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The day was simply gorgeous after the storm blew in and out whilst Celeste and Chief rode to a the cowgirl’s special place to fish.  Many times they had stopped to build several a piles of dead wood to be picked up later on when time permeated.  It has been a long time since the cowgirl played in the sun after her papa passed away, so today she planned to catch that fish her grandfather so desperately fished for but never caught.  She let Chief roam the woods by himself as she fished her day away in the last days of fall.  For an hour she basked in the warm sun waiting for her line to give a tug, she closed her eyes to rest and ponder on her life besides the stream in the woods.  “I am ready Mother Earth to leave this place and travel the world,” she spoke out to the earth.  Immediately a picture enters her thoughts about the boy in the store who eyes spoke of risk and freedom.  “Why in the hell am I thinking of the devil now?”  She shakes her head out of her quiet thoughts and reels her line in to be cast out once again.  She stands up and begins to pace back and forth when her fishing pole dipped down low.  “I gotcha dude, you are so mine!” She screams out in glee and grabbed her pole to fight with the slippery demon of the water.  The side of the streams banks were mushy and muddy from the rain, she slipped and fell in the mud while trying to capture the fish.  “Son of Bitch,” she bellows up and picks her self up and reels the line in thankful she wasn’t wearing her boots.  The cowgirl could careless that she is muddy as she watches the large long fish surface close to the embankment. “Yahoo Buckaroo!  I so gotcha!” She is glowing with joy and excitement when she pulls the fish out of the water.  “Holy crud you’re big!  Papa look what I got,” she held up her prize to the heavens and rips out a yodel.  She feels a light breeze caress her skin and knows her grandfather witness her catch of a life time.

When all was said and done gutting the wet object, she hung her fish on a branch and then stripped off her clothing to wash her muddy pants in the stream.  She draped her wet jeans to dry over a rock and plunged into the cool waters to rinse off. The cowgirl leisurely laid down her nude body on a boulder to bask in the late afternoon heat of the sun to dry off, and giggled out to the heavens her happiness of finally catching the large brown trout. Time ticked by in the peaceful woods when the cowgirl closed her eyes to soak up the last rays of sun before returning home.  Westin entered the mystical scene an hour later with his fishing pole to find a sleeping nude beauty laying across a big boulder absorbing the last rays of the sun.  His eyes flew open wide and lets a smile streak across his lips.  Parts of him doesn’t want to disturb the girl, but his growing man member was telling him a different story.  He inches closer to the subject on the rock and realizes it’s the cowgirl he spotted in the grocery store who stole his heart.  He marvels at her curvy tan body as he steps up on a rock quietly to get a better view of the girl’s figure.  Westin couldn’t believe his luck to find the girl once again and so close to his home.  He had asked everyone in the store about her, but none knew about the cowgirl.  For many days after seeing frumpy Celeste in her over size baggy shirt and jeans, Westin reminisced about being with the shy girl, or if he would ever find the spitfire who stole his heart at first glance.  Westin rubber necked on his rock to get a closer peek of her glorious cherry nipples sunbathing on a boulder.  “Awe sweet Jesus she’s hot!” he states to himself without voice.  He begins to stand tip toe in his cowboy boots trying to get a closer view of her sexy golden body without tan lines when he instantaneously plummets to his doom into the water.  “SLASH,” the loud sound was heard by the sleeping cowgirl.  On a dime Celeste gathers herself to crouch in a kneeling position on the boulder looking down at the water and the handsome intruder who surfaced from the stream.  “Shit shit and shit,” Westin barked out when he came up for air.  Celeste’s orbs widen in surprise to see the G.Q. boy in wet western gear.  Westin looks up and spots the naked earth diva staring at him.

“You…what the hell,” Celeste bellowed out to the wet boy.  She watches Westin pull himself out of the deep waters with boots and clothes on, and giggles lightly to her self how corny the man looked.  “Ya better go and get your hat cowboy before it floats away.”  Westin gives Celeste a playful smile and plunges in to retrieve his hat.  His handsome boyish smile is infectious to the earth girl, she shows him her pearly whites when he gives her a breathless gaze.  “You’re smile is magnificent to look upon. Glad I am the one to lay claim I saw the crack of sun smiling in more ways than one today.”  Westin diligently trudged through the water and stood on the muddy embankment casting Celeste a devilish eye here and there while he takes his water logged boots off to pour out the water.  She scrunches up her brow and stands up upon her boulder with both hands on her hips glaring confusion at the boy’s meaning of words.  Westin couldn’t believe the audacity the wild girl presented herself without fear of being nude in front of a stranger.  He broadens his flirtatious grin upon the golden beauty and gives her a wink with his slinky hazel orbs.  Boy could he feel the dangerous heat from the spitfire as she stood staring at him with some ungodly force.  He leans against a tree to watch every move the cowgirl would make in a split second. “What the hell ya staring at slick?  Haven’t ya ever seen a nude person before.” Celeste hissed out and took a leap off the boulder to retrieve her damp clothing.

Westin couldn’t believe his luck to watch the wonder girl slip into her clothing with ease without wearing under garments, and be on her way gathering her belongings in haste.  Celeste whistles out loud to the woods and in no time at all Chief trots over to the cowgirl and nickers a greeting.  She doesn’t say a word to the boy as she heads towards her hanging long fish in the tree.  Westin drops his jaw stunned to see Celeste had possibility caught his fish, he warmly states in a joking manner, “Hey that’s my fish Fred. You freaking caught my fish woman!”   Celeste puts her boot into the stirrups on the saddle, and hikes herself up throwing her leg over.  She gives the wet dude a spot and said, “Not anymore I’m eating him, so too bad so sad.”  Westin stood with his mouth open, “Shut ya mouth you’re going to catch mosquitoes,”  she continued with her comments.  Westin is dumbfounded at the sight Celeste is casting sitting on her brown and white painted draft horse with her tight yellow t-shirt.  She turns her mount around to begin her return home through the woods when Westin took a few steps forward and said, “Does your horse ride double; because there is no way in hell I’m letting you walk away with my fish to eat without me.”  Celeste turned her head around to look over her shoulder at the hunky man dripping wet.  Her body begins to melt with desire staring at his hard nipples while everyone of her nerves screamed to leave.  She nodded no with her head and kicked the horse forward.  Chief refuse to listen to the command of the cowgirl.  “Oh hell no, not you too!” Celeste gives the shit eating grin of a man a glance and steps off her horse in frustration.  Westin was not going to be denied the chance to get close to the half breed girl, he takes a few long strides with his legs, and before Celeste knew it he was standing next to her as she quaked in her cowgirl boots being so close to his manly scent.


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At four in the morning Celeste tired to the bone completed her welding masterpiece statue.  She steps back and stretches her achy neck side to side, and notes the serious rain storm had ceased.  She pulls off her welding face shield and takes a seat upon a horse pulled carriage.  Chief, her draft painted horse nickered a soft sound to his riding companion.  Celeste smiles at her friend, “Ya like it big boy, I do believe I did a bitchen job?”  Chief nodded his head yes Celeste beamed joy at her animal buddy while she leaned back in the seat to give review to her artwork.  Silent minutes ticked by when she heard a soft whimper.   She slides her eyes into the direction of the sliding barn door, and begins to stare out the crack of the opening.  “I know you’re in here, ya can come on out darlin’ I won’t bite ya,” she whispered out.  Celeste stayed put for a few more moments in her solitude life sitting in her horse buggy.  When nothing arose she pulled her self up and began her barefooted track to the house to rest a few hours before she and Chief ventured out to pick up dead fallen trees in the forest, and put them into a pile for later to pick up.  She walks past the frighten creature without letting the animal know she smelt his wet scent, and left the door open just in case the animal needed a safe haven.  Celeste never turned around but felt the critter’s orbs upon her backside checking her out as she gingerly plugged through the mud without falling down this time.

Celeste laid her tired body down in the living room sofa.  Her body screams out sleep an exhaustion when she put her feet up on the davenport.  She nods in and out of restless sleep for over three hours, and when she could stand no more she picked herself off the cushions and made a pot of coffee to start her long day.  “Ya know what, I think I am just going to do nothing all day!  Hum, maybe I’ll go fishing before winter kicks in besides I could use a little bit of freedom from the normal.” Celeste announced out to no one but herself, and proceeds to make a batch of home-made brownies.  Celeste quickly cleaned up her mess and went into the attach two car garage and got her fishing pole and tack.  When she went out to the barn to feed her animals in her rubber boots, she took precautions not to scare the animal who might still be in her barn; so she whistles a Scottish tune her grandfather always whistled out when in a happy mood.  Before she steps into the barn to do her chores, she identifies the animal print leaving the barn. “Oh my God, he’s huge maybe he is a wolf, or a she in gender,” Celeste lightly spoke out while searching around her farm for any sight of the animal’s ware a bouts.  She gives a shrug with her shoulder and begins her chores.  Celeste feels excited to start the lazy day off by thinking  it would be a fabulous day if she caught her grandfather’s fish he could never catch.  With speed she completes her chores and pulls the big draft horse out of his cozy stall.  “Let’s do it boy, time to catch a fish that has lived his long life under the sea waiting for me.”  She saddles up the gentle giant an slips out of her rubber boots and puts a pair of brown cowboy boots on, and mounts her gelding once they both are outdoors.   She left the barn door open and broke several fresh eggs into a container by the door if the beast decided to return for shelter and food.

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Celeste is sitting outside in her rocking chair on the porch eating her vanilla ice cream with a warm raspberry sauce watching the thundering rain come down in buckets.  Since her arrival home after going into town to buy her girly supplies, the rain decided to roll in quickly hindering her from returning to the woods to find out who took her turkey.  She sits her bowl down on a side table, and picks up her cup of coffee to finish her dessert in style.  The thunder didn’t hold back it’s mighty roar as it boomed out its anger.  Celeste flinched to hear the loud blast rumble throughout the dark night skies.  “Holy smokes,” she bellowed out spilling a few drops of coffee upon her lap as the earth shook from the sound of thunder. She brushes away the wet spots and hears a howl.  The huntress feels the heart retching cry of distress coming out of the black woods.  Lightening follows the kaboom from the thunder giving light to the skies and allowing Celeste a few seconds to scan the woods.  She places her cup down and stands up with concern wanting to hear the howl again.  The cowgirl takes a chance and whistles a high pitch tune.  “It’s got to be a canine or a wolf,” she spoke out lightly.  She waits for a few moments before stepping off the porch to feel the assault of rain drops drenching her clothing.

“Come,” she yells out.  Celeste scrunched up her brows and wipes away the rain from her vision moving her long hair.  Together the lightening and thunder cracked out it’s mighty sound and light, Celeste cringed at the might of the storm.  Instantly she hears a howl following the scary sounds, and spots a pair of glowing yellow orbs one hundred yards from where she stood staring right at her.  “Shit, what the hell?” the huntress barks out.   She could have sworn she saw a huge black creature fearing the storm. She knew better not to antagonize the creature; especially when she was unsure what it could be.  She turns on her bare feet and heads to the barn to check on the animals.  Every foot step the girl took she sunk deeper into the mud just to get to the barn.  Right before she reached the sliding doors to the barn she slid and fell on her rear in the mud.  “Mother Fudge,” she screams out and picks herself up dripping wet and covered in mud.  She holds on to the side of the barn for support and slides the door open.  Chief automatically nickered a greeting at his muddy friend.  “Shit damn its raining cats and dogs outside Chief,” she responded to his hello.  She left the door open a little and heads to the shower room to clean the mud off her body and to change into dry clothing she stashed in the barn.

Celeste comes out drying her long hair with a towel and heads towards her horse who is happy being dried and out of the storm in his stall.  She gives him a pat on the head and throws a flake of hay to the equine.  Celeste for the first time actually takes inventory of her grandfather’s machinery in the barn.  She missed hearing Henry’s excitement when he rebuilt an old engine and got it working.  They both had spent many hours in the barn working their magic on arts and crafts.  She knew it was time to sell off the stuff, but couldn’t find it in her heart to depart with the precious items.  The cowgirl walks over to her welding supplies and started to finish her work creating a horse statue from all the iron horseshoes she collected.  She puts her welding gear on and begins to heat up her creation without knowing she had a visitor in the house who laid shivering under one of Henry’s old machinery close to the entrance of the barn door.


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“Hey Cowgirl in the ice cream department, I didn’t get your name?”  Standing with both eyes enlarged of guilt Celeste takes note a little girl who sat in a grocery cart in front of her spoke to her mother while pointing her tiny finger at Celeste. “Mommy is that the girl they are talking about?”  Celeste turned around to face in the other direction and quickly jumped back in surprise.  She almost dropped her stuff again as the young handsome man stood in front of her blocking her escape.  “I didn’t get your name, cowgirl?”  In a whisper an under her breath without looking at the stranger she gave up her name.  The young chunk of solid material was not going to be denied this time to take a peek of Celeste’s face.  He is about to take his finger to lift her head when the cashier cleared her throat for next in line.  Celeste turned instantly around and took her turn at paying for her supplies.  The mid age cashier is merry and gives a hello to the cowgirl.  Celeste lifts her head up to see if the man was standing behind her.  Happy he was gone, she pulls her money out of her back pocket with a sigh of relief and gives greeting to the older lady.  “Watch out he’s a heart breaker, but a good boy,” the cashier added with a smile.  Celeste didn’t add to the conversation and paid for her things.  She scuttled out the entrance an pulled her keys out of her back pocket with her right hand.

Celeste’s hand stopped in motion when she felt someone grabbed her keys.  She spun around with her left fist ready to plow into who ever dared to take her belongings and stops just in time before she hit the person.  She tips her head back with a scowl on her lips.  “Whoa, sorry…” the young man spoke out urgently and takes a step away from a possible strike from her fist.  “You’re becoming a pest,” she hissed out, and turns on her heels to head for her transportation home.  “I’m sorry it seems I’m smitten with you and would like to know if you would go out on estate with me…I mean on a date.”  The young buck replied following the cowgirl.   When Celeste reached her truck she turned her attention on the nagging fly.  “Listen I don’t date,” she unlocked her door with speed and jumped into her truck.  “Jesus smokes I’m even tongue tied around you,” the G.Q. dude struggled to proclaim.  Celeste had to smile at his Jesus smokes statement sitting at attention behind the wheel.  “Do I see a smile break across those beautiful pink lips of yours?”  Celeste shuts the door and rolls her window down, the juicy young man is a dare devil and approaches her driver side with a shit eating grin upon his full an inviting kisser.  “Are you seeing someone right now?” Celeste finally gives full eye contact to the adorable young cocky man.  And what she saw made her heart skip a beat in fear, it takes her a few moments to blink out of her mistake of staring at the gutsy stranger to long.  “No I am not with anyone and prefer to be alone, have a good night sir.”  She started the engine and rolled her window up.  The hunky hunk walked away disappointed she rejected him in a blink of an eye.  Celeste didn’t pay no mind to the man, she put her truck into gear and left homeward bound never giving a second glance back to see the retreating boy who enter the grocery store.

Westin at the age of twenty two was beside himself how he fudge up a chance to take the girl out.  His body surged with electricity unknown just being near the shy cowgirl.  Her strange yet attractive orbs were like magnets bonding strongly together for the first time when he got his chance to see her gold and green shaded eyes.  “Celeste,” he whispers her name to himself and walks through the door of his place of employment bound and determined to find out where the girl lived or who knew about the mysterious cowgirl who rode into town. In the mean time Celeste smiled about the irony of causing a tongue tied moment to a hot babe as she drove home.  Her body was on fire and alive from being wooed over by a dude; however, when reliving the moment she takes note her emotions to protect herself might have cost her dearly.  She pulls into her driveway after thinking about the boy wonder the whole way home, and enters her lonely house.  The minute her hand touches the door knob, she decides never to bat her eyes about the young man again.



By the time Celeste returned home in the mid afternoon, she was madder than a hornet.  She was pissed off someone took her turkey she shot with her slingshot, and to make matters worse she started her monthly cycle in her hand-made buckskin pants from deer hide.  She throws her hunting gear on the large round table and goes straight to the bathroom to take care of her girly shit.  “Son of Bitch,” she bellows out in frustration finding one tampon left.  “Now I have to go into town, damn it Celeste why don’t you buy a year supply of the freaking crap!”  She turns on the shower and quickly cleans herself up, and gets ready to head to the grocery store.  Celeste drives down the country road in her grandfather’s red Dodge truck listening to Classic rock and roll on the radio, an arrives in no time at all to buy her junk.  She hated going into town just because of feeling out of sorts and dealing with the public; nevertheless she realized long ago this is one product a lady can’t do without and must be purchased from a store.  She slides her long legs out of the truck, whips her long curly hair out of her face and puts her cowboy hat on, and then shuts the truck’s door.  Dressed in a pair of tight Levis blue jeans with black cowboy boots upon her feet, she fixes her grandfather’s red flannel over sized baggy shirt, and ventures toward the opening of the store.  Her boots sounded off her anger each time her heels hit the surface of concrete pavement.  She could careless who watched her truck inside the grocery store, her concern was getting the heck out of town as fast as possible just so she could return to the woods, and track who took her turkey she killed with her slingshot.

Celeste changes her mind the minute she passes the ice cream section, and plans to stop back around to pick up her favorite dessert while she in haste high tails it to the feminine hygiene area.  This part she hated trying to determine what brand to buy, she scrunched up her brows and grab a box of tampons and pads and gives the labels on the product her attention.  Satisfied with her choices she quickly leaves the isle in a hurry only to slam into a person around the corner.  Celeste flew backwards hard as she takes quick steps back to correct her blunder of knocking into a person with great force while dropping her girly stuff on the floor.  Instantly her eyes widen underneath the brim of her hat.  She witnesses for a split second a hand out of no where touches her forearm and saves the cowgirl the embarrassment of crashing into the stores selves with a loud bang.  Fast as lightening Celeste recoups and tries to pick up her girly shit without giving her savior a glance.  Her face reddens being caught off guard and guilty of not watching where she was going.  In her husky soft southern drawl voice she apologizes while bending down to gather her stuff, and left the scene without giving the man her attention with eye to eye contact.  Celeste en route towards the ice cream section took a deep breath when she arrived in front of the French Vanilla flavor.  She scanned down the isle in both directions to make sure no one was around, and sees a young man coming around the corner towards her.  Immediately she looked down without giving him a glimpse in the face and grabbed a pint of ice cream.  Celeste is about to bolt when she heard his deep sexy voice speak out, “Vanilla is boring try Sorbet’s if ya want to live dangerously.” She hears  his footsteps coming closer to her down the isle while every part of her body screamed out to move, but her feet would not obey her command to inch forward.  Instead, she stood still keeping her head down and then spots her bleeding material in her arms.

Celeste knows she has to give the man a flash since he stopped in front of her view in his brown penny loafers.  Inch by inch the cowgirl raises her head up and peeks side ways to give the six foot two man a glance with her green eye.  “Awe so you do have a face,” the young tall man spoke to Celeste. Every inch of Celeste’s body froze rock hard as she gave the man her green eyed side view attention.  Standing right in front of the cowgirl was a gorgeous ripped out A line body of an all American man in his early twenties.  Her eyes lock onto his fabulous smile that could melt the hardest chocolate squares into dreamy creamy pudding.  Celeste is dumbfounded gawking at the brown hair, green hazel eyed man.  Celeste takes a few more moments to take observation of the charming darling.  The sexy young man had mousy brown hair done in a pony tail fashion with natural sun kiss highlights of blonde streaking from root to the end showing off his handsome facial attributes.  Celeste had to shake her head thinking  to control the need to feel his shiny mane with lusty movements.  His lustrous lips invited the cowgirl to try his scrumptious lick able  kisser with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  And if that wasn’t enough the young lad’s sparkling eyes spoke out the desire to live an untamed life with risk.  She instantly regrets giving him her attention, and cast her different color eyes away from his sunshine of life.

The young man is sure of himself and carefully states, “I think the sorbets are good if your interested in a tangy taste, orange is my favorite.”  Celeste sees her girly shit in her arms, and replies in a soft tone while her face burned red with embarrassment, ” Thank you sir for your recommendations, but I will stick with Vanilla. ”  She turns to leave and as she walks down the isle out of the young man’s life and she whispered out enough for him to hear, “Thank ya for you’re help.”   Celeste stands in line stunned with clumsiness.  She runs into items on the last minute rack and bends down to clean up her blunder.  It takes her a few moments waiting in line to meet up with the cashier to recover from her shameful moment with a hot dude in a grocery store with dignity.  Her eyes open wide once again when the same sexy voice she heard moments ago projected out a bold statement to Celeste through the stores intercom for all to hear.


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With the last few days of fall approaching the Ohio valley, Celeste sat in her grandfather’s rocking chair on the outside porch with her Slingshot to watch the sunset cast its glorious colorful rays upon the earth.  While rocking away she thought about Mr. Spencer and his lack of taking a risk to live in the moment.  It had taken the cowgirl a few days to come to the conclusion Mr. Spencer had been a loner in life so he too must have been scared to venture into a relationship with any woman.  She couldn’t be mad at the scholar for deciding not to stick around just because of her age and lack of experience.  In fact, she respected him highly for not starting up something he couldn’t finish.  There were certain days while she worked on the farm she could feel the tingle of Charles kiss touching her lips, but recently with the passing days of intense loneliness and not seeing him anymore, Charles kiss became a distant faded memory.  Celeste shakes her head out of her quiet thoughts and begins to debate about the strange urge that she has been experiencing lately to stay put for a little while longer.  “Soon Mother Earth snow will be here so please be kind to me this year, for I am sick of the cold and long for summer days all day long.” Celeste spoke out gently an added, “Why doesn’t someone tell me why I must stay here?”  She places a marble inside the strap of her Slingshot and lets the marble fly into the woods aiming at nothing special while wishing she was a thousand miles away from Ohio.  She hears the marble’s sound in the distance and places the device down upon her lap.  “Papa, I miss you so much.  I’m so alone in the world and grow weary of being by myself.”  Since no one replied to her question, she stands up from her chair and heads into the dark farm house ready to go to bed for the evening.  Her plans tomorrow were to get a early start in hunting to restock her winter supplies.  Celeste stops and turns around to view the woods as she felt an overwhelming presence of being watched.  Her eagle orbs scan the terrain with skill, but finds nothing out of the ordinary except a strong feeling she was being watched.  Celeste deepens her view upon the woods looking to and fro, an after a few moments of scanning in silence she is satisfied nothing caught her eye and turns around; however, a pair of yellow eyes stare at the retreating human girl’s back from afar while he steps out of hiding before the cowgirl goes inside her house for the rest of the evening.

Without an alarm clock, Celeste wakes up at three in the morning, and stretches her long naked figure on her bed only to whisper out, “Good morning Earth bless me today with a good hunt.”  She doesn’t procrastinate and proceeds to get up from her queen size bed putting on her home made buckskin clothing with moccasins in speed for the day.  It didn’t take her long to prepare for departure as she sucked down a cup of hot coffee and threw her massive bunch of golden curly hair into a braid.  Like clock work she takes hold of her bow and arrows and  placed the weapons behind her back, and then grabs her slingshot with a bag of marbles leaving her house before dawn showed it’s morning light.  The foggy air is crisp with the scent of dew.  The huntress relishes in the perfect lower temps of the dark morning, she immediately takes a deep breath of the moist cool air and feels charged to the max to hunt for Wild Turkey or Pheasant.  She heads east to begin her quiet tracking through the woods hoping she finds anything before rain comes and ruins the day.


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I could not resist to share this AWESOME U-Tube music video.  Enjoy my musical fans…kiss kiss

The evening flew by too fast for Charles when he realizes its time to let the fire die out, and be on his way home.  Celeste adored the scholar who turned out be a great sport in experiencing first hand one of her memorable moments of destruction going out on a date and mingling with the public. The pair walk towards Charles racy automobile when Celeste lightly spoke out, “Thank you Charles for a most unusual time out on the town.  I’m so sorry for the blunder I caused, and the drama I created. What you have done for me tonight in regards of buying me a dress and having those ladies show up to get me all gussy up sir; I can’t find the right words to express your generous gift, except I will never forget being a lady for one night in your hot rod.”  Charles smiled handsomely and replies, “It was an honor Celeste to be part of a new adventure with you.  I actually had the best time in my life; however, I do want to say something honest if I may?”  Celeste scrunched up her brows and nodded her head ready to hear what he needed to say to her.

She watches the handsome teacher struggle to find the right words.  “Just say it darlin’, ya won’t hurt my feelings,” Celeste encouraged him to speak kindly.  “If I kiss you again I might not ever let you go.  Being with you Celeste is totally amazing.  I have never felt this way with another woman in my lifetime.  We fit well together as a team, me the book worm and you an Earth child; but I need to let you go to explore the world.  Your too young my Slingshot baby to be held down because of me if we decide to have a relationship.”  Celeste waits a few moments pondering over his statement, she isn’t happy with his decision so she decides to show no emotion and sucks up the blow by acting nonchalant, “Yes you’re right; nevertheless Charles I would like one more kiss from you to seal the deal.” They are standing by his driver’s seat when she smiles at him and takes a step forward causing him to step back to lean his butt against his cherry red car.  His chocolate wise eyes are wide with delight, he nods yes and reaches his hands up to cradle her face.  Celeste leans in slowly and closes her eyelids ready to receive his kiss to stamp the end of the night.  Charles relishes in the closeness the cowgirl allows him to have one more time with dignity.  “So beautiful my earth girl you are, I truly believe someone important has plans for your future.  May God shine upon your footsteps in life.” Celeste opens her eyes and said, “Just kiss me and stop over thinking the situation.”  And with that being said, Charles kissed his student one last time tenderly and unconditionally.  Celeste could feel the end with his kiss.  It wasn’t like the kiss she had previous with the scholar; nevertheless just the feel of his lips made her embed the tender moment in her soul. When they broke apart, she steps back to let Charles enter his car.  He gives her a wink with his chocolate delicious orbs and starts his engine.  Celeste waves goodbye with a smile upon her lips, and when Charles was out of sight she returned back to her bomb fire alone again naturally.  She sits back on her stump, and throws another log on the dying fire to deliberate about Charles leaving her to doubt the grace of God as lonely tears fall from her unusual color eyes.

This is out of the normal box for Slingshot blog, but I wanted to share with my Blogging world part of my home town’s culture living in New Mexico.  This weekend Espanola celebrated they’re fiesta’s with The Spanish Explorer Don Juan de Onate.

The Equestrian

Don Juan de Oñate y Salazar (1550–1626) was a Spanish Conquistador, explorer, of the Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico province in the Viceroyalty of New Spain.  He led early Spanish expeditions to the Great Plains and Lower Colorado River Valley, encountering numerous indigenous tribes in their homelands there.  Oñate founded settlements within the province and in the present day of the American Southwest. He also vainly sought out the mythical riches of North America.  I am up in the air about this Conquistador why they honor him; because to me the man raged war upon the Indigenous Tribes in my local area.  Anyway….

Yesterday July 12, 2014 the fiesta’s started in Espanola, New Mexico…Land of the Lowrider’s.  I had a marvelous time sitting across the street at a Micro Brewery “Blue Heron” watching the parades, dancing, and gatherings of arts and crafts.  I only had my cell phone to take a few pictures but fell in love with the little beauty’s costumes and they’re dancing feet.  TOOOO DARLING don’t you think so? IMG_20140712_122700IMG_20140712_122921


It took all Celeste’s energy to enter the empty room where her grandfather slept to retrieve a pair of pants and shirt for Charles.  The cowgirl isn’t a snooper in life and had always honored people’s privacy; however, the room was cold and lifeless since the passing of her granddad.  The half breed knew it was time to start getting rid of Henry’s presence the minute she walks into his dark room.  She takes note how dusty and lack of care the room was given through the year without her papa.  Charles carefully walks up to Celeste standing in the door way of her papa’s lair. “It’s time little one to make this room your own, or you could make this room into a great Library. God knows girl you have an extensive collection of books.”  Celeste jumped to the sound of Charles soft voice, she doesn’t answer the scholar and quickly proceeds to find Charles ample dry clothing.  She hands over to Charles his temporary clothing, and grabs a flannel green shirt for her self.  In haste she leaves the scholar to change into his clothing in Henry’s room while she went to her’s and pulled out a pair of her Daisy duke shorts.

Celeste enters the kitchen and sees Charles standing by the table.  She chuckles to herself to see Henry’s clothing is three sizes too big for the school teacher. Charles turns around when he hears her giggle, he softens his eyes upon her and knows she was crying.  “Things will get better Celeste in time, you just have to bear and grin it for now.”  She nods her head in approval and states, “Yes, time heals all wounds I reckon.  Fall is almost upon us so I guess I could spend time rearranging things, but for now, ya ready for that fire my darlin’?”  Charles beams and gathers the dessert he bought at the French Restaurant with two spoons.  He would never tell Celeste it was his favorite time to spend with her and Henry when he was invited many times to engage in merry making, and deep conversations with the two woodsmen surrounding a fire.  They both head outside in the cool night air to have their shin dig under the aged old Buckeye tree.

Charles and Celeste basked in delight eating Chocolate Mousse beside the fire burning bright in the night. He ventures with a question to Celeste once again about her future.  “So, have you given thought what you would like to do in life?”  The half breed dips her spoon into the yummy Mousse and responds, “Not really, but lately I have been thinking I should travel and see the world.  I’ve been getting strong urges to explore our huge world besides Ohio and Alabama. Perhaps, I would like to go backpacking and get lost into the wilderness of Yosemite Valley, and from there maybe see the Ocean where I can lay my weary head down on the sand and rest.”  Charles understood her need to leave, he gives her encouraging words about seeing glorious Yosemite National forest. “Your granddad left you a large amount of money, but the house is another story.”  Celeste nodded yes knowing the house and the farm critter’s needed her attention constantly to survive without the amenities of living in a city and use of money. “I don’t know what to do at this point and time in my life, and I don’t need money to explore.  I can live off the earth if I need too; however, all I know is I am to stay here for now until I get word it’s time for me to leave.”  He gives her a puzzled glance and dips his spoon into the delicious chocolate, “Whose going to tell you Celeste when it’s time for you to go?”  She gives him a  thoughtful gaze and doesn’t reply.

“Celeste will you tell me why you hit that girl?” Charles tip toed lightly.  “Ya know I really don’t know why I hit her, but it’s not something I want to brag about. She was rude to me when I tried to find a bathroom, I suspect the girl knew I felt like a dork in unfamiliar territory. She just blurted out to me at first if I killed some dragonflies to put on my dress.  When that didn’t get a rise out of my Levis, she barked out and called me a Mexican and to quit checking out her dude.  I did give him a glance how he could date a nasty girl.  I think Charles the girl is angry at the world for some odd reason and just took it out on me.” Charles instantly spoke out, “Well then bravo girl, she deserved everything she got, remember there is a saying treat others the way you want to be treated.” Celeste roared out with laughter and said, “Right…that statement doesn’t work on me slick, for I have always been treated like an outsider.  It is the reason why my granddad hired you; because I have always lived with bullying, but not anymore.”

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