Please Cheri take my hand?


Celeste felt like a heel, when Geraldy translated Valis’s words.  Valis didn’t mean to come off as a hot shot, but had to do his duty as a soldier.  When Valis extended his hand in friendship towards Celeste with a hopeful smile upon his lips, Celeste studied the captain’s face, she noticed his left eye was red, an a little swollen.

Celeste was actually scared to touch the captain’s extended hand. Not wanting any type of contact with him, because her spirits foreordained this coupling. Celeste was bound and determined not to let this happen. “Please!” was the word spoken from Valis. Celeste’s heart melted, when he uttered the word.  He was so sincere, and wanted to make a mends with Celeste.

Geraldy, turned to Celeste and said, “Celeste, you must forgive, and forget!”  Damn it, Geraldy, don’t push me.  You have no idea how much I would love to do that. Celeste screamed inside her mind. No one moved for a few moments, until Celeste knew that she must be polite,and hide her feelings.  Something she knew how to do, all to well. Just do it girl, and get it over with!Celeste said silently to herself.  She finally extended her hand.  With haste, Valis shook her hand, and quickly released it with a shocked look.  He felt a warm electrical charge climb up his arm, just like he felt, when he kissed her hand. He quickly looked at her and smiled. Celeste wasn’t going to say anything, she too felt the connection.

Before to long, Celeste and Valis tried to get to know each other, with the help of Geraldy. He translated every word back and forth, and watch Celeste soften her stance with the captain. When Valis asked Geraldy about her skin color, Geraldy smiled and told him in French, that she was a half-breed Indian. “What does half breed mean?” Valis questioned Geraldy while gazing into Celeste’s eyes.  “It means, she is from a tribe of Indian’s called Cherokee, and she is also half Scottish. That is what American’s call a half-breed. Let me tell you this, she is every bit a true American cowgirl!”  Valis absorbed the information, while Celeste gave them an inquisitive look.

“Hello, boy’s? I’m right here?” Celeste, hated that these men were talking about her, in French.  Geraldy, smiled and told her in English he was explaining to the captain, that she was a half-breed. Valis smiled at Celeste warmly, melting her heart even more towards him.

Before to long, Geraldy excused himself, stating he was tried and needed sleep for the busy day tomorrow.  “Good to see you captain, please don’t stay long. We have a busy day tomorrow.” He shook the captain’s hand, and gave Celeste a kiss on the cheek, leaving her to entertain the captain alone!

Being alone with Valis, sent shivers up Celeste’s spine. She knew she was doomed when Geraldy left her alone, with Valis. Before she knew it, Valis somehow closed the gap between the two. Celeste noticed he was smelling her, and almost sitting on top of her.  She became nervous, and shy. “Hi-a-lee, I must ask you why do these people call you, Celeste?” Valis said, while he knocked her out of her thoughts. “What did you say?” Celeste questioned him. Slowly, and clearly the captain stated his comment to her again in his broken English. This time she could follow his words, an answered.  “I’m sorry for deceiving you Valis, yes, my name is Celeste, but my Indian name is Hialeah Elena.  It means, beautiful meadow…

Valis smiled at Celeste, knowing he was beginning to break down her defenses as he thought to himself…I will have her, soon…oh, yes, I will!

“No matter what happens…I will take control of her!”


Valis silently ponders to himself, “What is the matter with this woman?  Is she going crazy on me?”  He views Celeste try to filter her thoughts in her mind, till her eyes almost bugged out of her head with realization of her situation. What did I do? Does she not trust me? Or was it my frisk job that scared her off?” Valis questions himself.  His earlier blunder comes back to the UN officer.  He had trouble keeping his attention on his duties for two days when he addresses his unit.  It didn’t help much when he was receiving vivid vision’s of his hands exploring the lusty’s American’s body. His undoing was when he called one of his Spanish men, Hi-a-lee. He knew he was in trouble the minute the words left his mouth. The man gawks at his captain dumbfounded and said, “Sir, my name is Hilario, not Hi-a-lee?”  

“Damn it, man, I know that!” Valis barks at the young man in anger. Hilario is confuse and questions himself, “What is the matter with him? Why did he call me a girl’s name?” Hilario overhears the men chuckle under they’re breath. He has not heard about the American Indian women yet. However, Valis’s crew overheard the conversation between Celeste and their captain on the auto’s radio. Valis, didn’t realize that he left his radio on when he called into headquarters to alert them of the possible danger with the school bus.

Hilario glances at his comrades and then back at his captain.  He overhears someone say, “Perhaps, the captain needs to check you for weapons.” Valis heard the man’s comment and immediately springs into action, “You got a problem, boy?”  Valis barks out in a dangerous tone. “No, sir, sorry Captaine!” The rest of the men kept their mouth close not wanting to rock the boat.  Valis walks over to the window and goes into an embarrassed trance thinking about his mistake.  This is the first time Valis’s men have ever witness a weakness from the Lone Wolf.  Valis comes to the conclusion his men found out about the American girl. How did they find out?  He tries to ponder on what gave him away, but couldn’t find one. He is wasting time when one of his men dares to help his captain out, “Sir, my I speak, sir?” Valis gave the man a threatening glare.  The man instantly regrets speaking up.

The young Spanish man named Marcos is nervous.  The room is secretive enough to hear a pin drop on the floor.  Sweat beads form upon his brow, he steps forward and speaks, “Sir, next time sir shut the radio off in your car!”  Valis’s eyes flew open wide! For a few moments everyone of his men held their tongues as they view their captain’s face. Valis recovers quickly and smiles at his men.  If he gave them any warning of how stupid he felt by being caught with his pants down, that would be the end of his “Lone Wolf” statue. The young man relaxes after seeing Valis smile, and decides to step back into line.  It is very quiet in the room when Valis announces out, “Okay, men I need to do something important your all dismiss.”  The men didn’t hesitate they left the room with smiles on their faces.  Valis waits for his men to leave him alone.  He comes to the conclusion he will visit the wild one.  He turns around on his heels stating to himself with a smile on his lips, “No matter what happens…I will take control of her!”  Valis blinks out of his private thoughts when Celeste bores her orbs into his soul.  He realizes at that moment staring into the mysterious woman’s eyes, the American woman was not going down without one hell of a cat fight.


“I want my weapons back today, buck!”


Celeste was flabbergasted remembering the contents of her Cherokee grandmother’s letter. The minute Valis touches her hand, the current of his sexual energy overwhelms her reasoning. She is unsure how to handle the creepy sensation of knowing someone had a handle on her path of life. Realization kicks her in the rear as the half breed has a private conversation with herself, “It was Valis! He’s the one who belongs to the earth. That’s why I was having those dreams and visions of late.”  Her eyes shift to and fro trying to remember the exact words in her grandmother’s letter. A certain sentence in the old letter pops into her mind, “He will be stronger than you in body, but is your equal in mind.” 

Geraldy tries to capture the cowgirl’s attention and calls out her name.  She hears nothing as childhood memories flood her mind. “So grandmother’s words were true.”  The half breed’s skin crawls with goose bumps as she finally grasps the ordain shit inside her head.  “I shouldn’t be here…why did I come here?”  She reasons with herself in worry.  Valis is confused how Celeste suddenly went inside her head, and has a conversation with herself.  “Is she nuts?” Valis wonders, “Why are they calling her Celeste? Isn’t her name Hi-a-lee?” Not knowing what else to do he clears his throat trying to catch Celeste’s attention.  He views her lips mumble words silently. She didn’t even glance at the G.I. Joe man.

Celeste gawks at the ground deep in thought of her memory of the foreordain words. Geraldy gently touches her arm. “Huh?”  Celeste grunts out and glares at Geraldy in a bewilder state. “You okay, Celeste? Where did you go just now, or are you going mental on me?” Geraldy jokes tenderly.  He stretches out his hand for her to take.  She blinks her strange eyes several times at her friend and takes his hand to follow.

“This is not fair…damn ordain Indian crap.  What have I gotten myself into? I should have known better not to come to Haiti!” Celeste questions herself sharply while sitting down in a plastic chair.  “Celeste what is wrong with you?” In deep concern Geraldy inquires to the baffled Celeste.  Shaking her head clear, the spiritual woman gets a eye full at her friend, “Nothin’ is wrong. I was remembering something along ago.”  She sizes up Valis’s massive body in yawp. “He probably thinks I am loco (crazy) in the freaking head? Well, I am so why not give him a little piss and vinegar, and scare him away from me?”  Heat boils inside her mind to defy and control the out come.

Without warning the American woman blurts out to Valis in a bothersome tone, “What ya doing here slick? Didn’t ya get enough of my body two days ago?”  Valis didn’t understand her sharp comment towards him.  Geraldy chuckles and translates her comment in French to the captain. Valis gives Celeste a threatening look. Celeste dangerously returns his stare daring him to make a move. Valis breaks their connection an asked Geraldy in French to translate his words to Celeste. Celeste could careless at this point what he said; she quickly takes a large swig of whiskey from her metal flask. Valis scrunches up his brow viewing the hickey lady’s behavior. Celeste wipes her mouth on the back of her hand, and then turns her attention upon the foreigner ready to do battle. “I want my weapons back today, buck!”

Damn…she looks like a wooden nymph.


Celeste tried her best to keep her composure while checking the captain out.  But being so close to Valis, made her feel like a shy little girl with her first crush.  She remembered him in his uniform, not the black mysterious outfit he was wearing. Without a hat on, Valis was to intoxicating not to stare at.  His manly features were handsome, strong, and extremely yummy looking to Celeste.  Oh…fudge, he’s hot…I’m in trouble,  flooded Celeste’s mind of Valis….He’s too damn young for me.  God, let me run my fingers through his… Her mind stops, when Valis touches her hand lightly, and brought it up to his lips.   

Well, I be dipped in chocolate, is this the same dude as yesterday?  Celeste reasons with herself while feeling embarrass by the captain’s gesture. The only person who ever kissed Celeste’s hand was her childhood tutor. Geraldy quickly stopped the connection between the two, and let Celeste come down off the stairs to join the others in conversation. Celeste was thankful Geraldy couldn’t read her body language, or she would be in big trouble.

Valis couldn’t take his eyes off Celeste. Her earthy scent was captivating him into dumbness! He didn’t want to gawk at her, but couldn’t help himself.  The energy was to strong between the two.  Valis had a hard time controlling his personal examination.  She seems much different than yesterday.  Celeste looked more like a young lady with her hair piled upon her head, and wearing a summer yellow short dress with no shoes on.  As he views her long strains of hair escaping the lose fitting bun, he finds her hair accents her oval face and high cheek bones to perfection.  Time stood still as the silent pair is speechless checking each other out. So her eyes are two colors! Valis thought to himself. Damn…she looks like a wooden nymph.  His skilled eyes didn’t miss too much of the strange American woman. He scans her from head to toe! Her skin is darker than most for being an American? he questions himself.

When Valis looked into Celeste’s strange eyes once again, he felt her spiritual energy telling him inside his head to stop looking at her. He knows not why he answers her back out loud, but in his native language, “Promiň, nechtěl jsem zírat.” (Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare) “What the hey did you just say to me hombre?” Celeste spoke out in a baffled husky tone. She glances at Geraldy to help translate Valis’s spoken words. Geraldy shrugs his shoulders in a “I don’t know” fashion.

Celeste then turned her attention back to Valis, he recognized her confusion on her face and realized he had spoken in his native tongue.  Slowly and clearly, Valis spoke his broken English to Geraldy.  Celeste was able to catch a few of his words, but was more intrigued by his sexy accent. Sheesh….his heavy accent is hard to understand.  I wonder where he is from, Russia?  Celeste picks apart his language to herself.

Geraldy answers Celeste’s private thoughts that Valis was from the Czech nation, and was here to check on their group. “Bull-shit,” she said inside her head, as she views into Valis’s intoxicating honey colored eyes. He kind of looks familiar but knows she has never met the man.  She shakes her head out of the crazy idea when suddenly a vision of a man pops in and out of her thoughts. Scrunching up her eyes, she shook her head in a no indication, and glares deeply into Valis’s eyes. Valis senses the wild cat is battling demons to keep her composure. Geraldy knows something is bothering his friend. The half breed is boinked out of her thoughts when she realizes he is the same man from her childhood dreams.  Stunned….It can not be? Is this my soul mate! Celeste starts to question her thoughts as she remembers a long time ago. Her skin crawls with acknowledgement something strange is brewing.  A letter of long ago pops into her mind written by her Cherokee grandmother.

OH…fudge he’s hot…I’m in trouble!


When Celeste arrived back at the school, she was wiped out and hungry!  All she wanted to do is take a shower from the sweaty, hot, debating day. Geraldy, opens the school’s doors where Celeste was greeted by many new smiling faces. Putting her happy face on, she waited till she met everyone, then excused herself for a shower.  “Do not be long, Celeste, dinner will be ready soon.”  Geraldy spoke to her as she climbed the stairs to her rooftop with heavy feet. “No worries, be done in a few moments, I just want to rinse off,” Celeste replied back.

In no time at all, Celeste felt refresh from the cold shower. She decided to wear a pale yellow cotton sundress, that was light an airy for the evening.  Her unruly hair was another story. She had never really had her hair cut, a task she did herself. Celeste was a rancher and earthy woman. Never having the time to really take care of herself, she thought the long hair was easier to manage.  She loved her easy methods of styling her hair.  The only styles she wore were braids, pony tails, and buns; and since her waist long, golden curly hair was becoming frizzy with the humid air, she put it into a bun.  Letting a few wisp’s of her curly hair frame her oval face, she was ready to head downstairs to mingle and eat.

As she looked over the edge of the rooftop, she had a clear view of the courtyard, where many people were talking seriously.  Celeste spotted an interesting white man, who was wearing black attire.  He was involved in a serious conversation with Geraldy.  Quickly, Celeste headed for her luggage, pulled out her flask of whiskey, and went downstairs. When she was stepping on the last step, Geraldy met her at the bottom and said.  “Celeste, Captain Valis and I were discussing customs, please join us.”  Celeste didn’t have time to take her last step, when Valis immediately stood in front of her, and took her hand to kiss. She so desperately wanted to back away from his touch but held firm her stance on the stairway

Celeste’s stomach became full of butterflies. The pure mention of Valis’s name sent her mind in a whirl. As she watched him lightly touch her hand and bring it to his lips, her body began to hum with excitement. OH…fudge he’s hot…I’m in trouble! Celeste said to herself trying to control her legs from buckling under the captain’s touch. He is handsome more than she remembered in his civilian clothing. His clean manly scent drifts under her nose as she dares to peak at his honey colored eyes. Valis is lost for words when he touches her hand. All he wanted to do is capture her intoxicating scent before she took her hand away. He smiles at Celeste in a pleasing fashion, and notes without her cowboy hat she did indeed have two different color of orbs.

Music Monday! Nothing Personal: The Place That I Call Home

Congratulations Nothing Personal and thank YOU Phil Taylor for all the love you showered upon Radio World Indie.

The Phil Factor


They didn’t win a Billboard Music Award last night, but this might be the beginning. My son’s band released their second single on iTunes. It’s a truly do it yourself kind of project. The single cover that you see here was drawn by one of their friends and the song was recorded and mixed by a friend with a laptop and some basic software. The song has an alternative rock/Blink-182 kind of sound. You can find it on iTunes for only 99 cents (less than a quid for my U.K. friends) at:

I also want to give a big shout out and thank you to Dawn Martinez of the blog Slingshot and  the internet radio station Radio World Indie for reaching out to me and offering to play my son’s song on her radio station. The kindness of bloggers always touches me. Dawn has also written a fun book…

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Sweet Jesus, y’all are cold enough to freeze the tits off a frog!


It took Geraldy and Celeste all day, to fuss and fight with customs.  Celeste was madder than a hornet when she found out that, not all his supplies was there in holding.  Some had been taken, and no one was telling the truth!  Listening to everyone argue in French about AHAMES facilities goods, she decided it was time to open a can of whip ass on them.

Celeste stood up from her chair in her cowgirl attire in a huff, and let everyone have it in her southern drawl tongue with a dangerous tone.  “Okay, y’all, I am so freakin’ sick of listenin’ to y’all bicker back and forth.  Y’all got me pissed off now! All of ya, are a lyin’ like a no-legged dog, and I am gettin’ sick of listenin’.”  Everyone was silent, as they were trying to figure out what the American woman was blasting out in her strange tongue. Geraldy tries to translate her language into French while his friend rants and raves in anger.  Trying not to laugh, he pronounces her words as best as he could. He takes note the stunned faces watching the cowgirl explode in frustration.

“I’m a thinkin’ y’all pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.  I want the supplies by tomorrow, or I am gonna get the USA Military and important American officials involved. Your bickerin’ is killin’ me!  So what’s it gonna be, because y’all better give your heart to Jesus, cause your rumps are gonna be mine in a minute?” Celeste stood with both hands on her hips, staring at each person privately. Scaring the Haitian’s, they knew that she was at her breaking point with their arguments. Sadly, the Haitian’s didn’t understand Geraldy’s translations of her slang words.

Celeste stated one more time in a stern voice, “Sweet Jesus, y’all are cold enough to freeze the tits off a frog! Where are our supplies?”  Geraldy lost it, unable to contain his laughter anymore when she said her last statement to the Haitian’s, his peer’s give him an odd confused gawk in help.  A very tall and large Haitian man in uniform approaches the American lady. Celeste doesn’t back down she gives him her full attention.  He speaks to her in broken English with a strong hint of French. And in the end, Celeste got what she wanted and walked out of Customs late in the evening tired to the bone from all the negative fighting. Geraldy’s heart soars with love and couldn’t be anymore happier with Celeste standing up for his medical facility with cowgirl flare.