“Awe, Cheri, me thinks I have never seen anything as beautiful as you, goddess of the moon!”


After the Czechoslovakian soldier left Celeste, he swore he would not see her again; consequently, for several days he struggled with the light whisper of her kiss. He relived the scene of his lips barely touching hers, over and over again until his body would ache, tingle, with unspoken sensations. He found himself doing stupid things, and not paying more to details in his duties. In the end it left him more confused, and wanting her more. Several days had passed, when Valis had had enough, of the Indian cowgirl invading his every waking thought. For some reason he kept having strong thoughts about returning her weapons.

Tonight the thought of giving back her slingshot and knife, was overwhelming him. Since he couldn’t sleep, he quickly dressed. Left his home with her weapons, and decided with determination he was going to just sex her, and discard her afterwards.

It didn’t matter to him if she was married or not, he was going to do her!  He found himself in front of her school, at 2:00 a.m. in the morning debating with himself.  What the hell, am I doing?  Why the F*&%, am I so intrigued by her?  She isn’t that pretty, she’s moody, rude, dangerously strong, but yet there is something special about her, like earth, and a kindness that I can’t explain. Not to mention, she has a banging body, that fit perfectly to mine?  The minute he thought the words his joy stick rose!  Frustration began to enter Valis’s thoughts when he popped off,  Oh, boy, even you are under her spell, damn it, man, what the hell is going on here!  Valis pounded his fist on the steering wheel of his truck. When he got his composure under control he realized how late it was, and how silly he must look beating up his car. Then a wicked thought invaded his mind, and without cause he grabbed her weapons on the passenger seat and opened his door, shutting it lightly. He scanned his trained eyes towards the building. The thought immediately came to him to shimmy up the wall to the rooftop.  The minute he thought it out he found himself climbing the wall!

Nothing prepared him for the sight he was about to see as he shimmies up the schools wall in stealth.  When he reached the top of the roof he saw Celeste’s nude figure glowing under the half moon’s light. The rays of the sun perfectly caressed her body allowing him to take full advantage of viewing her quietly.  Oh, Cheri, you are truly beautiful!  He whispered. Every part of his body was humming with electrical currents, as he soaked in the beauty of her golden body. What is she thinking, sleeping outdoors like this? Why does she not sleep, in one of the many rooms?  His mind suddenly went blank. Gently he bends down on his knees to stare silently at her for forty minutes.

His next move, was his undoing.  Mr. Sex-Pistol, became uncontrollable when he picked up a long blond strain of her hair, and tickled her nose with it.  He sparkled to himself as he watched her wave her hand lightly across her nose.  He so wanted to giggle out loud, but refrained.  Deciding to torment her a little more, he tickles her again with the strain of hair. Celeste wiggled her nose like a rabbit, then tried to swat away the bug again.  This time Valis couldn’t control his laughter, he chuckled lightly out loud, waking Celeste up.

Celeste’s eyes immediately opened, to the smiling captain. “What the HEY, DUDE!” She shot out, in an Indian tone at Valis. “Awe, Cheri, me thinks I have never seen anything as beautiful as you, goddess of the moon!”  Valis snickered devilishly. Celeste didn’t understand his comment until she watched his hungry deviance eyes scan her naked body.  She grabbed her sheet, and covered her body.  Her head was swimming with thoughts of how he got up to the rooftop, and knew she slept under the stars.

She recovered from the shock of seeing him.  With haste, she told him slowly, and clearly in a angry southern drawl tone. “Dude, how’d the heck, did you get up here?  And what time is it?” “Shush, or you will wake everyone up. It is 3:00 a.m.” Valis offered mischievously. “Okay, slick, let me see how you got up here?” Celeste stood up with her sheet covering her body.  She took hold of the captain’s hand lead him to the edge of the rooftop.  Then pointed to the possibilities.  Valis smiled, and showed Celeste where he crawled up the wall.  He then turned to look into Celeste’s amused eyes. “That’s wicked dude!”  Celeste praised the captain as she scanned the tall brick wall taking note where he could have placed his hands.

Valis was lost, her smile was breathless. Her tone of voice told him she was impressed. If that didn’t grab his attention enough, she had carelessly dropped the sheet.  Put her hands on her hips, and smiled at Valis, “That’s pretty good dude, pretty good.”  Valis’s eyes widen with excitement as she exposed her nude body to him, and the people who walked the late night street, freely. Valis could no longer control himself, he pulled her nude body into his. Celeste’s eyes broaden. “It is time Cheri, only you and I, oui?” Valis lightly mumbled to her. Celeste, realized her folly of dropping the sheet, when she felt the hardness of the soldier.  Oh, Nuts!  What have I done…

Hush Hush sweet Celeste Two Trees


For the next few days, Celeste was engulf with giving aid to the Haitians.  Day and night, she worked diligently.  She was still trying to figure out why, she stated to the little girl, to “stay out” of her play house. Since no thought came to mind, she just let it drop, and continued on her merry way.

When evening came around, Celeste decided she wanted to help out in the kitchen , and learn the Haitians cooking style.  Chantile was beginning to pluck a chicken for dinner, when Celeste walked into the kitchen.  Celeste watched her skilled hand begin the process. Celeste immediately stopped her, and acted out that she would do the task.  Chantile’s eyes widen and smiled, gladly to pass the task on, she handed the chicken to Celeste.  In no time at all, Celeste produced a bald chicken, but when she asked for a knife to cut the legs off and clean it out, Chantile handed her a dull large blade.

Celeste smiled, and told Chantile she would return.  She ran up to the rooftop, and got into her backpack.  Searching for her knife, she realized then that the captain still had it. “Damn, it, that ass, has my knife.  Well, at least he doesn’t have my blade sharpener.  I think I could sharpen that blade for the time being.” Celeste said,  quickly leaves to grab her sharpening stone, and returns to the kitchen.

Celeste was bless, that she had not seen the captain; but, she missed her knife, and slingshot.  At times, she tried to figure out how she was going to get them back, without seeing him.  She could careless about the slingshot, it was replaceable, but the aged old knife was NOT!  “Please grandfather, I want our knife back, make him bring it back to me!” Celeste silently spoke to her dead grandfather, while sharpening the knife.

Dinner was delicious, when everything was cleaned up, Celeste excused herself.  The need to be alone was pressing upon her.  She was so tired. The lack of food, sleep, and all the drama that surrounded her started to weigh heavily upon her body.

In no time at all, Celeste said her evening prayers and went to bed.  The evening was very muggy, she could smell rain coming with the gentle breeze flowing.  As she stripped down to her birthday suit, she laid her head down upon her bed staring at the stars, and moon. “I have to find a way to get my stuff back from that foolish UN man.” Too many thoughts filled her mind how to be sneaky and get her treasures back. A grin crosses her lips when realizing the man dug her sauciness and soon will return. In less than a few minutes her eyes droop as she falls asleep.

I am special, extra special!



Celeste had a busy day as she drove to a plantation that Geraldy wanted her to see, and give her opinion as a Rancher how to perfect their irrigation flow. The Haitian men were surprise how smart of a woman Celeste was. She worked out a plan perfectly for the mango plantation since obtaining materials were very hard to come by in Haiti. She showed them in drawings the less cost, and how a little more hard labor, digging longer canals, and reusing their rain fall, would have their farm up and running smoothly, in more than a year. That is; if Mother Earth played nice with Haiti. Geraldy translated all her words making his people understand that Celeste was a successful producing rancher in New Mexico, and knew what she was talking about. He added, her irrigation was old schooled too.

After several hours of debating and educating the Haitian’s, the tall American woman smiles to Geraldy, “I guess our work is done, you ready to go too AHAMES?  “No, no, no…you must eat something before leave?”  One of the men states with care. He softly calls out to his daughter. A few minutes passed by when a lovely young teenage girl approaches with a platter full of fresh mango.  The shy young lady calmly advances to Celeste, she scans the half breed’s tall backside from hat to boot in wonder. Unsure of herself she lightly clears her throat. Celeste spins around to view the interruption. The little darling eyes widen in disbelief as Celeste views both of her eyes dart back, and forth on her two tone eye color in shock. The half breed was use to the reaction, she instantly reaches for a piece of mango, and puts the fruit in her mouth. The cowgirl gives the young local girl a wink with her green eye, and smiles wickedly to her. The little girl grins beautifully showing her missing front tooth while nodding her head at Celeste. “Your mango’s are delicious sir! Do you have any to sell?” Celeste inquires in her unusual husky voice. A older man with gray around his temples speaks to the young girl in French. The girl places her platter on the table and speeds away as fast as lightening barefooted.

She returns with a box loaded with mango’s and hands the box to Geraldy. Celeste quickly got into her hand-made deerskin backpack, and produced a fifty dollar bill. The old man quickly tells the cowgirl the fruit was free for payment of her knowledge.  Celeste understood about trading services, but they could use the money right now. She looked upon the little girl, and motioned for the little girl to approach her. Hesitantly, the girl steps towards Celeste. Celeste reaches for the small palm, and slid the fifty into her tiny hand. Lovingly, the cowgirl closes the little girl’s palm and blew a kiss upon the fist. The little girls eyes was calm, when she felt Celeste blow on her hand. The men stayed quiet, watching the scene unfold. For a split second the ladies lock eyes for a silent scan. The half breed blinks a few times at the girl an is rewarded with a vision. Celeste wrinkles her brow in worry. She knows not why but she states to herself, “Stay safe, little one…please stay away from the broken down home you like to play in for two days.” On a dime the shy girl beams with joy as she heard the private telepathic connection the American woman whispered out. The little girl immediately gives a wink back at the mysterious half breed. The Haitian girl returns the powerful lady a private note she will obey.

“Okay, Geraldy, let’s go. One more stop then home sweet home!” The cowgirl shakes her head to attention ready to leave the bizarre moment behind. The men were staring dumbfounded at each other.  The little girl happily turns on her bare feet, and left the outdoor scene. Celeste grabs Geraldy’s hand, and escorts him out of the cozy plantation land. “Celeste, did us men just miss something between you and that little girl?”  Geraldy questions her in spookiness. She replies trying to keep a cool head, “Nope, let’s go!”  They both got into the waiting vehicle, and when Celeste looked out her window the extra special girl was waving goodbye.  Celeste views the sweet shy girl as the vehicle zooms away hoping her vision would never come true.

The little girl smiles at her palm of money from the cowgirl.  In French, she blurts out to the back of Celeste’s retreating auto, “Merci, dame spéciale! Je vais tenir compte de vos paroles.” (Thank you, special lady! I will heed your words.)  The men chuckled at the giddy girl. Her father questions his daughter, “She did not speak to you silly girl, why you say that?” With a joyous grin upon her face, she knew what she heard without words spoken between her and the cowgirl. And she was not gonna be foolish not to heed the warning! Because she too was special….extra special. 🙂

Damn, you men! Is that all you can do is PISS all over everything?


Celeste’s dreams were getting bizarre and out of control.  She was dreaming of her mid teenage years in the woods, as she aimlessly wondered in her beautiful meadow. The animals knew her peaceful spirit, they would surround her with chatter and life.  She never tired hearing each of their stories.  As she sat under a Globe Willow tree by a stream of water, she spoke to each creature of the earth softly, and lovingly.  Paying attention to their needs and giving solutions to their dilemmas. The healthy animals of the meadow shower her with flowers and food.

Suddenly, Celeste felt the ground shake as sounds of thunder grew louder in the meadow. When all her friends quickly flew the coop and hid, she stood up in her birthday suit. Her hair flows lightly with the winds as she scanned the area. She picks up her sling shot.  She inhales deeply, and locates the direction the odd scent of danger was coming from. The wild child picks her body up and takes off at a fast pace. All kinds of different animals were stampeding past her while begging her to save them from the fear that entered their peaceful valley.

She heard the fear in the animals warning each other of the danger that entered the meadow.  “Run, run fast as you can, no human can catch us, but a wolf, can!”  Celeste immediately ran faster after hearing a wolf was in the meadow.  She rounded a bend, but the sight she saw took her breath away.  The lush field of daisy’s grew in abundance, dominating the valley with it’s vibrant white, and yellow colors. Her trained skilled eyes swept over the colorful land looking for the wolf who invaded her meadow. Sling shot ready the cowgirls scans the land as she verges forward in stealth.

“He’s over there, see him, see him…in the flowers!  Shoot him, shoot!  He sees you!” A little busy body squirrel offered her the information fanatically.  She followed the way his twitching tail pointed.  She could not see the wolf, but felt his eyes upon her. Feeling the need to call to the wolf she spoke in a firm tone, “You have entered my peaceful meadow wolf.  You are not welcome here if you plan to eat my friends. You are more than happy to stay, but you can not feed in my valley.  So, if I were you I would leave this area before I kill you creature of Mother Earth.  Or, if you feel lucky punk, I could play nice and let you eat me instead!”  She heard the soft growl of the hidden wolf.  He gave up his hiding spot to her the minute he growled.

Celeste had to take a double look at the flowers where the sound came from.  Her sharp eagle eyes spots the intruder. The wolf’s eyes were perfectly camouflage by the daisies.  His coat of fur blends into the shading of the heavily dense foliage. Making him become one with earth and flower. Celeste was impress how huge the beast eyes resembled the gorgeous flower. She hated to kill the beautiful Lobo, but took aim with her slingshot targeting upon the hidden fissiped mammal’s eyes.

Something inside her was telling her to put down her weapon. The wind pick up a little, and blew a message to her in a whisper. “Patience, Hialeah Elena, let him come to you, freely.”   Celeste lowered her weapon, and sat cross-legged upon the ground, not taking her eyes off the canine. “Stupid girl, stupid girl, he’s going to eat you!” The squirrel babbled to her quickly.  Celeste smiled and replied, “Then so be it my friend!” Celeste never took her gaze off the intruder.  Hours past by as Celeste stayed seated with her hands upon her lap staring at her prey.  The valley of flowers stayed silent, until the wolf slowly presented himself to her.

He was HUGE…so impressed with his size, she was afraid to speak. She was in awe the beauty and power this wolf held.  She so wanted to run her fingers through his thick fur, and scratch him behind the ears. When she thought the thought, the wolf bared his large teeth at Celeste. “Oh, bloody hell, get over it dude, and come let me pet you!” Celeste conversed daringly out loud.  Her breath was taken away the minute the furry creature leaped in the air, and landed in front of her face.  Celeste became frighten but showed no strain to the beast. She stayed cool as a cucumber, and allowed his nose to take a deep breath of her scent.  He growls while he digested the human. The great beast circles Celeste taking analysis of the strange human girl.

“Run, Run, he’s going to eat you!” The squirrel announces to Celeste with care. The wolf heard the rodent, he snarls at the squirrel to silence. Then forged on with his inspection of Celeste. She could feel every ounce of his soul permeate with animus, mistrust, and fear.  “Run, Hialeah, run!” Her friend warns her. The wolf left Celeste sitting on the ground as he turns his attention on the tree the squirrel hid in. He powerfully walked over to the tree lifted his leg, and pissed all over the roots.

Celeste lost her patience quickly standing up, she held her sling shot aimed at the wolf. She mimic the wolf’s growl and said in English,  “Damn, you men!  Is that all you can do, is PISS all over everything?  Do not badger my friend wolf, for now you have tried my patience.  Come…I am ready for you and your foul temperament.  The wolf takes a dangerous stance ready to pounce on the human. His eyes glows with delight ready to devour her….when…

“Celeste, Celeste, wake up my friend.” Geraldy was shaking Celeste to wake up. She groggily comes out of her dream. “What the hell, Geraldy you waking me up for?” Celeste questions her friend.  “You must be on an important hunt to cry out in your sleep. Everyone heard you yelling out Celeste. You are scaring them with talk about a killing a wolf.  So, I came up here to see who you were fighting with. You were holding your hands up in imitation of bow and arrow.” He gives her an explanation and cracks up laughing uncontrollably. Celeste covers her face with her hands. Oh boy! was all she could say in confusion wondering what the dream could have meant.

“My god, Geraldy, how long do you think these people can handle this horrible situation?”


Indeed, the day was very long for Celeste, and with the lack of sleep Celeste was experiencing, all she wanted to do is lay her head down on a sandy beach, and sleep the day away; however, with her luck it was not going to happen. The only thing that kept her going, was the fact, she had finally met her grandmother. It didn’t matter if it was in a dream or not, the honor of seeing her, and her grandfather was exciting; nevertheless, the situation with Valis was set in stone. There was no way she could go around it.

As Geraldy and Celeste started their day, they headed to several tent cities. Giving medical aid, and helping the Haitian’s as much as possible. Celeste was appalled with their living conditions. No running fresh water, no privacy, tents made of plastic tarps, yet throughout all this destruction, the Haitian’s stayed friendly and humble.

The children stole Celeste’s heart. For hours she sat in different areas of the tent city, playing games with the kids, and showing them how to blow bubbles with gum. She was happy, she decided to buy a bunch of gum for the trip. It came in handy for the children, who was staving for food and lack of fresh water. One little boy about 8 years old, followed Celeste everywhere she went. At times, he would reach for her hand to hold, but was scared to touch Celeste. Celeste felt his insecurity, she smiled at him, reached for his hand, and both walked together not saying a word. Geraldy commented that he thought the boy was in love.

The young Haitian boy was fascinated by her cowboy hat, and golden soft hair.  He would frivolously touch the brown eagle feather. The same eagle feather she caught floating down from the sky, the night she prepped to leave for Haiti. At times, he would fondle her locks of hair, while smiling at his companions. Proving he was the bravest of all the children to be close to the cowgirl.

Celeste liked her cowboy hat, it hid her different color eyes from people. Nothing prepped her for his reaction when she took her hat off, and placed it upon the little man’s head. The children boomed with laughter.  The hat was too big for the little boy as it covered his eyes, and fell upon the bridge of his nose. Celeste smiled richly. The children began to talk in French to each other, the little boy who wore Celeste’s hat took it off, and smiled at her.  His lips went into a (O) pattern, then pointed to her eyes.  He quickly looked at Geraldy for answers.  Geraldy saved the day!  He told them in French that she was a special American Indian person.  The children then started to touch Celeste, in awe.

When the time came to leave in the evening, Celeste was exhausted and hungry. The little boy made Celeste promise in French she would return. Giving her word, she released him and said her good-bye’s. On their way home, she made a statement to Geraldy. “My god, Geraldy, how long do you think these people can handle this horrible situation?”  “Well Celeste, they have lived their life without, for so long, they just adjust and make do.” Geraldy proclaimed. Celeste didn’t say anymore, until they arrived at their school. “Do you all have woods, or forest here, Geraldy?” He quickly answered her, “No, not really Celeste. The Haitian’s use timber to cook their food.  So to find dry woods in this part, is sparse. I will take you tomorrow to some agriculture plantations, your expertise will be greatly appreciated.” “Geraldy, can you tell me why all those children’s bellies were protruding outwards?” Geraldy sadly stated, “They are malnutrition, Celeste. They live on nothing but rice.”

As they walked through the school’s doors, they were greeted by the rest of the group. Celeste was so tired, but she put her happy face on, baring and grinning it. All she wanted to do is sleep, but food was calling to her more than ever.  The delicious smell of food, made her taste buds water.  She couldn’t remember when she really ate a good meal since leaving New Mexico.

Chantile, smiled sweetly to her offering Celeste a plate of food.  The cowgirl looked at the food upon the plate. Feeling guilty to eat when others had none, she gracefully excepted, and asked Geraldy what kind of meat was layered upon the white rice. “Oh, Celeste just taste it, and I will tell you what it is if you like it!”  Geraldy smiled at her. She scooped a spoon full of the food to taste.  Slowly, she chewed the sweet tasting soft meat, that was smothered in a juicy brown gravy. Celeste loved the taste, and looked at Geraldy with acceptance. “It is goat meat, Celeste, you like?”  “I never knew that goat tasted this good, Geraldy, amazing.” Celeste relished the meat until her plate was clean. Still hungry, she didn’t want to ask for more, so went into the kitchen and asked Chantile, if she could help clean up the kitchen. Chantile was confused, and didn’t understand Celeste.  Without haste, Celeste started to act out her intentions. Picking up dirty dishes and putting them under the sink faucet, while pretending to wash the dishes. Chantile caught on, and smiled with a yes. The kitchen became a laughter house, Celeste was making the serving girls giggle with glee. In no time at all, the dishes were done, and Celeste excused herself. Her bed was calling to her more than ever. All she wanted now, was sleep!

As she laid her head upon her bed, she said her evening mediation prayer to the dark heavens, and immediately drifted off to sleep.

“I’m gonna’ shoot the shit out of you rooster!”


Haitian Rooster

When Celeste reached the top of the roof, she didn’t know what to think anymore. The only thing she must do is stay away from the sexy Czech man.  Silently, Celeste locked her hands behind her back, as she walked to the edge of the roof, gazing at the ocean.  The moonlight was shimmering upon the ocean, So calm, so inviting…thought Celeste.

She softly whispered, choosing her words wisely; “Okay, my ancestors, enough of this, please!….Don’t let this happen.  I have my life with my husband, and family.  I don’t want to be disrespectful to you; but I have been through enough, and this time, I don’t think I can handle this drama.  I have always listened to your teachings, but I can’t let this one happen.  So, I think I’ll pass on this one, and take my next task kindheartedly, if you don’t mind?”  Celeste looked up into the evening warm sky for an answer…nothing… “Please, a sign that you understand me?” she begged softly. She stood for a very long time, it was peaceful just staring at the ocean.

For over two hours she chanted her native musical tune to her sacred spirit,  “Yeha Noha” (wishes of prosperity and happiness). When she felt the weight lift off her shoulders, she gracefully went to her bed. Celeste tossed, and turned for an hour, until sleep finally took her at 3:00 a.m.

Fog rolling in, Celeste found herself, standing in a dense foggy woods.  She looked around at the familiar aged trees she knew so well when growing up in Alabama. She felt a presence of a being, close at hand. Not being scared, Celeste took a deep breath, and took a step forward through the dense fog, until she was standing in a stream.  “Hey this is my place I use to shoot grasshoppers, and frogs with my slingshot, grandfather made me…Ringo, Ringo…” Celeste quickly called out excitedly.  When Ringo, her raccoon friend, did not come forth, she called to her mother…” Mom, is that you out there?”  No answer…Celeste quickly remembered the fog in the woods, the day Ghost her horse departed, and her mother who never said good-bye, had suddenly disappeared. With a sad smile, and wanting to cry, she whispered his name….”Ghost, are ya here?”  Celeste didn’t want to move, she was becoming to scared to do anything. She was ready to turn around, and walk away, when the fog split apart.

An elder of an Indian woman appear before her. Adored in a white deerskin dress with shells hanging. Coal black, shinning, straight, long hair, with soft shapely, brown doe eyes.  As the figure began to walk towards Celeste, her shells chimed sweet music.  Celeste was in awe…” I am honored grandmother to meet you finally.”  Celeste spoke with pride.

“Not enough time, child of Nature, to tell you all, know this:  We are all connected and when one suffers we all do for centuries…we need much love toward humans of all culture to redeem ourselves from past evil done to people everywhere. Men ignorance and greed is destroying this country..we need wise men and women that first protect Nature. You are nature, and must heed our warnings. There is a lesson in all of this, Hialeah Elena.  The weight will be unbearable at times, but you are strong, and will find your path! One who talks to animals…a wolf must learn patience even in the softest meadows. You are the light he must have to survive, and humble his very existence.” Celeste dropped to her knees, and honored the figure. “Grandmother, please I will be forsaking my vows to my husband.” Her grandmother smiled softly and said, “Child of the light,  let it happen, you are Cherokee.  Our believes are different than the white man’s. The wolf is your soul-mate, your husband, is your husband.  Good-bye, Hialeah Elena, know that I am very proud, of who you have become. Walk into the sunshine with brother Eagle, and your problems will seem less great, my golden hair daughter.”  The figure then disappeared, and was replaced by a large manly figure with a gun.  “PaPa!”  Celeste called out..as Henry waved at Celeste, and vanished.

“Cock-a-doodle do”….the rooster cried out.   Celeste opened her eyes, and sat up quickly, yelling out,  “Papa don’t leave me!”  Celeste looked around the roof for any signs of her grandfather. “Damn it, just a dream.”  Celeste told herself sharply.  “Cock-a-doodle-do….”  the rooster screamed out again, in the early morning light.  Celeste yelled out, and grabbed her aching head, while pondering on the dream she just had.  She smiled, realizing she had finally met her Cherokee grandmother.  “Cock-a-doodle-do,”  the rooster bellowed out again.  Celeste stood up from her bed, and let out a roar like a loin.  “Shut the heck up, you damn fowl!”  Her roar was heard by the people below her. The rooster stopped his crowing.  Geraldy quickly ran up the stairs to check on Celeste when he heard her yell out. “Celeste I think I heard a loin, it is not possible for one to be here.” Celeste wanted to giggle, but then told Geraldy it was her, who made the sound.  Geraldy laughed and said, “I swear to god, I thought it was on top of this roof! That was pretty good, Celeste!”  Celeste, just smiled…knowing this was going to be a very long day!

“Oh Hell No Buckaroo!”


Celeste, when backed into a corner, she becomes moxie, dangerous, sharped tongue, extremely intelligent, gutsy, and reckless. Once she puts her mind in a mode to escape, or protect herself, everything gets out of control and crazy. As she gazes upon Valis the man mumbled out his shy words. Even though there is a huge difference with their languages, Celeste did not miss the Captain’s sentence. Cool as a cucumber the cowgirl shows no emotion for his audacity of blurting out “I want you.” Flashes of scenes over take her thinking process how Valis treated her upon arrival in Haiti. The nerve of the man for him thinking she may want a piece of nookie from the foreigner. She looses her composure an chews the man out.

“Oh, hell no, you didn’t just say that to me, dude, did you?” Valis’s eyes raise to attention hearing her bark. “Listen hombre, you don’t even know me enough, to say that to me! Besides I am married, an I…really don’t need another pecker around me!”  Valis scrunched up his brows, processing her quick, sharp response.”Okay, listen buckaroo, this is not going to work! There is NO blending of souls gonna’ happen here! So, take your junk in your truck, and skedaddle out of here! Before I escort  you out!” Celeste gave Valis a brass stare, while her chest puffed up like a rooster, ready to defend her coop.

Valis immediately blushed, he knew he set her off with his words. For the life of him, he could not understand a lick of her language. Being the military man he is, he quickly deescalated the situation.  “Sorry, Cheri, I say wrong words, I try again, please?”  Valis struggled slowly to pronounce the correct words in English, hoping he could correct his crass statement in time. Celeste stood up and put both her hands on her hips. Valis quickly followed, and stood before her, almost touching her nose. Both huffed and puffed, not verbalizing for what seemed to be hours. Celeste was melting, being in the presence of this man.  She was no longer mad, but occupied by Valis body’s heat. Damn her body! All Celeste’s is mind was telling her to do, is grab the hunk, and kiss the shit out of him.

To tell you the truth, the scene between her legs were no different. In the moment, she seemed to be locking horns with her body, and mind. A memory invades her mind from long ago. Her grandmother warned her in a letter that she will meet up with a man who will be her soul mate. Trying to filter all what was happening to her, and determined to not fulfill the ordained words of her grandmother. It was getting harder to look upon this person without the need to ravish him. Why was her body doing this to her? What does she have to learn with this spiritual coupling? She knew if she ever spoke her Indian belief’s to others, they would truly think she is “mal de la cabeza” (Crazy in the head)… So the only thing she could do, is turn him against her.

“Please, I try again.”  Valis reached for her hands behind her back, stepping closer so their bodies felt the heated charge they both ignited.  He didn’t know why he did it, but he wrapped her arms around his waist, and pressed their bodies together into a firm strong hold.  “I sorry, Cheri! I don’t know what’s happening to me?  Do you?”  Valis whispered.

How could Celeste be angry….she knew what was happening, and wasn’t going to indulge any more information to a person that she knew would become a lover. A foreign lover to boot! When Valis saw her eye brows bunch up, he knew she was pondering on his words.  He watched her lips make funny faces, until he lightly touched her chin and brought her lips to his. Ever so softly, did both their lips touch. As Valis whispered upon her lips, “Soon, Cheri!” he felt Celeste stiffen.  Then without warning he released Celeste, and said, “I must go, I see you again, oui?”

WTFudge? Celeste thought….she was in lala land. The breathless kiss, sent her to heights she didn’t know was possible inside her body.  Floating, calm, serene, feelings developed her. All of a sudden, she was shaken from the soft kiss.  The captain gave Celeste a naughty smile, as he turned on his heels, heading for the exit. Celeste watched his back side retreat, she kicked herself into gear and asked for her weapons back.  “I not bring them, see you again,” was all he said, he gave her a wink with his delicious honey color eye, and left the school.

Celeste looked at her flask of whiskey, when he left, she reached for it and took a hardy swig. As she walked up to her rooftop, she was bound and determined to talk to her spirits about this coupling garbage. This was not right, this was ALL wrong, and someone has to give, and this time, it ain’t gonna be me! Celeste reasoned with herself!

Please Cheri take my hand?


Celeste felt like a heel, when Geraldy translated Valis’s words.  Valis didn’t mean to come off as a hot shot, but had to do his duty as a soldier.  When Valis extended his hand in friendship towards Celeste with a hopeful smile upon his lips, Celeste studied the captain’s face, she noticed his left eye was red, an a little swollen.

Celeste was actually scared to touch the captain’s extended hand. Not wanting any type of contact with him, because her spirits foreordained this coupling. Celeste was bound and determined not to let this happen. “Please!” was the word spoken from Valis. Celeste’s heart melted, when he uttered the word.  He was so sincere, and wanted to make a mends with Celeste.

Geraldy, turned to Celeste and said, “Celeste, you must forgive, and forget!”  Damn it, Geraldy, don’t push me.  You have no idea how much I would love to do that. Celeste screamed inside her mind. No one moved for a few moments, until Celeste knew that she must be polite,and hide her feelings.  Something she knew how to do, all to well. Just do it girl, and get it over with!Celeste said silently to herself.  She finally extended her hand.  With haste, Valis shook her hand, and quickly released it with a shocked look.  He felt a warm electrical charge climb up his arm, just like he felt, when he kissed her hand. He quickly looked at her and smiled. Celeste wasn’t going to say anything, she too felt the connection.

Before to long, Celeste and Valis tried to get to know each other, with the help of Geraldy. He translated every word back and forth, and watch Celeste soften her stance with the captain. When Valis asked Geraldy about her skin color, Geraldy smiled and told him in French, that she was a half-breed Indian. “What does half breed mean?” Valis questioned Geraldy while gazing into Celeste’s eyes.  “It means, she is from a tribe of Indian’s called Cherokee, and she is also half Scottish. That is what American’s call a half-breed. Let me tell you this, she is every bit a true American cowgirl!”  Valis absorbed the information, while Celeste gave them an inquisitive look.

“Hello, boy’s? I’m right here?” Celeste, hated that these men were talking about her, in French.  Geraldy, smiled and told her in English he was explaining to the captain, that she was a half-breed. Valis smiled at Celeste warmly, melting her heart even more towards him.

Before to long, Geraldy excused himself, stating he was tried and needed sleep for the busy day tomorrow.  “Good to see you captain, please don’t stay long. We have a busy day tomorrow.” He shook the captain’s hand, and gave Celeste a kiss on the cheek, leaving her to entertain the captain alone!

Being alone with Valis, sent shivers up Celeste’s spine. She knew she was doomed when Geraldy left her alone, with Valis. Before she knew it, Valis somehow closed the gap between the two. Celeste noticed he was smelling her, and almost sitting on top of her.  She became nervous, and shy. “Hi-a-lee, I must ask you why do these people call you, Celeste?” Valis said, while he knocked her out of her thoughts. “What did you say?” Celeste questioned him. Slowly, and clearly the captain stated his comment to her again in his broken English. This time she could follow his words, an answered.  “I’m sorry for deceiving you Valis, yes, my name is Celeste, but my Indian name is Hialeah Elena.  It means, beautiful meadow…

Valis smiled at Celeste, knowing he was beginning to break down her defenses as he thought to himself…I will have her, soon…oh, yes, I will!