“OH HELL NO!” Celeste screamed out while trying to back away.


It was the last day of school for Celeste when she woke up in the morning.  “Yahoo buckaroo!” She screamed out with glee to the sunlight out her bedroom window.  She quickly got up and decided to jump on top of her bed with happiness.  “Celeste are you up?”  Her mother called to her from the stairway.  “Yep I is, mama.”  Celeste replied in her southern tongue while taking a large leap off the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thump.

Like routine the little girl dressed herself and gathered her backpack, and then raced down the stairs to meet her parents for breakfast.  “Mornin’ y’all.”  The little girl spoke to her parents in a happy tone. “Thank ya kindly papa for doing my chores.  It sure is nice having you home.” Celeste pulled a chair out to sit upon and gave her father a smile that melted his heart.  Her mother served her a hard boil egg peeled with toast an a cup of tea. She quickly began to wolf down her breakfast with speed.  “Slow down little britches your gonna make yourself sick.”  Her father said in a concerned voice.

“I can’t papa, don’t want to miss my bus today and get myself into trouble.”  Her father watched his daughter shoved her breakfast into her mouth.  “Have you been gittin’ yourself into trouble at school these days girl?”  Celeste almost choked up her half chewed egg when her father asked her the question.  She didn’t want to answer him, so instead she briskly took a sip of her tea and grabbed her backpack ready to fly the coop.  “See ya later gator’s.”  Celeste kissed her father and mother and ran out the door to catch her bus.  She glorified in the peaceful stillness morning air while she hurried to get to the end of her driveway.

It was the best day Celeste could hope for not seeing Jimmy again when she arrived at school. Thankful he didn’t return, the time sped by and before she knew it, school was out for the summer at noon time. Rapidly, she gathered her school belongings and ran out to her waiting bus, only to stop dead in her tracks when she noticed Jimmy and his mother were waiting for her by the bus.

Scared out of her wits on how to handle the confrontation, she pulled up her pants and held her head high an approached her bus with dignity.  She could clearly see the swollen bruised lip and the missing spot of his tooth. Jimmy pointed his finger in her direction when he saw her approaching her bus.  If she thought Jimmy looked like an ugly circus character his mother was no different.  She too resembled her son; unfortunately, she was taller in height and fatter than a walrus with buck teeth and had a nasty aura that surrounded her body.

“That’s her mom right there see her?”  Jimmy balled out.  Celeste usually was shy, but not this time.  She approached the two with grace.  “How dare you knock out my son’s tooth. I will be talking with your parents and they will be paying for my son’s missing tooth you little half-breed heathen!”  Jimmy’s mom had both of her hands on her hips yelling at Celeste with all her might. She could see the mother’s fat jowls jiggle when she yelled at her.  The little girl took the tongue lashing without blinking an eye at her assaulter.  She was ready to explode her thoughts out to the crappy nasty family when her bus driver saved the day.

“Hey what’s going on here Mrs. Holt?”  Celeste’s bus driver came to her defense. “I can’t have you talking to our students like this woman.  Let me tell you something if no one has already, you’re son is a bully here on campus and probably deserved what he got by this young lady. So if you have a problem take it to the office, because I will not let you badger this young gal any longer.”  The bus driver stretched his hand out to Celeste and told her to get on the bus.  She quickly obeyed grateful to leave the scene behind.

“How dare you protect that creature.  She….”  The bus driver stopped her in mid sentence and fired back at her.  “I’m sure she has been talked to by the principal in this matter, so leave her alone.”  Mrs. Holt became red with anger in the face when she heard him scold her in front of her son.  “You’re no better than her right now and I will be damned if she gets away with this crime.”  Mrs. Holt screamed out at him.  “Well lady it’s the last day of school and I say let it be. Now if you don’t mind I am leaving, and hope you have a great summer.”  He turned on his heels and entered his bus and closed the doors.

Celeste breathe a sign of relief when he closed the bus door’s and proceeded to put the bus into gear.  He looked at Celeste in the front seat behind him with his big viewing mirror and gave her a wink with his eye. She smiled and kept her eyes on the floor of the bus until he dropped her off at her driveway.

“Thank ya sir, I appreciate your help but I hope I didn’t git you into trouble for defending me?”  Celeste lightly spoke to the bus driver.  “Awe, no worries little one.  I think he deserved it if you ask me.  What a brave young lady you are to handle this by yourself.  See ya next year girl and just to let you know, I needed my shorties ruffled up today!”  Celeste smile and ran off the bus the minute he opened the doors.

Life was great again as Celeste took off down her dirt driveway with speed.  When she got close to her home she saw two black and white wild kitten’s run across the driveway into a pile of tall weeds. She threw her backpack on the ground and was bound and determined to catch them. Slowly she scanned into the tall pile of weeds to see where they had hidden.  She could see the black spots huddle together, so she separated the tall weeds to get a better view and to her amazement they were not kitten’s, they were a pair of baby skunks!

Unable to react fast enough she was bombed with the stinky liquid they squirted out from their rear ends.  “OH HELL NO!”  Celeste screamed out while trying to back away.  Wrong move on her part for screaming out an opening her mouth.  The aim of the little skunks were true.  Their funk hit her square in the mouth and all over her clothing before she could back away any further.

Choice foul words echoed out of the little cowgirl’s mouth like poetry.  Spitting and gagging she tried to get her composure together from the invasion of stink and being fooled.  She watched the two vermin’s high tail it out of the weeds and run into the pasture in haste.

She sat down on the dirty ground and began to wail out to the calm heavens.  “Why me? Why don’t I think things through before I do something stupid! GRRRRRR……”  She roared out loud. Celeste was at her breaking point sitting on the ground in discuss when she heard a few sounds of giggles from children being carried out with the blowing wind that suddenly sprung to life.  She silenced her crying and listened.  For a few moments she sat on the dirt trying to fathom what she just heard while moving her head to and fro to see if anyone was hiding.  No one in sight, she finally came to the conclusion she was hearing things that were not there.

The wind softly caressed her tear stain stinky face into peacefulness.  Celeste suddenly felt her hairs on her back rise in unison with the creepy feeling she was experiencing. She stood up and bellowed out to the fading wind.  “So you think that was funny huh….well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”  The little country girl shook her fist at the blue skies and picked up her backpack and headed for the barn.  There was no way in hell she was going to enter her house smelling like a skunk!

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=tHOapOhgXE2b-M&tbnid=JLWVq8I71_6l2M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailycamera.com%2Fci_22987130%2Fskunk-between-longmont-and-berthuod-tests-positive-rabies&ei=Mgy_UqOHKrSA2QWwp4GIDw&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGvyxrLs86iyAFWEfy0t0gm2AvcRQ&ust=1388338577916096

“My god girl, you sang that almost better than Patsy herself! In years to come daughter, you and I might make a good team!”

Taking a dip in the little water hole was just what the doctor ordered for Celeste. And as the little tomboy splashed around to clean her muddy body off she grabbed one of the bullfrog’s with speed and began to have a heart to heart chat with the jumping object. “Listen here Mister Frog, if I kiss ya will I turn into a frog? I don’t want to be a princess mind ya, but I sure in the heck don’t want to look like you?” The bullfrog tried to wiggle out of her grip, while Celeste investigated every spec of markings upon his slimy green body. Celeste softly put the frog on the edge of the rim and went under water one more time before getting out of the trough.

She left her dirty clothes on the ground and quickly headed into the barn nude for extra clean clothing to wear. Since she had a knack of getting dirty, she began to store clothing in the barn so her mother would never know what she had done. Eventually, she would throw the clothes away, hiding the evidence away from seeing eyes all together.

Dripping wet the little girl dried herself off with a dirty horse hair towel and put her dry clothing on. She went outside to get her cowboy boots she had left by the stinky pig pen and quickly put them on. And as she got up off the dirt ground she wiped her rear clean of dirt and began to take on her evening tasks on the farm in a clean fashion. When she completed her chores for the evening, she was ready to head back to the farm house to see if her parents were finished yelling at each other.

The minute she walked into her home the aroma of dinner filled her nostrils. “There ya are little one, I thought I might have to come out and find ya myself. Hey…you weren’t wearing those clothes when you left here?” Her father asked her. Celeste didn’t answer him she ran and gave her father a hug. “Oooo, weee child you stink? What the heck ya been doing, wallowing with the hogs?” Celeste’s body tensed up after hearing she stunk from her father. “I was doing my chores papa and fell in the mud when I was feeding Miss Prissy. I better go clean up before mama smells me.” She left his embrace and ran to the bathroom to clean up for dinner.

The evening was wonderful for Celeste to have her family eat a good dinner at the table. Conversation and laughter flowed with ease among the little family until her father asked her about school. “Well I am a thinkin’ papa you might not want to know.” Celeste took a spoonful of mashed potatoes to show her father she was not going to talk to him with her mouth full. He gave her an evil eye demanding her to tell him when she finished swallowing. Her mother saved her the embarrassment, while giving Celeste a wink with her eye. “She is doing fine, now let her eat before dinner gets cold.” Celeste smiled at her mother.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Celeste sat on the floor by her father’s feet to listen to him serenade her with his guitar. At times she would jump in and sing the tune out loud, but found her voice cracked several times. They both laugh until her father changed the song and started to pick a Patsy Cline song. Celeste love the song “Crazy.” So in perfect harmony while her father picked and grin his guitar, she completed the duet with her father to perfection. “My god girl, you sang that almost better than Patsy herself! In years to come daughter, you and I might make a good team!”

Her mother entered the living room while wiping her hands to dry with the kitchen towel. “No I do not think so! One musician in the family is enough don’t you think?” She didn’t wait for a reply from her husband she quickly stated to Celeste. “Time for bed daughter, your last day of school is tomorrow and I don’t want you running late. Besides you only have a half a day, so you will be back home before you know it! Now off to bed.”

Celeste got up off the floor and kissed both her parents good night. She quickly climbed the stairs to her room and softly shut the door, and then went to her top dresser drawer where her clean underwear was folded neatly. With care she moved the undergarments away and saw her little baby mouse sleeping in the little box she placed him in. Blessed the little mouse was sleeping and had enough food, she closed the drawer and went to bed herself, happy as a beaver.

“Eeekkk…Damn it pig, look what you have done!”


Celeste as a nine year old who did not have many human friends; due to changing many schools and different places to live, preferred the company of animals over humans any day.  Her heart was breaking in two knowing that her mother got rid of the precious liter of pups she raised.  Not only did she sell the pups, she sold their mother too.  Why didn’t she take her mother’s warning seriously earlier in the week as a sign she was going to sell them all one day?  

Unable to decide how to deal with her sadness when she passed the stinky pig pen by, she stopped dead in her tracks and smiled with thoughts of riding her favorite pig.  Quickly she took her shoes off, and with skill the little girl climbed over the wooden fence and stepped into the knee deep muck of yuck manure and mud.  Miss Prissy, the big sow had her rump facing towards Celeste as the little girl crawled over the fence.  The muddy pig was too busy digging her nose into the gooey substance when the little cowgirl jumped on her back and wrapped her long legs around the sow’s big belly.

“Git going you pig!”  Celeste barked out with glee.  When the sow did not move, the cowgirl grabbed the pig’s ears and twisted them into her strong grip, sending the pig forward in a fast pace movement to get the girl off her back. Bucking, kicking and squealing the sow ran around in the deep mud trying to unload the little girl off her back. Celeste held on for dear life while giggling with the thrill of riding by the seat of her pants. 

Nothing prepared Celeste when the sow finally ran out of breath.  The pig quickly laid her body down on the muddy surface and began to roll around.  Celeste jumped off the pig’s back in time; however she fell to her dirty doom planting her face into the yuck. “Eeekkk…Damn it pig, look what you have done!”  Celeste wasn’t mad, she laughed and picked herself up out of the mud while trying to clear the junk from her vision and mouth with her dirty stinky hands.  She slowly went over to the wooden fence and climbed over it to exit the muddy pen.

She knew the only way to get the mud off is to take a dip into the cow trough. With haste the tomboy began to strip off her dirty clothing while heading to the metal contained water hole. She put her dirty clothes on the ground and quickly jumped into the three feet deep water, sending the frogs to jump out of the water hole to sit on the three inch rim of the container while the little girl kicked and splashed with delight.  


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=M3unK-b-VGYnyM&tbnid=65gnY9lzERcFnM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.saddlebackpigs.co.uk%2Findex_newspage_2011.html&ei=oma4UsnmNOLM2AW9ioCYCA&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGTrfrQmckzf-906g5k9D38qF1qEA&ust=1387902910241912


“How could ya’ mama? They were my friends.” She softly whimpered.


The basket that Celeste took to gather eggs were filled to the rim with fresh farm eggs.  She headed for the house while whistling for her pack of puppy friends to surface.  She wanted to share an egg with them, but they were nowhere in sight.  Whistling louder she looked around the ranch for any sign of them until she reached the front door to her home.

“I’m home!”  She announced out loud when walking into the house.  Her father came out of his bedroom with a huge smile upon his face.  She quickly put her basket of eggs on the table and ran into her father’s loving arms. “Papa I missed ya so much!”  Celeste said with excitement. “Ooo we child, you’re growing up!  Before ya’ know it girl ya’ will be taller than me.” He said in a heavy southern drawl while picking her up into his arms and hugging her deeply. 

As Celeste gave her father a happy face she quickly kissed his cheek.  “I’m glad you are home daddy.”  When she completed her sentence her mother came out of her bedroom with tears in her eyes. “Celeste please go back outside while I speak with your father some more.”  Celeste gave her father a inquisitive look. “Okay mama, but I think you two shouldn’t fight.  It’s not good for your health; besides daddy is a big boy now and shouldn’t be scolded.”  She gave her father a kiss on his cheek and then wiggled out of his strong bear hug. “Since when did you git so smart?”  Her father joked with her and tickled her lightly on the nose with his finger.

“Well papa, I am nine years old, and I do go to school for learning.”  Her father ruffled her long hair up at the crown of her head and said in a serious tone.  “Well git going outside you smart girl and I will see you for dinner.”  He gently hugged his daughter one more time and kissed her on the forehead.  When she turned to leave she asked her mother a question.  “Mama where are the pups?  I didn’t see them anywhere?”  

“Gone…I sold them all to a man who wanted the whole litter.”  Celeste was dumbfounded hearing her mother bark out her reply so quickly.  “How could ya’ mama?  They were my friends.”  She softly whimpered.  “Go Celeste!” Her mother stated firmly.  The little country girl walked away from her parents with her head down low.  The minute she shut the door she ran for the barn with tears in her eyes, and went to the tack room to clean her leather saddle, while worrying where her friends ended up.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=M-Rcj5qzuZ9NRM&tbnid=WgIulOp9H36AlM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.puppyoverload.com%2Fcategory%2Fbreed%2Fcoonhound%2Fpage%2F2%2F&ei=kOi2UubdAcmh2gWuxYCADA&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEh389M1bSMQZwie9g4DNkxYn4Teg&ust=1387805007115222

“Hi ya’ boy! Ready to get all gussy up?”


When Celeste arrived home after school was out, she noticed her father’s car was in the driveway.  The little girl ran home with joy in her heart while yelling out her papa’s name down her driveway.  She was ready to jump into his strong arms when she reached her home; however, her father did not hear her.  She came to a halt by the porch steps, and could hear her parents arguing with one another.  She smiled to hear her father’s southern drawl and curse words flowing out like music.  Not wanting to bother them in their heated discussion, she decided to go do her chores and then come back later to say hello.

She quickly threw her backpack on the ground and headed to the barn.  Her thoughts were on jumping into a huge hay mound they fed their milking cows with.  The stack of hay was situated in the middle of the massive barns floor.  She never tired of jumping and playing in the hay.

Each step the little tomboy took up the tall ladder brought her closer to the exhilaration feeling of flying in the air.   The minute her tiny feet touched the top of the floor, she took a deep breath and jumped off the high level with glee into the waiting pile of hay.  She giggled with joy as she watched the dust particles settle, all of a sudden she heard loud voices.  Staying quiet she covered herself with the hay so no one would see her.

“You better be careful Dale, they’ll find out that you are a pervert when you drink and have a record with the law.”  A male’s voice stated out with concern.  “Shit, if ya’ don’t keep your mouth shut, I won’t have a job any longer.  So shut your dab burn trap!”  Dale yelled at the other man. Celeste didn’t understand what the word pervert meant.  She scrunched up her brow in thought and then watched the men leave the barn.  When the coast was clear she quietly and quickly got the heck out of the hay stack and went to see her horse.

Celeste immediately looked around making sure the men did not see her.  Ghost was waiting for her in his stall when she arrived.  “Hi ya’ boy! Ready to get all gussy up.”  Lightly she touched her white gelding’s muzzle as she spoke softly to him and then kissed his nose.  Unlocking the door to his stall, she turned her back on the horse and went into her tack room and pulled out the horse’s grooming brush.

Ghost knew the routine, he opened the stall door with his muzzle and walked over willingly and stood still waiting to be groomed.  The minute she turned around she smiled with peace.  She loved this horse more than anyone in the world.  As she began to brush the beautiful gelding’s coat she spoke to him gently telling him about her awful day at school.

After she completed her task, she put the horse back into his stall forgetting to lock the door, and headed back to the house to see her father. When she arrived, she could still hear her parents fighting, so she decided to grab a basket and headed out towards the chicken coop to get the daily eggs.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=wPqPyUjwSV5PnM&tbnid=g_coLA-PAIil3M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.etsy.com%2Flisting%2F114510912%2Flittle-cowboy-with-horse-called-little&ei=r661UtH9Bqjw2QWn2oCoDQ&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFBZNj5zRVGyAY5c5kN5-wRIoA_9w&ust=1387724676413872

“I will be keeping an eye out on you, so I think you better watch your P’s and Q’s girl. Do I make myself clear?” She quickly stated firmly, “Yes sir!”


The next day Celeste got up early enough to do all her chores.  She was ready in time for her bus.  As she waited for the bus to stop to pick her up, she got nervous knowing she was going to be chewed out by her teacher and principal for what happened to Jimmy.

When the bus finally stopped, she placed one foot at a time slowly onto the steps of the bus and sat in the front seat.  The minute the bus driver shut the doors she could hear everyone’s whispers about the incident at school.  The ride was unbearable to Celeste; but at least she had put her hair up into a pony tail so no one could see the bald spot Jimmy created.

She was ready to bounce off the walls with nervous energy when the bus pulled up to the school.  Embarking off the bus she headed straight inside the school’s building.  Usually she would play outside looking for bugs and cool insect before the bell rang and school was in session, but not today.  She headed for the principal’s office to get the situation over with like a responsible big girl.

She was quickly greeted by her angry teacher the minute she opened the office door.  “How dare you not stay after school Celeste! I want you to go and sit into the principal’s room before you decide to take off again.”  Miss Hodge escorted Celeste into his room and said before she closed the door.  “You should have told me your mother does not drive Celeste, then I would have understood why you couldn’t stay after school; nevertheless you knocked out Jimmy’s tooth so that is another story!  Do I make myself clear young lady?”  Celeste nodded her head yes and didn’t say a word except to look down upon the ground with guilt in her heart.  Miss Hodge closed the door knowing Celeste would not say a word.

Celeste sat in a chair shuffling her feet with anticipation, her stomach was feeling sick with fear. Time seemed to tick by slowly when the door finally opened up. Mr Hanna didn’t utter a word when he walked into his room, he quickly took note how guilty the little girl looked.  To Celeste, his boots click on the floor hard like an Elephant as he stomped around his desk to sit in his big chair.  She could feel he was ready to give her a tongue lashing when he sat down and stared at her for a few moments silently before speaking firmly to her.

Mr. Hanna cleared his deep throat, “I heard you disobeyed your teacher yesterday Celeste?” Celeste kept her eyes on the ground not answering his question.  “Also, I heard that you knocked out a boy’s tooth by tripping him in your classroom.”  Still she didn’t speak up to give him an answer, she sat silently with her hands in her lap. “I will not stand by and let you torment our students like this young lady.  I looked up your records and found that you are a good student when you apply yourself, but your out burst of meanness is unacceptable in my school.” He waited to receive an answer but none came.  “Since there is only two days left of school, I really can’t do anything about it.  Know this, I will kick you out of school if I have anymore trouble with you the next coming school year!  Bullying is not allowed in our school Celeste.”

Celeste began to mumble under her breath.  “Right…Mister, tell that to poopy head Jimmy and all of his Goonie’s.”  “Did you just call me a Goonie young lady?”  Celeste slowly lifted her head high to look at the principal.  Mr. Hanna was shocked to see the dangerous look the fourth grader gave him. In reality it scared him to see the dark side.  He wanted to blink his eyes when he could vividly see her angry eyes swirling with different colors of green and gold, and the power he felt from her essence began to fill the room to explosion.

As she sat for a few seconds staring at her principal, and daring him to say another word, thoughts began to explode inside her mind.  She showed no backing down when a voice inside her head said softly, “Control little one!”  She listened and took a deep breath, slowly releasing the air to get her crap together to speak.  She said with stern conviction in her voice, “No, sir sorry sir, I did not say that about you.”

Mr. Hanna was still stunned to silence regarding what he felt and saw with the little girl’s energy. He blinked himself to awareness when he saw her cast her eyes back down on the ground.  “I will be keeping an eye out on you, so I think you better watch your P’s and Q’s girl.  Do I make myself clear?”  She quickly stated firmly, “Yes sir!”  “Go back to class and behave now,” Mr. Hanna responded with haste.

Getting out of the chair of doom, she headed to her classroom that was already in session.  No words were uttered when she entered the class; unfortunately, she noticed all the snickers on her peer’s faces.  She immediately went to her desk and stayed quiet for the rest of the day. She was so happy to see Jimmy did not show up today, but she scowled at his friends before she sat down and started to pull out her English book.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=LQabD_-rlXLd0M&tbnid=zRBZcxidBu2LEM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.heraldsun.com.au%2Fnews%2Fnational%2Fkids-listen-to-mum-dont-lieunless-youre-at-work%2Fstory-fndo48ca-1226516715001&ei=_hqzUp-OKc6J2AXB-IBY&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFl6xto0xGq_wRddwnDX8OMAx6hmA&ust=1387555920191019

Celeste’s mother




Celeste got up and went to hug her mother before wanting to head back out to the barn to see her horse.  “Thank ya mama for the goodies and making me feel better. I am a good girl and I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I am getting tired of being picked on. Can I go back outside mama or do we have more to talk about?”  Celeste’s mother nodded her head in agreement and watched her little daughter walk out of the house.

As she sat at the dinning room table pondering how her daughter finds herself in all kinds of trouble, she softly stated to herself. “She is so much like my father and her Cherokee grandmother.  Maybe I should let her go live with my father.  They get along so well, perhaps he can reach her where I can not? God knows her father is never around enough to help me raise the tomboy. Besides, he is probably out fornicating with other women, which is nothing unusual.”

Celeste’s mother was a humble looking lass, with long curly brown hair, tall in height and slender in body frame.  It was her gorgeous large almond shaped hazel color eyes that made her pretty to look at. She was full blooded Scottish and took after her mother in looks. But she was not a sociable person and preferred to stay a lone in her own little world.

Both her parents were an odd couple.  Her father was a very tall man who stood over six feet tall and was robust in body.  He had green eyes and red hair, and was a superb huntsman.  On his spare time he adored working in his barn with different kinds of tractor motors, and love to do woodcarving.  He was born and raised in Ohio and had lived off the land all his life.

Her mother was a sickly woman.  Kind in soul and loving heart, she always gave unconditional christian love to anyone less fortunate.  She was small and round in body frame, with light brown hair and beautiful almond shape hazel eyes. She loved growing herbs and produce, and enjoyed storing the food for winter.  Due to her being a sickly person most of her life, she was seldom seen and had died at an early age. 

Celeste’s mother never learned to drive; because of being in a horrible auto accident with her teenage friends that scared her to death. The accident left her mentally unstable for the rest of her life.  One day, she was picked up by her girlfriends to go to the quarry.  The teenage girls tried to find relief from the hot humid Ohio weather, so they all piled into a car and went swimming for the day.

After being at the quarry all day swimming and playing in the sun, they all piled into the car to return home.  The driver behind the wheel simply fell asleep while all the other passengers were resting.  The next thing Celeste’s mom knew, she woke up in a daze from being thrown out of the car in some bushes.  As she picked herself up and got out of the bush she saw the burning auto and slowly started to walk over to the smoldering automobile with deep cut and scratches upon her face.

The emergency people and police who surrounded the vehicle were amazed to see the bashed up girl walk up to the auto in a daze.  They were astonished to see she was the only one who survived the deadly crash.  When Celeste’s mother saw her burnt friends it forever changed her mentally, causing her mother to faze in an out of forget fullness for the rest of her life.

Celeste’s mother was interrupted out of her thoughts when Mrs Sutherland the next door neighbor knocked on her door.  She got up and opened the door to the smiling elderly woman who had one of her delicious pound cakes. The elderly lady was the only woman Celeste’s mother would talk too, other than that she stayed to herself and very rarely was sociable.

“You must face the music of your actions and deal with them with your head lifted high; even if no one listens, at least you spoke your peace.”


“Why do I get myself in this kind of trouble every time I go to a new school?”  Celeste pondered on her question for a few moments when her thoughts triggered onto the students on the bus. She could hear every word spoken how she put the hurt on the school’s bully.  She sunk deeper in her bus seat trying not to be noticed.  The bus driver watched the little embarrassed Celeste slide down in her seat.  His heart went out to her, he knew she never bothered anyone. Always staying to herself and never causing a scene with anyone.  Yet he knew there was something different about her than all the other children when she first stepped onto his bus. “Okay, that’s enough chatter back there you bunch of birds.”  The bus driver bellowed out.

Celeste looked at her bus driver through the big mirror he used to keep an eye out of all the students who rode on the bus.  He winked at her and smile.  She stayed solemn and didn’t look at him again until he stopped the big bus in front of her driveway to let her out.

“Thank you,” she weakly stated to her bus driver and ran off the bus the minute the door opened up. She didn’t wait for a reply she high tailed it with speed straight for the barn.  As she by passed her home she threw her backpack on the ground and ran for the big milking barn that housed her only true friend.

Happy to see her friend waiting for her, she quickly ran to the white gelding horse and hugged him with all her might while she immediately began to pour out her achy heart to the equine. “I am in a heap of trouble boy.  Why do kids treat me like this?  Don’t they know Ghost I bleed and hurt just like them?”  The nine year old lifted her teary eyes to her friend’s muzzle and kissed the softness, and then quickly took a deep breath of his horse scent. “I’m a thinkin’ I’m going to get my butt whipped for this one boy; because, I really did a bad thing today to pissy butt Jimmy.”  Ghost nickered a response to the little girl and flipped his lip in the air making a funny noise.

“Silly boy, you sure do know how to make me smile and make all the bad things go away. I love ya’ Ghost.  Whatever will I ever do without ya’?”  Ghost curled his head and touched her body with his head when she hugged him deeply.  “I swear boy if I was a horse I would kick the shit out of them all and teach them some manners!”  

“Celeste!”  She heard her mother call out.  “Oh no Ghost hide me quick!”  Celeste’s was nervous and wide eyed when she spoke out to Ghost, the beast shook his mighty head no. “Damn horse, some friend you turned out to be!”  She couldn’t decide what to do, but knew she could not hide from her mother.  She had to deal with the consequences of her actions sooner or later, so why not now and get it over with.  “Wish me luck boy, cause I’m a thinkin’ mama is gonna use the belt on me this time!”  The horse didn’t say anything, Celeste threw him some hay to eat and walked out of the barn ready to deal with the situation like a big girl.

Celeste’s mother was standing with both hands on her hips, looking like a ferocious rooster ready to peck her eyes out, when her daughter came out of the barn.  As Celeste approached her mother with a guilty look upon her face, she placed her eyes on the ground until she was standing in front of her mom ready to listen to an ear full of I told you so’s.

Instead, her mother did not scold or yell at her. She enfolded her little daughter into her loving arms.  Celeste gladly needed and wanted the hug from her mother, but was surprised she didn’t yell at her. “Mama, I am sorry.  I didn’t mean to do those things in school.”  Her mother squeezed her tightly and said.  “Celeste it’s not like you to be cruel to other people.  I know you have a hard time going to many different school’s, and not to mention you are very different than most young kids.  But you were to stay after school today. Your teacher Miss Hodge called me on the phone and filled me in on what happened.” 

Celeste looked up at her mother while being hugged. “Mama I didn’t mean to do it, it happen by accident. Pissy ass Jimmy got what was coming to him, please believe me I didn’t mean to hurt him. I couldn’t stay after school either mama, how was I gonna get home if I stayed?  You don’t drive.  Anyways, I was so scared I got crazy thoughts in my head to run.  So I did!”  She hugged her mom tightly.  

“Celeste you must stop talking like that!  Your picking up your father’s nasty talk and it’s not lady like for you to speak in that kind of language. So curb your tongue little one or I will wash it out with soap.  You can not do things like this in school Celeste.  Come let’s go to the house and have some tea and cookies then we can talk about this drama together.”  

They both walked hand and hand towards the farm house.  Celeste quickly opened the door for her mother then she followed closing the door behind her.  “Sit here and I will get our goodies.” Celeste sat at the dinning room table waiting for her mother’s return.  She bowed her head at the table whispering words to herself about the situation she caused and how she was going to get out of it, when she heard her mother yell out.  

“What the heck?  Celeste you have a bald spot on top of your head!”  Celeste looked at her mother when she lightly placed the tray of tea and cookies on the table, and touched her bald spot with her hand. “That’s why mama I lost my head.  Jimmy put gum in my hair and then cut it when I couldn’t get it out.  All of a sudden mama I went cuckoo in the head and got madder than a hornet when he cut my hair.  The next thing I knew mom, I opened a can of whip ass on him.”

 “Celeste, I told you to mind your words young lady! Your teacher didn’t say anything about Jimmy cutting your hair.  She only told me that you bullied one of your peers today and did not stay after school.”  She softly poured her daughter some tea and added a few sugar cookies on her saucer.  Celeste picked up her cookie and began to nibble on it.  “I know you are not a mean spirited child daughter.  People can be so cruel at times. Sometimes it takes a bigger and better person to hold back their anger, and believe karma has it’s way of paying them back later in life. You know daughter you must learn to tell on the ones who are causing you pain, and stop taking all the blame for all that is happening. Why didn’t you tell Miss Hodge what really happened?”  

“I ain’t no snitch mama!  Why should I defend myself when other’s will believe what they want too?”  Her mother looked at her daughter sternly.  “Daughter it is important to tell your side of the story no matter what!”   Celeste didn’t answer her, she kept eating her cookie and then took a sip of tea.

“What does karma mean mama?”  Celeste finally replied.  “It means daughter, when someone’s bad energy forces them to do things that are not healthy, and by their actions they tend to have bad things happen to them later on in life.  It may not be now, but it is sure to creep up on them later in their life.  As for the good, when you do good things, good stuff comes back at you and rewards you with the splendors.  I think it’s call positive thinking and energy.  Do you understand?”  She softly asked her daughter.

“Yes mama I do, so maybe that is why Jimmy’s tooth was knocked out?  Serves the poopy head right doing bad things like that to people.  I promise I won’t ever be like that mama, okay!  So now that we got that out, I am not going back to that school again!”  Celeste said in determination.

“Daughter you know that is not possible.  You must face the music of your actions and deal with them with your head lifted high; even if no one listens, at least you spoke your peace.”  Celeste hung her head down and whispered to her mother. “Yes mam I understand.”  


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=RNe6PvjsLdAq1M&tbnid=EnY0yUcgME5Q0M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.allposters.com%2F-sp%2FMother-Scolding-Daughter-6-7-Posters_i8004302_.htm&ei=_DqvUoyMAcjx2wWBrYHQCQ&bvm=bv.57967247,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHhkD1q4hGyuZ3AfDeioDAZZNncCw&ust=1387301913624454




“See Mr. Snaggle Puss, pay back is a bitch who is deserving!”


Celeste turned the knob on the door to her classroom and became more embarrassed by the sneers from her peer’s.  She looked at the wall clock for the time and took note there was twenty minutes left before school was out of session.  Breathing a sign of relief she headed back to her seat.  Her skin crawled with humiliation, but she sucked it up and continued on-wards.  She locked her eyes on crappy head Jimmy daring him to say a word before she sat back down in her seat.

Jimmy laughed when he saw she was unable to get the gum out.  Celeste held her tongue and watched the hands on the clock move slowly to each number like molasses dripping from a tree. Minutes ticked by when she heard a snipping sound and chuckles.  She felt the back of her head with her hand when she thought she felt a bug crawling in her hair. The boys giggled with quiet laughter.  Again she felt her hairs standing on ends when she heard another snipping sound.  She slowly grazed her hand across the blob only for it to be caught in her palm. As she brought her hand to view the long locks that were cut with the gum attached.  Quickly she touched the bald spot on her head Jimmy had created, her heart dropped with sorrow.  She wanted to cry but held the tears from coming.

Rage started to brew in Celeste’s head, she looked at the clock again.  All reasoning flew out of her head suddenly, she had had enough crap from the bully.  She quickly turned around in her seat and with lightening speed poked both of his eyes like the Three Stooges did to each other with their fingers. The other boys were stunned to silence when they saw what she had done to Jimmy.

“Ouch! You stupid girl!”  Jimmy screamed out loud in class while covering his eyes with his hands. No one said a word until Miss Hodges came to Jimmy’s rescue in a defending matter.  “What in the world is a matter with you Celeste.  You know you are never to touch a person!  You are to keep your hands to yourself at all times. I want you to stay after class so we can talk about your behavior.”

Not saying a word to defend herself, she sat quietly in her chair with guilt.  She cast her eyes down upon the classroom floor and softly said, “Yes mam.”  When the bell rang, she stayed seated while Jimmy got up and pushed her head down to her desk. “Bam,” the loud sound of her forehead hitting the desk was heard.  Celeste having long legs and was taller than all the other fourth grade students, her long leg entered the isle that separated the desks, and by pure accident tripped Jimmy’s escape.

Jimmy fell down to his doom hitting his face on the hard floor; conjointly, knocking out one of his front teeth.  Celeste’s eyes flew open wide. Whoever was left in the classroom stopped in silence and in awe to watch Jimmy ball like a baby.  Miss Hodge immediately tried to sooth the bully with soft words while trying to help him to stand up.  Jimmy’s mouth was a bloody mess when Celeste noticed his front tooth was barely hanging on by a root.  She quickly dropped her eyes upon her desk staying absolutely quiet.

Jimmy began to ball gut to the teacher how Celeste was a bully.  Miss Hodge couldn’t believe that Celeste would be so mean.  She knew the little girl was a loner who never bothered anyone until now.  Without thinking she immediately placed the blame on Celeste and yelled out for her to go to the principal’s office while she quickly got some tissues to cover the bleeding mouth of Jimmy.

Celeste got up from her desk and quickly ran out of the classroom heading to the office.  Crazy thoughts filled her little head to run, so run she did straight to her waiting bus to take her home.  She flew out of the schools doors and ran for the safety of her bus.  When she got on the bus out of breath and with fright, she ease her body down into the front seat and stayed quiet, wishing he would shut the doors and go. Finally when the bus driver closed the doors did she breathe a sigh of relief.  Now the only thing that was going through her mind was she would be in a heap of trouble tomorrow when she returned to school; nevertheless, she smiled and mumbled to herself… “See Mr. Snaggle Puss, pay back is a bitch who is deserving!”

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=isUn5RVdbzzWQM&tbnid=xMVnDk_nYTaMGM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.npbdentist.com%2Fblog%2Fpost%2Flosing-a-tooth-its-not-the-end-of-the-world.html&ei=yiirUpjoCofq2gXM8YDACQ&bvm=bv.57967247,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNH3FjRdCY0mV-60HoKfoznNwXHSwA&ust=1387035195950168

Cartwheel heaven!~


After lunch, Celeste was minding her own business sitting behind her desk in school, when she felt an object hit the back of her head.  Her hand automatically reached for the spot while she listened to some of the boys chuckle.  With skill, her little fingers felt the gooey substance stuck in her hair. As she felt her face turn red from embarrassment, her blood began to boil with anger.

Little Celeste sat behind the class bully; she was sweet in nature, and was the only girl who didn’t complain when seated behind him.  She took his bullying without causing a scene most of the time; however, today was not a good day for Celeste to be bullied.

Poopy head Jimmy, was smaller in height than most usual nine year old’s.  He was a dwarf size person with little legs.  Chunky and round in body with dark brown short messy hair.  His beady blue eyes were accented by thick uni-brows connecting together. Celeste couldn’t decide at times what to look at upon the ugly little monster, be it his crooked teeth or his uni-brow. One thing was for sure, Jimmy knew how to back his bullying up with two good fists and a loud mouth.  

Celeste sat quietly trying to get the sticky stuff out of her hair.  She knew she was making it worse with fiddling with the gum. She blew out a deep breath and mumbled words under her breath how she would love to give him an ass whipping.

“What’s a matter half-breed?  Don’t like the gum I put into your rat’s nest?”  Celeste turned around in her seat and gave him a dangerous look.  For a few moments she just stared into Jimmy’s blues.  He got a little fidgety under her wild gaze; not blinking an eye, she quickly gave the other boys a nasty look who encouraged the scene of crime. Jimmy quickly recovered his nervous energy and blurted out.

“Turn around darkie!” Celeste’s eyes snapped back to the ugly boy and didn’t say a word. Jimmy could feel she was ready to explode when the teacher spoke out.  ” Celeste, turn around and stop talking to Jimmy.”  Celeste didn’t listen to her teacher, her focus was on how she was going to whip the tar out of this boy.  “Celeste I will ask you again to turn around in her seat. I will not have you disrupting the class with your chatter, so turn around now.”  Her teacher scolded her.

“Yeah, turn around crazy eyes,” Jimmy said to her with a smart ass grin.  Celeste turned around in her chair to face the teacher once more.  She couldn’t wait till school let out. There were two more days left before summer vacation.

Celeste tried one more time to get the gum out of her hair, while trying to listen to the teacher’s lecture on math problems. To no prevail, she decided to go to the restroom, and get it out. As she was getting up from her seat, Jimmy kicked her desk.  The desk hit her thigh hard making her lose balance.  She fell down between the school desks with a loud crash on the floor. 

Laughter roared throughout the classroom.  “Celeste are you okay?”  Her teacher questioned her with concern. “Yes mam’, sorry.  I must have tripped on my desk.  May I use the restroom Miss Hodge?”  Celeste then gave Jimmy a threatening look while picking herself off the floor. Miss Hodge replied with a yes.

Embarrassed while leaving her classroom, she quickly closed the door and headed for the bathroom.  Celeste loved the empty hallways, it allowed her good time to do a bunch of cartwheels.  When she arrived at her destination she tried to get the gum out again.

Only the gum was stuck in her hair even more after doing all those cartwheels.  Realizing she was not going to get it out, she shrugged her shoulders and then looked into the mirror with a grumpy face. “I ain’t gonna get it out so I might as well leave it till I get home.”  She stuck her tongue out at herself in the mirror and left the bathroom to do more cartwheels down the hallway and return to her classroom. 


Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=VHrIPpPZmzGVrM&tbnid=-owZQWZWYdjlQM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.corbisimages.com%2Fstock-photo%2Frights-managed%2FAX075826%2Flittle-girl-doing-cartwheel-in-park&ei=rBuqUvuJE8vrkAen-YCoDA&bvm=bv.57967247,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNEqxuaQFJyPA6STEuRw0Y5G7qeF2w&ust=1386966168188202