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Kiss Kiss



Tomorrow’s post on Poco Celeste will be the last for a week.  I’m so jazz to escape NM for a wicked weekend with friends in Las Vegas, NV.  Remember what goes on in Vegas STAYS in Vegas; and since I’m in the mix I’m sure it will be an eventful weekend.  Postings will continue on Poco Celeste when I return; Please feel free to catch up on the current story from later postings.  Kiss Kiss my wonderful readers, I got’s to git my motor running for fun in the sun!~


Westin handed her mug steaming with fresh java by the fireplace on the bear rug. He adores how simple the nature girl lives her life without societies amenities. The fire light casts a golden tone to the blonde hair beauty’s essence when he sits down beside her.  They take a few quiet moments to survey each other, the growing need to devour the girl weighs heavy upon Westin soul. He thinks of the snaps on her blue flannel shirt instead of buttons and desperately wants to unsnap the shirt off her body.  It has been over a month or so since the last time they coupled.  He turns red in the fire light just thinking of how they broke her round table with their wild sex.  Celeste smiles at the handsome man, “Stop Westin you’re wicked thoughts will get you no where today.”  Westin chuckled, “Sorry darlin’ it seems every time I am around you all I can think of is how delicious, sensual, and how crazy I am about you.  It’s like my heart bleeds for you when I am away from you’re body.”  He slowly reaches out to touch her bare leg skin with his finger tip, and strokes her knee cap tenderly with his thumb.  The simple touch of the man’s finger sends her mind into limbo of want and need to sex him up and down. “I can never get enough of you’re untamed spirit my wild lassie, and from what I sense ya dig me too,” he proclaimed. Celeste raises her eyes in wonder to hear Westin pour out his heart.  She sits patiently letting him tell all that he feels about her, “Celeste you’re so much different than other women I’ve been with. When I’m inside you I’m in another world of beauty, desire and lust unknown to me. Even in the way ya think about relationships, life, emotions, awe damn you name it you hold the title to being a perfect woman a man would jump through hoops for.  Sometimes I can’t think of the right words to describe you cowgirl.  Do ya know your the first girl that doesn’t make demands from me? Or yell at me when I’ve been missing in action.”  Celeste shakes her head no and continues to sip her coffee with mischief in her eyes.  “Now you stop that girl ya got a sexy look about ya that could cause me to stop thinking like a gentleman and rape you right here and now.” Celeste busted up with laughter, “Why are you telling me this now Westin how ya feel about me?”  Westin leans in close to her lips and whispers out, “Cause I’m crazing in love with you.”  Celeste lost her happy face, and cast her eyes on the bear rug in shame. Westin lifts her chin up and sinks deeply in love with her two different color eyes.  “I love how different in body, mind and soul you are compare to others. I know you and Peter had a bond that I could never phantom in my life time, but I got to know if you love me too?”  Celeste had to stand up from the odd moment of Westin professing his heart out, and puts another log on the fire.  She turns around and spots dog staring in the window.  “I’ll be right back Westin dog wants in, and I do believe I must make amends with my friend from my horrible outburst.” He stood up and said, “I’ll do it since he was scared to death to come into this house,” Celeste nodded in agreement.

She watches Westin leave the room and turns to the fire in a soft secret tone, “Yes Westin I too love you.”  Westin walks into the living room while dog crawled on his fours to reach Celeste whining out pleads of submission.  Westin is amazed at the dog’s action when he sits next to Celeste on the floor by the fire.  Inch by inch he crawls his way to the huntress, she opens her palm without words and let the dog sniff her.  He licks her finger tips in greeting, “Forgive me dog for being rude to you, I meant no harm.”  The mutt wags his tail and forgives her immediately when he places his big head on her lap for her to pet and caress.  “To this day Celeste you floor me with your loving care of animals.  I do know for a fact they love you too.”  Celeste smiles and dips down to place a kiss on dog’s big head. Celeste lays her eyes upon Westin dreamy hazel color orbs.  For several quiet moments they stare at each other when Westin acts out his steamy thoughts and touches her neck.  She closes her eyes to relish in the jitters the man’s mere touch produced in her body, “Do you love me Celeste?”  She hears nothing but lives in the sensual moment, “Tell me baby do you want me as much as I want you?” He unsnaps one snap on her shirt, “Won’t ya tell me my darlin’ that you feel the same about me?”  Dog senses the time to leave the two alone and moves his head off Celeste’s lap and situates himself a distance away from the couple.  Westin releases another snap until her bare breast is almost expose.  In snail pace Westin begins his tracing with a tender touch upon her chest.  He sees her chest rise and fall faster from his touch.  “Will you let me love you my sunshine once again,” and unsnaps another button on her shirt.”  He watches her eyes turn and swirl into emerald green, “Yes Celeste I pledge my body to you now and forever.  I want you the right way, and want you to want me just like I want you.”  The magical cowgirl finally lets her guard down, and melts into mush hearing his cherish-able words echo out.  Westin leans in and kisses her lips delicately.  She responds with open arms and plays the intimate game between lovers upon her bear rug.

Celeste takes the reigns and carefully lifts her body up out of her cross leg position to sit upon Westin’s lap.  She looks fixedly into his eyes with lust and unsnaps the rest of her shirt in slow motion.  Westin is hard and ready, but lets the girl seduce him into a beautiful unforgettable reunion sitting on top of him.  She disrobes his shirt and feels his manhood ready for action between her legs, “Love me softly Westin until we both are sedated.”  That’s all he needed to hear from her lips; even though she side stepped his question multiple times. The lovers made passionate carefree tender love by the fire light for many hours.  Over and over Westin heightens her body to ecstasy as she explodes out to the heavens countless of times her orgasmic zenith.  “My God girl your so venereal. I crave more from you, do you love me,” he whispers out upon her swollen lips as he held her face tenderly into his hands and instantly feels her juices drip down his leg. She is lost in a wonder world of sexual freedom when she lets slip her guarded words, “Yes I do.”  “Do what my cowgirl?” Westin dares to encourage her for more.  “I love you Westin.”



After Celeste took her bath she headed into the living room in her oversize flannel shirt where Westin waited patiently for her with a towel wrapped around her wet hair.  He is holding onto Peter’s hair with tears in his eyes when she sits down on the bear rug to join him in a cup of coffee.  “Life without my little brother is going to be hard to handle.  He made everything seem simple and pure.”  Celeste touches his hand, “Indeed, he is the first boy I ever told I love you too.  Of course, I’ve told my papa, but I don’t use the words I love you to anyone unless I mean it.”  Westin lifts his head up to watch the cowgirl take her long wet hair out of the towel to dry by the fire.  She senses his vibes and gives him a questionable gaze, “Ask me Westin what ails you, for I will never tell a soul again what troubles your mind about me.”  It takes him a few moments to gather the right questions in his mind, and lifts up their hair braided together to view while asking his Q and A with kit gloves.

“I’m missing another clipping of my hair, and I saw this up on the clock with Peter’s hair.  Who did this Celeste?” She takes a sip of hot brew with a smile and puts her mug down for a serious conversation.  “I’ve told you already who did this Westin, so I will tell you again.  I believe it was the Little People who is a folktale in the Cherokee Nation; however, I don’t believe they are a folktale, I think they are real and quite harmless with their tricks even though I have never seen them myself.”  Westin waits for a split second and speaks out softly, “Do you see ghost?”  Celeste raised her brows and thought to herself before answering about spirits, “No I don’t, but with Peter’s death I did.  My grandfather was promising me he will take care of Peter as his own son until his spirit is reborn once again.  You see Westin I’m unsure about my understanding about ghosts in this world; but I do believe they are a human being who has passed out of their physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition. We are all spirits encased in a physical body, an at the time of passing, our spirit body continues into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our physical world and needs to be released to go on-wards. Some ghost can display violent acts to a human because they were once ugly people of society.  This was not the case with my papa he was here to help Peter’s passing with guidance and love; however I’m sorry it happened in you’re home in front of your family.  They must really think I’m screwed up.” She watches the man do his famous move through his hair and melts with love for the man. “What happened to you in the woods tonight Celeste?”  Westin observes the uneasiness Celeste displays, “Westin tell me what you think you saw?” In deep detail Westin informs her what he thought he saw and heard an ended his sentence in wonder, “I could have sworn some kind of a dynamic magic was by that stream.  My hairs on my body stood up in fright, and made me sense I didn’t belong there, and it took dog a few moments to mustard up energy to enter that forest.” “Parts of it Westin I don’t know how to answer ya since I too am in the dark about mystical and forcible moments.  Yes you are correct with your findings, there was a force that is supreme an extremely paramount to the earth who visited me.  I believe they showed themselves to me when I was bound and determined to follow Peter’s path. This is one of the reason I chose to live alone since strange things happen to me that I can’t account for nor understand Westin. Some would call me a witch doctor or cuckoo in the head.” Westin chuckles out, “You’re not nuts girl but someone special and very dangerous at the same time; nevertheless, Celeste I heard you yell at me in a man’s voice, and you really scared the shit out of dog with a bitchen growl of a wolf.  Dog would never turn on you Celeste, so why did he?”

Celeste gazed into the fire before answering him, “I can’t answer that one Westin. I do know I felt hatred like I’ve never experience before.  I felt my whole body strength and more burst forth with power unknown to man kind and myself.  If I didn’t leave at that given moment I knew I would have killed you without looking back with regret.  I do need to say the force you felt is nothing to monkey with, they are different than a ghost haunting, and could change the existing world in a blink of an eye.”  Westin is shocked to hear her news she could have killed him. He sits quietly deep in thought watching Celeste comb her hair out of knots.  “May I ask you a question Westin?”  Westin looks up and nods yes with his head. “How did you know I was going to end my life with my herbs?”  Westin cast his eyes into the flames and whispered out with confusion, “I truly don’t know?  Something inside my brain urged me to hurry out of the barn and come into your home.”  Celeste softly touches his five o’clock shadow with her hand tenderly and states, “Tis the same with me at times, I get urges from unknown to preform or act out their will.” Westin takes a serious approach in his cross leg position, and stuns her with his come back, “Cowgirl I would dance with the devil and more if we stay lovers under the sun with that sexy tattoo of a red heart on you’re ass.”  Celeste giggles out while braiding her wet hair blushing several shades of red.  “More coffee my love?” Celeste offers her cup for him to fill, and for the first time hearing him call her his love, made her heart soften yet sad at the same time knowing she was going to kill his heart when she tells him she is leaving Ohio for good.

Man Kissing a Woman --- Image by © Hans Neleman/zefa/Corbis


Celeste shivers with cold in the woods and since she had not the proper attire to last throughout the night sleeping in the forest, she headed for home. It takes her several hours before she reaches her home nestled off the beaten path of roadways.  Tired to the bone she opens the back door to her dark house at three in the morning an immediately brews a hot cup of tea. She sits at the kitchen table and views her earthy kitchen with herbs hanging out to dry.  Tinctures of healing oils littered the counter tops along with ancient knifes and devices to cook. She ponders on Mr. Spencer’s request of living in her grandfather’s home and begins to cry her tears of leaving all she knows behind just to escape memories. The tea kettle blows a whistle of warning as she stands up from the table to pour her hot water over chamomile leaves.  The healer spots on the counter the deadly herb of Foxglove she used in small amounts to strengthen Peter’s heart, and knows if used in a large dose it would kill the patient.  Without any further ado the girl is about to sprinkle the poison into her tea when the door burst open. Westin scares the cowgirl to death when he storms into her house with an angry wild gaze, she spills the deadly herb all over the table and some into her cup of tea from the surprise entrance of Westin.  Fast as lightening Westin zips around the table and stands in front of the girl stripping the cowgirl of her death defying act.  He swings his hand in the air and knocks the bottle out of her hand.  The glass container flew in the air and shattered the rest of its contents against the wall.  They stand nose to nose ready to do battle when Westin cups her face into his hands.  “Who are you,” in a soft tone Westin requests. Celeste knocks the man’s hands off her face and becomes protective of her self.  “What the hell ya doing here boy, go back home where ya belong.”  Westin grabs her arms, and squeezes hard as possible using brute force to slam the girl against his chest.

“Stop it Westin you’re hurting me,” she gives the handsome man who seems to have been crying out his eyes a warning he over stepped his boundary.  “I won’t let you do it Celeste!” Celeste wrinkles up her brows and snarls up her lips in defiance. “Do what,” she spits out.  Westin doesn’t answer, he separates their bodies to pick up her tea and is about to take a drink of the hot liquid.  Celeste opens her eyes in surprise and knocks the cup out of his hand sending the deadly concoction across the table.  Westin takes his hand and pulls back his long hair away from his face, “You’re going to kill yourself, why else would you knock that cup out of my hand.  Don’t do it Celeste for I can’t bear two deaths in one day from two people I love dearly.”  She is confused how the man knew what her intentions were and stands still in shock.  “I believe there is something different about you more than meets the human eye cowgirl.” He watches the healer’s confusion written all over her face.  “Please lets sit by a fire and talk, do ya think we can do that together peacefully?” Celeste walks away from Westin to clean up the mess of water and herbs.  He follows closely behind the girl refusing to let up. “Get the hell away from me Westin, go home and forget me for I am nothing but a fuck up.” She is about to bend down to clean up the shatter glass bottle on the floor when Westin spins her around and kisses her.

She fights the strong man trying to wiggle out of his intense hold, but Westin doesn’t let up and urgently holds on tighter.  His kisses are sending her head whirling into a heated spiral of a tornado.  She feels her body melting and begins to lighten up to return his kiss with hunger unknown.  “That’s it baby kiss me for I need you more than ever my love,” Westin whispers out upon her lips.  Celeste is lost in the closeness of Westin’s embrace and begins to devour his body unconditionally. She feels her womanhood between her legs act out and flow with juices in the heat of the moment to Westin’s man handling demands.  He undertones her with gentle care upon her lips his devotion and love.  Celeste snaps out of the moment and breathes deeply.  She shakes her long mane and said, “No Westin stop using sex as a crutch, it doesn’t cure all ailments of sorrow or hurt.  I don’t love you nor do I love anyone else.  Just leave please; because you and I are not having sex.”  Westin takes a step backwards giving space between the couple, “Are you pregnant Celeste?” Celeste laughs out and stated, “No Westin I have made a tea to prevent, so you are safe from all responsibilities.”  “Then we will talk all night till the next day until we clear the air. And for your information I didn’t have sex with you, I felt we were making love.”  Her restraint of hearing his kind words started to ebb away, she nods yes with her head an asked, “Make a pot of coffee then and start a fire in the living room while I take a bath.”  Westin breathes out a happy breath to hear she stopped pregnancy with a tea, and hearing her agreement to at least try and talk with him in a civil tongue gave him hope for a future with Celeste…the girl of his ultimate desires.

A fabie piece of instrumental tunes to sooth the soul.



The half breed begins her track home after Chief left her behind in the woods when she displayed her bad attitude to the earth.  It gives her time to cry out her lost for Peter, “I’m sorry Peter I could not save you.  One day I will see you again Child of Light and together we will ride Ghost in fun and laziness.  You’re going to love my grandfather, he will teach you all he knows and shower you with love beyond imagination.”  Each step she took on the wet dirt in her moccasins she thought of the person who invaded her thinking process, and mucking up her dangerous thoughts of doing away with her presence.  Why on God’s green earth did she suddenly feel like tearing apart Westin with her bare hands in such a violent manner?  Several silent moments passed her by when hunger pains growled away in her stomach.  “Well I guess I can make shelter somewhere for the night, but right now I have to eat something.”  The cowgirl pulls out her slingshot ready to hunt for the evening before daylight slips away.  It takes the girl over an hour to kill a rabbit in the woods as she builds a fire warding off the cold night to come.  All is quiet in the dark woods while the half breed sits alone by the fire to eat her kill.  In a soft tone she speaks out her trouble thoughts, “I want to leave now more than ever, but what will I do without my forest?  Will society be worse or better for me to live a normal life?  Maybe I could find a place that I could be helpful to children who are alone and have lost their parents?”  Celeste ponders on the idea of visiting a children’s homeless shelter to work as an aid.  She smiles for the first time to her self the irony of Miss Savage teaching children how to protect themselves, and survive in the world without anyone.  She plants the seed of possibilities, and finishes her meager dinner without words.

Westin is waiting at Celeste’s farm for over three hours when Chief barrels into sight without his rider.  The evening is dark and cold when Westin rakes his fingers through his brown hair with worry for his cowgirl.  He knows his best option is staying put and waiting; but with the growing cold air and what he experienced in the woods, and at home when Celeste was present left him to think who the hell she was. He relives the anger that spurred forth out of the Indian girl by the stream he first saw her sunbathing. “Jesus God I swear she was going to rip me to shreds.”  He shakes his head in disbelief the rage in her eyes he saw and knew without a doubt she was ready to annihilate anyone and anything in her path. He decides to quit thinking, and gets out of his auto to put Chief away for the night in the barn.  “Where did ya leave our girl Chief, do ya think she is safe?”  Chief turns around and whinny’s at the woods, “Will ya take me boy to her?” The young buck instantly makes a decision to jump onto the horse’s back.  Chief side steps the boy the minute Westin grabs his mane and refuses the man a ride upon his back.  “Damn it boy I have to find her, please.”  Chief stood firm refusing the boy his request.  Once again he streams his hand through his hair when Damn dog shows up.  “Dog take me to Celeste?” The dog gives Westin an unsure glance and lays down on the cold earth.  “Son of Bitch what the hell ya chicken shit for,” he yells out with frustration.  He quickly remembers the fear she inflicted upon dog when she barked out like a ferrous mutt after Damn dog growled at her with anger.  “Fine then I will wait till she arrives.”  Westin opens the barn and takes note all her animals were gone.  With care he throws hay to Chief and quickly builds a fire to stay warm.  The fire is flaming hot when he heads to her kitchen in the back for a drink.  The cabinet is bare and free of all alcohol when he slams the door shut.  On the counter he spots her flask and shakes it to hear if liquid swished around in the container, and is denied the pleasure of the deadly spirit.  He stomps his way back to the fire and sits to warm his blood in peace.  Peter enters his mind at once all the times they played and laughed, his heart breaks into for the lost of his brother’s life.  He lets his tears fall in solitude for many hours until the sickening words of Sandra’s pregnancy creep-ed into his lost soul.




“Come on sweetie rise,” Westin coast the Indian girl to stand.  “Don’t touch me,” she spits out and moves her body away from Westin.  She quickly crawls on the wet surface and springs up into action. “Leave now Westin go back to you’re home where you are needed and safe from the likes of me.”  Westin is stunned to see the girl lose her temper while Damn dog growls out at Celeste. He could have sworn he heard a male’s voice demanding him to go home instead of the cowgirls tone. Celeste rips out a return growl to the dog and could careless who she barked at.  Fearful of the power of Celeste the dog cowards and seeks shelter behind the tall frame of Westin.  Chief explodes into bucking and kicking frenzy while screaming out his battle cry.  Westin rakes his fingers through his hair and yells out to Celeste, “What the hell has taken hold of ya girl?” In the heat of the moment the cowgirl leaps upon her painted steed’s back, and leaves Westin to himself as she rushes through the woods with reckless speed.  Westin knows he can’t follow her and turns around to go get his car with dog in tow.

Celeste knows not why she is acting out with hatred beyond her imagination as she races across the land in a hurry.  At one point Celeste feared she was going to rip out Westin’s throat when coldness seeped into her soul if she didn’t leave on the spot.  J’hara fights for supremacy of Celeste’s body as he wards off her destruction of ill thoughts to end her life for a mere boy.  He would be damned if he came this far only to lose the battle of freedom of his magical soul that laid in limbo inside the cowgirl’s spirit from his deadly actions of defying Mother Nature.  It’s taking all his energy to control the strength of the half breed as she whizzes past the wooded trees on her horse.   J’hara is stunned in awe the power and might of the girl when she slides off her horse, and runs on her long legs beside her horse.  Part of J’hara fears to show himself to the girl as she growls out her plight in flight.  The need to transform Celeste into a wolf is weighing heavily upon J’hara prince of the woods, and brother to Mother Earth.  “No brother do not dare,” he hears his sister’s warning, and banishes his thoughts before putting them into action.  “She will cool down, and stop you’re meddling remember you need her approval.”  He senses the girl is taking back domination, and releases his magician hold upon the beauty he has fallen in love with since birth.  Celeste is slowing down to a trot when J’hara disappears and lays dormant once again. Her fast breathing slows down as she stops to gain reality.  “I don’t know who the hell ya are, but ya keep your stinking filthy ass out of my head.”  Celeste roars out in a bear cry, and leans her sweaty body against a tree to figure out what the freaking hell just happened to her.  The painted horse comes to attention hearing her bear call and bolts home without blinking an eye.  In a sad tone Celeste calls out, “Chief come back here, I didn’t mean to scare ya boy!”  The horse didn’t hear a single word from his owner as she watched his painted ass whip pass the trees in retreat for home.




The air is thick with doom and gloom as Celeste is about to bolt out of the house, she opens the door and jumps in fright as the black garb man with a cross around his neck was about to knock on the door.  The gentle religious man and savage of the earth stare at each other for a few moments when Celeste steps aside to let the man enter Peter’s home.  Celeste senses his scrutiny on her soul and returns his glare.  “You must be Peter’s friend,” he extends his hand in greeting while he scans her attire from head to toe. Celeste slowly lifts her hand up to shake the holy man’s hand, and thinks twice before extending her arm out.  “I don’t bite,” he offered out with a smile.  She takes a hold of his hand in greeting, and senses the man is sweet in nature, “You’re too late sir, Peter has passed,” she lisped out.  “Excuse me then I don’t mean to be rude,” the man in cloth replied.  She nods her head yes and stands aside to let the man pass, and then runs out of the house with speed into the woods where Chief lies waiting for her return; and with only one lethal thought in her pea size brain.  The cold air kisses her skin as she breezes through the woods silently to reach Chief.  The horse greets his owner with a nicker, and bobs his head up and down. Celeste immediately hugs her horse and sheds her tears she bottled up until out of eye sight of human beings. “Papa take me too,” she wails out in Scottish language.  Silent time ticked pass when she feels a presence enter the woods, she steps away from her horse to give reference to the uncharted spirit.  The bare trees of hibernation bow to what is coming, as she scans the wooded landscape to see all kinds of wild life suddenly come out of their hidden shelter to pay homage. The slow moving icy stream begins to boil up into a water figurine, Celeste blinks her orbs in amazement and wipes away her tears.  As clear liquid forms into a woman’s nude body three times taller than the six feet cowgirl; Celeste is mystified into a strange abyss with goose bumps covering her body.  The windless cold air is heavy with magic unknown to the half breed as she lays claim to the extraordinary alien visit.

As the massive water figure blinks several times her water log eyes with a smile upon her liquid clear lips; Celeste sucks in a wonder breath and spots the powerful spirit’s optical change into an emerald green.  Celeste feels her body kneeling down on the wet surface, an automatically bows to the supernatural force.  “Hialeah Elena you’re path of travel does not end here with Peters death.  Do not take your breath away thinking he will return in trade for your life.”  Celeste snaps up her head in surprise at the element of water and growls out, “How dare you take him, it should have been me not a child who could change the world with his beauty.”  Celeste gathers up her body to stand and feels a heavy weight on her shoulders to stay put until released.  She feels the spray of water touch her face as the spirit being spits out her words with care, “He belongs into the circle of life where his holiness of innocents will be honored Hialeah.” The cowgirl shakes her head no as she hears a lone wolf cry out, not in the woods but inside her head. “I don’t belong here in this world please take me,” she begged to the powerful force while grabbing her head with her hands an acting out pulling her hair lose from the roots.  The lonely wolf cries out once again when Celeste in flicks pain upon her body.  It takes the girl a few moments when she curls her lip up in defiance at the holy spirit.  “All my life I have wondered alone on a path I know not where nor do I understand.  You have taken from me all that I love, and now you have the gall to tell me not to take my life.  Is there no mercy for this wicked half breed who has been plagued with ordain shit all her life? I’m sick of it ya hear!  My heart can’t bear any more trials of this hocus pocus crap, and who the fudge are you anyways to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own life?  And now that I have ya here Miss pop in and out whenever ya damn well feel like it, stop putting artwork on my body!”  Celeste is fuming up with anger at the holy beautiful figurine, when she captures the wild creatures flee the scene to return back into their hiding places.  The spirit slowly ebbs away and returns to the slow moving icy stream, she hears Peter’s voice whisper out, “No cowgirl,” just before Damn dog and Westin interrupts her chance to hear her questions answered.  “Grrrrr…” she yells out loud in frustration and sinks her hands into the dirt to squeeze the black wetness in her mighty fist.





Time seem to stand still between Westin and Celeste when Candice barks out, “How dare you Westin my friend doesn’t deserve.”  Westin cuts off his sister’s sentence in mid stride, “Candice calm down now is not the time for bullshit.  I’ll talk with you later.” Westin gives Candice a deadly gawk and shuts her up immediately.  She stomps her feet heading toward Peter’s room in anger leaving Celeste alone with Westin.  “I’ve been trying to call you cowgirl.”  Celeste nods yes in silence, “Tis strange for me to answer phones Westin; besides there was nothing else I could have done.  The illness is inevitable unless caught in an early stage.”  She withers with care looking into his tired distraught eyes, and touches his lips softly with her finger in a tender moment to ease his agony.  Westin closes his eyes to relish in her gentleness, “I’m happy you’re not mad at me for not showing up.”  Celeste softens her gaze on the trouble man and runs her fingers through his soft hair, “We don’t own each other my darlin’ just because we’ve grind each others core.  Remember it was I who wanted to learn and explore the boundary of love making, and yes I too have missed you.”  Westin soared in spirit of no restrictions with Celeste’s views on relationships, and is about to plant a kiss on her lips when his father came out of Peter’s room to request her presences.  “Westin, Peter wants to talk with cowgirl,”   Celeste feels goose bumps spreading with urgency throughout her soul.  Part of her spirit is screaming out not to enter his bedroom to partake in the suffering of the little boy who loved her unconditionally until she hears inside her head a powerful man’s voice pushing her forward.  Westin senses she is fearful of something and is battling debating to move.  With loving care he grabs her hand and walks her to Peter’s room with a heavy heart.

Cold shivers invaded her body the minute she is close to Peter’s room.  She releases her sweaty hand from Westin’s to stop and take a deep breath to gather her spiritual strength before entering.  “Go Westin please give me a second to compose myself.”  Westin kisses her forehead and leaves her side.  She leans her body against the wall in the hallway and hears the raspy weak voice of the child of light. Celeste had stopped praying to God long ago, and reverted to the Cherokee ways of spiritual guidance; but when Peter educated her one evening she promised her little crush to keep an open mind about praying to his religious God.  “If you are up there god of Peter’s, then show mercy and give the boy a painless path.” She grabs her throat in a hurry the minute she spoke her words and feels the pressure of what Peter is experiencing.  She squeezes her fist hard in pain and chokes out to catch a breath.  The half breed hears Damn dog howl out with sorrow, and shakes her head to fights back the urge to breathe with normalcy.  In a few seconds she feels the dog nuzzle his wet muzzle across her fist, and bumps her out of arbitration with spirits to enter the death room.

Celeste gathered up her mustard and steps into the doorway with dog by her side.  She takes a quick intake of breath and stood shock still to see her Scottish grandfather’s spirit float beside the little boy’s death bed.  She sees no one else in the room when she whispers out, “Mi Papa.”  The family turn their eyes upon the half breed with inquisitive stares who in the hell was she talking too, and moved out of her way as she reaches out her hand in the air for her father to touch. The half breed takes careful steps forward with dog by her side as her tears stream down her face.  In a blink of an eye she kneels down beside Peter’s bed and speaks in Scottish tongue.  Peter smiles at the cowgirl and chokes out, “He said he will take care of me, so should I go with him?”  Celeste quivers her lips in distress and nods yes to the cloudy eye boy. She hears a woman yell out, but their words are muffled in her ears as the half breed takes out a brown eagle feather from her medicine bag, and the horseshoe diamond necklace her grandfather never gave her on her sixteenth birthday.  She sees his spirit approval and warms to her grandfather’s ghost.  In Cherokee she sings out a passing tune to Peter and places the eagle feather in one cold hand, the necklace she places over his heart. She holds the gold against his tiny pale blue chest, and is about to whisper out in English as Peter slowly covers her shaky hand.  “I feel better with your magical touch upon me. Thank you for everything you’ve given me my love, my teacher, my sister of God’s light hood, and my mystical cowgirl.”  Celeste melts into tribulation and begins to sense the evil spirit of death consuming his weak body.   She takes a leap of faith to beg Henry too give her a miracle of life.  Henry’s large ghostly frame stands before the kneeling Celeste.  She hears his words of comfort inside her brain and realizes there was no turning back the clock of time. Damn dog howls out and whimpers while licking Peter’s blue finger tips on top of Celeste’s large hand.  “I love you too Peter, doh-nah-dah-goh-hun-i (until we meet again) my brother,” Celeste murmurs out with devotion.  Peter’s breath is failing when Celeste senses her grandfather touch her elbow.  She looks up to her father’s ghost and rises only to reach inside her medicine bag for a dry stalk of lavender.  With loving care she kisses the dying young man’s lips, and blows her breath of life upon his kisser only to hear his soft tone words with a smile before he took his last breath, “I love you cowgirl…always.” Celeste places the herb in his other hand and leaves the room with a bleeding heart.




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