Kiss Kiss too all my Peeps…Happy Anniversary Slingshot~


Yes it’s been a year today Slingshot has started a blog with wordpress!  I can’t express the wonderful creative people I am surrounded by.  I have learned so much about me, writing, reading, and being creative too!  I still have a long way to go but I am so enriched with beauty by ALL my followers.  Kiss Kiss Blogging peeps and TWITTER Peeps, thank you SO much for sticking it out with a shameless cowgirl and her unspoken words with Celeste!

Kiss Kiss Blogger Peeps~


TO ALL MY WONDERFUL CREATIVE ARTIST, MUSICIANS, READERS, POETS, WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, VIDEO ARTISTS, BLOGGER PEEPS, TWITTER PEEPS, AND FACEBOOK PEEPS! Slingshot blog site is extending love and indebtedness to ALL who follow and read the rough and raw words of Celeste’s adventurous fiction story!   A deep heart felt gratitude goes out to those who stop by Slingshot’s Blog on a daily basis, and this means my Twitter Peeps too, just want to say I ADORE YOU THE MOST!  Also, to for allowing people’s creativity to shine in the most wonderful, colorful way and without this site; I would’ve never been able to meet, learn, explore, laugh, and get educated by so many fascinating, stupendous people in my life time!~

At times, I have found myself stretched thin between my business, writing, emails, and reading, that sometimes I don’t stop by to give you love and support, but know I read and see most of all my followers blogs when I can!   I just thought to give you all my love to let you know I simply respect each and everyone of my fabulous followers~  KISS KISS…And may your path in life always be full of happiness, love and positive energy~

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