What? No major awards needed on Slingshot Blog!~


I so would love to accept the awards that are being offered to me, from each of my wonderful people who have read my blog, and feel it is worthy of such awards. But I don’t want to be ungrateful, Celeste, must get to know her audience, before passing honorable awards on to the next creative talented blogger! So, please give her time to get her crap together to learn this blogging stuff, so she can pass on the honor to the right bloggers! Just having you here, and supporting Slingshot, reading my blogs and passing it on to other bloggers, is an award higher than no one can give me!

5 thoughts on “What? No major awards needed on Slingshot Blog!~

    1. Okay my darling creative friend I will do my best to see if I get this right! I have today reached over 500 likes on Slingshot so time to honor my promise!~ I am bless to have you think of me kindly~ kiss kiss

  1. thanks for giving me this award
    I am very pleased that you like my blog
    and I am very honored to receive it from you my dear
    a kiss and a hug for you all.


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