man that has captured parts of my soul in different ways. They have educated me how to use my special talents, and being with Gary has opened up my closet door of darkness not to fear how others accept me with ignorance, but embrace the power for good will to the ones I love and trust.” After she finishes speaking out her other concerning thoughts to the earth, she rode the mare back home to play with her little friends for the rest of the afternoon till Gary return.  The colorful foals are gorgeous and playful with the earth girl, Martha and Colton watches the Indian from their outside balcony.  “I don’t want her to leave Colton, I know she is going back to her lonely life once she leaves here. Do you think she would stay if we ask her?” Colton stands behind his wife and wraps his loving arms around her.  They stand in silence watching the mysterious young lady their son adores play in the green pasture.  “She has no clue what our son does for a living, why do you suppose Gary is keeping her in the dark?” Martha asked her husband.  “Our son spoke she belongs to a higher power in her Indian world, he also said he would move heaven and earth to be by her side; however, he feels she would not accept his music life. I believe our son thinks the wildness of city life could harm her in ways you and I don’t understand. Nevertheless, she needs to find her Indian spiritual path in life before settling down anyways.”  Martha touches her husband’s arm and snuggles deeper into his protective folds as they watch the Indian girl run with the yearlings in peace and harmony.

All of a sudden the quiet pastures of horses erupt into chaos.  Mr. and Mrs. Daniels separate with speed, Colton immediately goes to his telescope to view what is causing his horses to flee in fear.  He watches the half breed pull out her slingshot.  With great accuracy and speed the cowgirl shoots continuously at the danger. Colton yells out for Celeste to retreat only the girl could not hear his words and proceeds forward with her wild assault.  Colton spots the colorful snakes of red, black, and yellow, and knows the deadly Coral snakes have killed several of his prize stock with their venom.  The big Texan man couldn’t help Celeste from his outdoor patio, he lays in awe to witness the clear view of the Indian girl do a cartwheel without hands in the air. She drops her trusty slingshot and pulls out her Bowie knife.  While upside down the Indian girl swishes her knife in hand out and cuts the snake’s head off that sprang into the air to strike at the human.  Colton watches the serpent drop to the ground lifeless.  Martha screams out her name in fear, Colton is shocked to view the incredible scene of the earth girl.  As quickly as the dangerous scene happened it ended with Celeste picking up six dead snakes and gives out a victory yodel. Colton is stun to watch the girl shove her slingshot in her back pocket while she heads toward the barn. “Jesus Christ, Martha did you get a load of what we just saw?”  Martha turned bleach white for the safety of the cowgirl and runs into Colton’s arms.  “Come on my love lets get down to the barn.  Here Gary thought the girl couldn’t get into trouble without Diablo being around, he was sadly mistaken.” Mr. Daniels urgently barked out.  The couple didn’t hesitate, and quickly leaves their safe patio to head down to the stables hoping the Indian girl hadn’t been bit by the venomous snake.


“What do you mean by a soul mate?”



For the rest of the night Celeste and Gary talked until the sun came up.  They laughed and roared with merriment together lying in bed getting to know each other.  They’re chat turned into a serious quest to pick apart why the earth girl suddenly has spirit occurrences, and how she deals with the odd situations.  Celeste  is loving bouncing her wild thoughts off Gary’s open mind to give possible understanding as they are engross with stimulating conversation, “Celeste why do you believe your spirit guides are marking you?” Celeste shrugs her shoulders with confusion.  “Let me take a stab at this problem in my way of thinking.”  Celeste inches close to Gary to make sure she engulf’s herself with his ruling.  “Okay too me it seems the first heart came when you and Westin coupled, and then the second one came when you and I got down, right?”  Celeste takes a drink of her hot coffee in bed when the light turns on in her mind. She doesn’t say a word but watches Gary ponder on the topic.  Gary waits for a few moments deep in thought, his eyes widen when he thinks he might have cracked the case.  “Maybe my darlin’ the tattoo’s might represent lovers in your life or it could be a quest for your soul-mate?”  Celeste scrunches up her brow, “What do you mean by a soul mate?” Gary enlightens his knowledge on the naive cowgirl, “I believe there are many types of soul mates that enrich our lives for a purpose.  I read about this a few years back about soul families.  Some believe the soul families are here to help us learn unconditional love, and it takes more than romance to fulfill their mission when helping a human grow. They say the goal is to help each other awaken and heal so each can ultimately rejoin with their soul’s twin.”  Celeste’s is astonished at the intelligence of the musician, and lays quiet to hear more.

“They say soul mates travel with us through time and space, through as many lives as are needed for you’re awakening. The relationships we create with soul mates, romantic and otherwise,  fall into four main categories, depending upon the role that soul is playing in this particular life time. It could be clues of a crucial lesson your soul needs and wants to learn. The different types of mates are Karmic soul mates, the article spoke about this type of mates coming together specifically for the purpose of teaching or working out an issue. They may be a soul with whom you have unfinished business or a shared trauma or need. Then there is the Ego mate who are easily embarrassed when their mate doesn’t live up to their expectations even in minor ways making their relationships conditional, fragile, and ultimately unsatisfying. It’s as if these mates are navigating the soul equivalent of puberty. The Companion mate is enduring, sometimes lasting a lifetime. They are characterized by being mutually respectful, affectionate, intimate, committed, honest, safe, and loving. The key word is “mutual” and they focus on that in times of difficulty, hardship, or conflict. They don’t ignore the natural ups and downs of human relationships, but have agreed to navigate them together. Both are willing to put energy and effort into the relationship as needed to nurture a healthy loving atmosphere; however, it is possible for companion mates to grow apart as each follows his/her individual path. In that case, true companions will allow the partners to lovingly go their separate ways, often remaining friends despite the ending of their relationship. The last one is the best I believe it’s called the Twin Souls or Twin Flames. This type of mates are based on sharing complementary, compatible life goals and their spiritual natures are in sync. Twin Flames often feel called to some kind of joint spiritual work, though that can be defined quite broadly as direct spiritual work, humanitarian work, or simply bringing the sensibility of spiritual work that they are working on. Sometimes it’s safe for each to go into his/her dark corners and address whatever is lurking, and through that safety, the light will spread throughout both.  In any case, each type of soul mate relationship is essential for ultimate healing. Treasuring them for the unique roles they play helps avoid the sense of victim-hood that can arise with healing experiences.”  Gary tenderly holds Celeste’s hand, “I am honored to be part in you’re sexy artwork of lovers.”

They’re conversation is interrupted by Gary’s father knocking on Celeste’s door after the phone rings, “You have a phone call son.”  Gary picks up and lets Celeste absorb his information about the different kinds of spiritual mates in the world. She comes to terms the Indian gods were marking her ass with her different types of men she couples with, and whispers out her conviction to keep her legs closed if she didn’t want another tattoo. “Okay my sexy babe time to get up and start our last day together.  I have to go into town for a few hours, do you mind spending time with my mother till I get back.”  Celeste pulls the covers off her nude body happy as a bumble bee to find the right kind of knowledge to understand, and gives her friend a huge hug and states a yes without blinking an eye.