Gary lips grin wide and begins to ease into a conversation with the sober girl who could be a drop dead gorgeous model in her swimming suit attire.



Celeste immediately drops her body upon her bed with her clothes, and boots on the minute she opens her room’s door.  It takes her seconds to slip into a dizzy dream which seems like she is flying high in the skies in a airplane.  She takes control of her plane with skill and does several dangerous diving maneuvers.  She feels the wind taking her breath away from her as she plummets downwards to the earth surface.  “I’m free,” she screams out with excitement.  “Pull up you crazy broad.”  Celeste turns her head to the co-pilot and sees Westin’s smile.  She blinks into a foggy scene on earth and doesn’t know why she is standing in the middle of desert life.  Golden rays of sunset are setting when a wild mustang rears in front of her.  “Easy, easy boy, you are free to roam the earth without man ever catching you,” Celeste mumbles out.  The horse bows his thanks to the Indian maiden when the dream explodes into Ghost her childhood horse companion lying dead in her driveway in Alabama.  Celeste yells out, and suddenly wakes up at four in the morning.

“Hum, Christ what slugged me in the head?”  She drags her body on her bed towards the pillow and hugs it.  “Oh shit what the hell did I drink?” Vertigo spins her drunken mind when she feels the need to throw up.  She takes deep breathes to control the urge not to up chuck her dinner.  The spinning fades away when she slowly moves her body to take off her boots and clothes.  She lays back down carefully and sleeps without dreaming for two hours.  Gary couldn’t be happier when he learnt that the Indian girl was staying in the same hotel he was staying at, and had to play acoustic guitar for the hotels club tomorrow.  After the experience of being in the drunken girl’s presences, he is positive he wasn’t going to miss his opportunity of exploring the possibilities with the Indian girl.  The only factor that barred him from seeing her again is when she would leave the hotel without him catching another glimpse of her.  He had put on the charm at the front desk to find out what room she slept in; but the hotel was known to keep a tight lip about their customers private quarters.  Gary stayed up all night looking out his window until seven in the morning.  He decides to head down to the swimming pool and take a dip in the hot tub to sooth his tired bones.

The cowgirl is swimming in the hotel’s Olympic size pool until her head clears of drunken spirits.  She slowly leans her head against the cool concrete and spots a small steamy pool of hot water.  Celeste is wearing a string bikini she made out of buckskin deer hide without the fur.  She carefully climbs out of the swimming hole and wants to check out the hot pool.  With care she dips her toe into the water and smiles, “Ooo this is hot, I got’s to try it out,” she whispers out softly inside the empty pool room. She lets out an “Awe…” and grins with joy the pleasure of soaking in hot water.  She closes her eyes and remembers her blunder of a night at the saloon, but doesn’t remember how she got back into her hotel room.  She frowns but not to long when she is surprised when the hot tub bubbles to life.  Celeste springs up in fright and watches the jets in the tub swirling the water with great force all around her in confoundment.  “The tub works better when you put on the jets,” the stranger spoke to the Indian girl.  Celeste pivots her body around in astoundment at the commentator. Gary is beaming with luck to see the girl once again, Celeste only smiles and returns her attention on the hot water.  “Can I join you,” Gary stated with merriment.  She nods yes and tries to act normal sitting back down on a seat.  “How ya feeling today little lady?”  Celeste grins softly and gives the stranger an inquisitive eye, “Better I think.”  Gary lays quiet for a few moments to figure out her distant attitude.  Celeste feels shy and uneasy as she gives him a peek and is rewarded staring into his chocolate brown eyes.  “Wow, I do believe you don’t remember me,” Gary added to the quiet moment. She blushes and nods her shoulders in forgetfulness.  It takes her a few seconds to ponder hard on last nights events, and when the memory came back in bits and pieces she smiles and spoke carefully, “Yes, I do now…I think ya jogged my memory.  I hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself sir, or shall I call you Gary.”  Gary lips grin wide and begins to ease into a conversation with the sober girl who could be a drop dead gorgeous model in her swimming suit attire.

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